Rescue Kitty Buddy

(Kitty Buddy at DTLA Vets and tweaked on pain meds. My what large eyes you have there grandpa...)

Hi everyone. This is really hard for me to do, ask for help. But Kitty Buddy has lived in our building's parking lot for several years. We have fed him and tried to keep as best an eye on him as we could. A little while ago he was attacked, we think by a dog belonging to new tenants.  Since then he has been in pretty bad shape, and we have tried to grab him and get him patched up. On Wednesday, Meredith came outside and found our neighbor trying to help him up. He was badly hurt, blind, and unable to move. Meredith rushed him to our amazing vets at DTLAVets who checked him out and got him stable. He had/has several deep lascerations and many puncture wounds, swiss cheese is how they were describing it.  

(Kitty Buddy's rear end after being patched up)

(Deep puncture on his right side, thankfully it did not pierce his lungs)

Now for the good news, DTLA Vets ran tons of tests and x-rays and have managed to patch him up with sutures and laser cauterization. His prognosis is on the strong side of recovery. They did find out that he had a ruptured ear drum and is visually impared.  While he is currently blind, the vets said that some cats get temporary blindness from trauma and his vision might return. It seems like he can see shadows and light, we are fingers crossed he will be able to see again soon. Currently he is resting at home in a nice dark crate (donated by our amazing friends Jon and Chrissa) and recovering from his wounds. We are working on getting him all healed up and we are hoping to acclimate him to living inside instead of the mean streets of DTLA. Though he is still a very scared street kitty, he seems to trust us.

(Kitty Buddy, ready to go home)

I know he has touched many of your lives and I'm sure you are all tired of hearing me talk about our parking lot kitty. But Kitty Buddy has a good soul, has been a real fighter, and is going to be in really good hands and have a great home from now on. However, I wasn't expecting all of this to happen and the costs, while heavily discounted by DTLA Vets, have been adding up. I stand here, hat in hand, and ask for your help to keep Kitty Buddy healthy and happy. Thank you for your time.

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    • 59 mos
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