Replace money worldwide

The Truth must be made known
I am Keith a man of action, so I will not sit idly by to humankind's extinction by Satan through his puppet Illuminati USA, by receiving enough money to replace money, Satan's control device with a new charity survival card system to enable humankind to peacefully win this secretive third world war started by the USA Illuminati using their bioweapons coronavirus snake venom spread through the water systems with perfect controls. vs. the announced SARS airborne virus with zero control! to force everyone to receive their bioweapons COVID-19 vaccines, which include the nannogel auto-growth of an IP emitting device to connect everyone to their planned new worldwide digital currency for perfect enslavement of humankind by controlling what each person can buy or sell based on a ne ESG, (Environmental Social Governance) system, based on the Chinese ESG system. Even more critical is to implement a new worldwide polygraph true just justice system to stop the worldwide Illuminati-operated pedophile network, which is bigger than all illegal drug sales worldwide combined, and even sicker stop the Illuminati baby sacrifice rituals to Satan, which I am convinced the Clinton Foundation run by the Illuminati high priestess Hillary Clinton collects babies worldwide for.
I was blessed with the gut-feeling solution in 2006, but it took this long for me to fully understand the reason my master, Jesus Christ, provided me with these perfect problem-solving skills and gut feeling in 2006. I was blessed with a vision in February 2006, so realistic I felt present in the past when Satan deceived Eve, into eating the fruit from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil, so she and Adam would die from their angel-like beings with equal power and might, as Satan to how humankind is to this day under Satan’s control. The vision included two revelations.
1- Satan rebelled against God, when God refused his request for a physical human-like body, seeing that Adam and Eve were created in God’s image.
2- Satan made a vow that he would make humankind make the earth non-life-sustaining. I have been blessed with the discernment of how satan has accomplished his vow. The Illuminati was started by Mayor Amschel Rothschild on May 1/1776 under the Freemasons with the sole goal to enslave humankind through money. The Illuminati have known from the start that information is power, so they took control of the mainstream media to control humankind through misinformation. Mayor Amschel Rothschild also started his banking empire in 1776. George Washington was a Freemason, Illuminati, who started the USA, as the most fraudulent democratic country with no elected politicians who had any say in how the USA operates, as the USA is controlled by the secretive Illuminati or the deep state. I had a second gut feeling after I learned the truth about the Illuminati and the USA. Satan has already made the earth non-life-sustaining through the USA, which is why the predicted sixth mass extinction event is already well underway worldwide and accelerating, but I and humankind are resourceful enough to overcome this devastation to the earth by the USA! The Illuminati passed their IOIA, (International Organizations Immunity Act), on December 29/1945, to enable them to operate outside of or above the human law justice system. They have granted this status to over seventeen thousand NGOs worldwide. We must first overcome the initial root cause for every human problem, which was the invention of money in the year 770 BC. God knew that money would be required for his salvation of humankind through his only begotten son, Jesus Christ because it would only be for the money that Judas Iscariot would betray, Jesus Christ, to the Jewish leaders to put him to death on the cross. To be raised three days later for the forgiveness of humankind’s sins, and resurrection to everlasting life to anyone who believes in Jesus Christ. We now have computer technology that can be used to replace money with a new plastic ID charity survival card system based on my second gut feeling for a new true just justice system GPN, (Global Polygraph Network), upgraded to verify each person’s eligibility for their card and to print their card. Eligibility is by the following criteria:
1- A widow or an orphan
2- Too disabled to work
3- blind
4- retired
5- Mother of an underaged child
6- Attending a post-secondary education facility
7- Working for a health and well-being-promoting business.
The first and foremost businesses that are not health and well-being promoting are the USA's big pharmaceutical industry, followed by their controlled Western medical system education universities or Md.s.
8- Md.s must go back to be educated as Nd. The greatest non-health and well-being promoting business is Monsanto, particularly their product Roundup, which must be stopped immediately used worldwide! There is nothing positive for people through human controlling governments, as so clearly demonstrated by Justin Trudeau using his fascist style of governing to stop the protests his mandates the bioweapon COVID-19 vaccines on truckers. Every human government must agree to transform into an infrastructure maintenance facility with no control over the people of their countries. Every human military must agree to transform into the first responders to natural disasters with the next greatest superpower country the one that saves the most lives, not kills the most lives!
9- Mainstream media must transform to report the truth instead of the Illuminati misinformation propaganda control narrative.
The USA started using the weather, as a form of warfare immediately after the Second World War by emmitt8ing nanoparticles from planes seen as chemtrails flying overhead, which has made the earth non-life-sustaining, combined with the amount of I conservatively calculated .06 pounds of Roundup sprayed on every surface acre of the earth, not just cultivated acres since it started in 1976, which has killed the earth’s biodiversity or the earth itself! Therefore, a spore-based organic natural as possible probiotic supplement such as Justthrive probiotics is required for a functioning primary immune system now. I randomly watched a video produced by NASA about their research into how forests developed on Earth to replicate on Mars to naturally transform Mars into a habitable planet, which made methinks, the agriculture revolution at the end of the eighteenth was the root cause of global warming and desertification. However, Jesus Christ selected my reading this morning Tuesday, August 31, 2021, to start at, Joshua 17. 18 but the hill country shall be yours, for though it is a forest, you shall clear it and possess it to its farthest borders; for you shall drive out the Canaanites, though they have chariots of iron, and though they are strong Joshua 17:18. For though it is a forest, you shall clear it and possess it to its farthest borders caught my attention, making me thankful, for this being revealed to me, as the start of global warming and the desertification of the earth and the agricultural revolution at the end of the eighteenth century exacerbated global warming! I have learned the truth about modern wheat that it was never tested for safety, and it causes holes in our digestive tract within five minutes of being eaten, and if overeaten for three meals per day, which is probably the case for the majority of people, as modern wheat flour is the base ingredient in the majority of manufactured foods it causes a leaky gut syndrome. We have the technology now to revolutionize agriculture to grow the perfect organic health-promoting pescatarian produce, by constructing an organic natural as possible fishpond aquaponics system inside of a greenhouse. The land surrounding the greenhouses must be replanted with high CO2-consuming forest trees to stop global warming from the root cause. I was blessed with a gut-feeling new concept house design in August of 2017, while I was walking the marathon inside of my apartment sock-footed based on the Manitoba Hydro Place geothermal heating and cooling system combined with the perfect possible whole house SolaceAir RS4 air purification system. I subsequently learned the truth about cancer and treatment naturally to evolve the house design into my perfect survival new concept house design, which replicates the long-lost pristine great outdoors inside of the house, as an aquaponics system, which is how humankind can now survive living on the dead earth by the USA! I also learned about how the oceans worldwide are being acidified by human acidic biowaste and excess fertilizers for agriculture, which the agriculture revolution will resolve. I included a composting toilet in my perfect survival new concept house design to overcome the acidic human biowaste being dumped into the oceans. Human manure can be spread outside worldwide to help restore the earth’s biodiversity killed by roundup! I accept what happened to me. Four bleeds in my brain due to burst aneurysms in December 2002. Was my just true love chastening by my master, Jesus Christ. To open the eyes of my heart, soul, and mind to my sinful, rebellious, foolish, and downright stupid lifestyle and repent. I now love myself, which makes it possible for me to love my neighbour as myself. The reason I am writing this message to humankind is that everyone is my neighbour. I cannot sit working on my computer for longer than twenty minutes now because my pituitary gland is no longer functioning, but I know who I can get to manage a new business for me to complete the work I know needs to be done to replace money with the new charity survival card system. I only need the money to pay their wages until the work is finished! My youngest son, Cody, described so well why he thought I could work on computers now after the bleeds in my brain better than I could before the bleeds in my brain. I only have the left side of my brain functioning, which is where working with computers is processed. I have no interference from the right side of my brain to my logical thinking now. My second supervisor at my new job at Manitoba Hydro after the bleeds in my brain wanted to know how each of her employee's brains functioned, so she ordered tests to determine which area of our brain each of us used. I am still astounded that my brain uses all four quadrants equally because I only have the left side of my brain functioning, so logically it compensates perfectly for my nonfunctioning right side of my brain thinking-wise but not physically-wise. I am half physically dead, fully spiritually alive and a miracle man living. Being fully spiritually alive enables me to discern all things, which is astounding in itself for my half-functioning brain! I am thankful that I was near suicidal depressed in grade seven because I was so small, skinny, and shy. I had a gut feeling to set these four mottos to live my life by.
1- It does not matter where I am or what I am doing. I will have fun!
2- I will have had a great day if I have learned something new!
3- I will do the best I can with whatever I have!
4- I can do anything because I can learn!
These mottos made me evolve into not stopping, quitting, or giving up until I am successful at whatever I decide to do, naturally. I have not been depressed from the bleeds in my brain, as I focus not on what I am not able to do anymore, but on how I can change to do everything I need or want to do in my most unique medical, disabled and weakened condition from my just true love chastening! I can only live independently now by the ever, so comforting and sustaining me, Holy Spirit, doing everything for me that I cannot do one-handed or how to do everything one-handed. My son, Cody, is a welder and he successfully made my idea for a footwear-protecting steel toe cover after the third pair of my runners had a hole worn through the front left toe of my left runner, so I can still use my mind for inventing new things. I heard for the first time working with the SAP system after the bleeds in my brain. “This is perfect, user-friendly.” I wrote the spec for the new enhanced functionality to be used for the e-mail output process I had started to implement when a co-worker discriminated against me by implementing a manual process that was the worst use of the SAP system I had seen working with the system since 1992! The charity survival card system will provide everyone with perfect equalization, freedom, peace, health and well-being, by letting Jesus Christ become the only ruling king worldwide, as he is the king of kings and Lord of Lords and humankind’s one and the only true Saviour unto everlasting life! I am thankful because I now can fulfill my purpose of being created to be my master, Jesus Christ’s slave peacemaker for universal peace forevermore. After all, there is only peace through love, and there is no fear in love. I have no fear of death now, but I look forward to my possible death by God’s and humankind’s one and only true enemy, Satan. When Satan is finally cast to the earth in the visible physical form of a great red fiery dragon on the mount of olives to start the end of this his day and age and the start of the restoration of the earth to its created beauty and splendour, as the new kingdom of God. There is no control in love, so God in his wisdom had to create Satan first to become the last to repent or perfectly conquered for universal peace forevermore to justify my master, Jesus Christ, sharing his throne with me making me, the last mortal now spiritual human man Jew one with the first in the new kingdom of God becoming God peace forevermore! I know from my true-life experiences that money does not provide true joy and happiness. I was blessed to make about four hundred and thirty-three thousand three hundred and thirty-three dollars per year for the first six years of operating my SAP consulting business, but I had four hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars per year operating expenses, so I only had fifty thousand dollars in my business account in early 2003, when I was released from the HSC hospital. I had made the mistake of letting my business insurance lapse in 2002, so I had no disability insurance for income when I miraculously survived the four massive hemorrhagic strokes in December 2002. I had no idea if I could still work like I did, so I gave the fifty thousand dollars to my brother Mark asking him to start a property management business to provide us with some income. Mark managed to buy four rented properties in his home city of Prince Albert, Sk. starting a business named KAMAL Properties, (Keith Arnold Mark Allan Listoe) Properties. I had a gut feeling in September 2003, after the fourth surgery on my head or the first reconstructive surgery on my head to replace the three sections of bone removed in the third emergency operation after the fourth bleed in my brain causing my entire physical brain to start swelling to equal the size of the thoughts of myself swollen head I had, which was too big for my skull, to volunteer at Manitoba Hydro to determine if I could still work on the SAP system before I would bid on any new contracts under my SAP consulting business LISTUEN Corp. I started as a volunteer at Manitoba Hydro on December 15/2003. My first test was I could not log into the computer I was assigned to work on. I was repeatedly told that I must have made a keypunch error in my user ID or password. I knew that I was not making a keypunch error, so I did my problem analysis. I found that the LAN cable was not plugged into the back of the computer. I plugged it in, and I had no further problems logging onto the computer. I was then able to provide suggestions after the first week to resolve one long outstanding problem, which provided me with the perfect understanding that I could still work as I did before the bleeds in my brain. My supervisor then asked me if I would like to try configuring e-mail outputs for purchasing documents in a test system. I knew that I would have to learn this configuration, but I eagerly accepted the opportunity to learn more new functionality in the SAP system. I finished learning to configure this e-mail output functionality through January/February 2004.
I received a phone call from a previously used third party under LISTUEN Corp in early March 2004. He started. “We have heard of everything that has happened to you, but Hercules wants to know if you are still able to work like you did before?” I answered. “Yes, I can still work like I did, but I cannot drive anymore. I phoned the manager now retired; Charlie Carbo I knew at Hercules to ask him what the reason for this call was. He replied. “We have had SAP working on our problems for the past two years and they say the system can't do what we need it to do, so we thought, our only hope is if Keith Listoe can still work like he used to. I thought this was great I would be able to make enough money to pay off my outstanding debts, so I accepted this work for Hercules in Wilmington, Delaware in mid-March 2004. I was able to prove to Hercules in the first week by remembering the transaction VOFM, which I had learned in 1992, nicknaming it configurable user exits that I had never used because I knew the integration configuration so well I did not need to use it over the years and it drove me to get ABAP/4 certified in 1994 while working on the Manitoba Hydro implementation project for IBM Canada. I took the ABAP/4 SAP education class in Boston, Massachusetts with five other legacy IBM Canada programmers. I was the only one who did not have the prerequisite of programming in another language to take the class. The instructor forced me to phone my manager at IBM Canada for his approval for me to take the class without the prerequisite, as I was sure to not pass such an expensive class. My manager approved. I was thankful that the other programmers convinced the instructor to give us more time to write the final exam because I sure needed more time to code my first-ever programs, which the final exam required coding two programs with the second using the results of the first program. I was the only one of the IBM Canada employees taking the class to pass! This was the first module in the SAP system that I had SAP certification for. Before taking this class, I had written a spec for new enhanced functionality for Manitoba Hydro that SAP Canada agreed to use to train the Manitoba Hydro programmers ABAP/4. The look on the Hercules employee's face was priceless when I asked her to test my example for how the system could handle their problem, and it posted error-free, but I had to accept that Hercules was understandably unable to provide me with the hard logic to resolve the problem one hundred percent. The new concept enhanced functionality I had developed for Manitoba Hydro’s e-mail output process would enable the end user to process Hercules's problem user-friendly, but the background financial postings would be incorrect, which is why the problem is impossible to resolve. There is no correct solution to an incorrect business operational decision. I was convinced by the IBM Canada project manager on the Manitoba Hydro project halfway through the project that I could not continue to work for IBM Canada. He told me that he never wanted to hear me answer one of their questions with I don’t know because they hired IBM Canada. After all, we know what we’re doing. I never BS but say I don’t know and research the question overnight to provide the known truth about the answer to the question the next day. Manitoba Hydro would accept no other IBM Canada employee after going live for support and I had resigned from IBM Canada to start my own SAP consulting business. My second contract under my SAP consulting business was with Manitoba Hydro for post-go-live support. I could not have worked more than I did for the first six years of operation without doing any marketing or advertising. I had two contracts at the same time in Wilmington, Delaware with Hercules and Agreevo N/A. I worked twelve-hour days on these two combined contracts eight hours for Hercules and four hours for Agreevo N/A. I self-taught myself in 2004, after the bleeds in my brain how to develop a website using Frontpage, WYSIWYG software. I was learning as I went, and I ended up with too many files in my web server root directory to back it up effectively using FTP software that limits the number of files displayed. I had a gut feeling to change to file naming convention I used for four different versions of the Bible and separate them into four subdirectories. I remembered two DOS commands, Dir, and Ren, that I learned in 1987 on my first computer to make the computer work for me to rename thousands of files by using Microsoft Excel to develop a .txt file that I could rename to a .bat file. I completed renaming thousands of files in minutes compared to years manually using Windows File Explorer. We humankind do not need to be victims of the Illuminati Satanic cult! They do not need to be victims of Satan but can free themselves through Jesus Christ! The CERN particle accelerator is an evil portal to allows demonic spirits into our reality, so it must cease immediately! The USA’s big pharmaceutical companies hid the following two Nobel-prize-winning discoveries because autophagy is a zero-cost cure for every known chronic human disease, cancer included, thus it threatens to obliterate their illness business that they deceitfully describe as healthcare.
I made the mistake of trying to save my life of love for mammon in December of 2007, by donating 169 of my luxury household possessions that I did not require to cook and serve a Christmas Dinner feast to five homeless people in my apartment. I lost my life of love for mammon becoming content with only what I require to survive. I am half blind now, so I cannot drive anymore, so owning a vehicle is nothing I require to survive. I get sufficient most strenuous exercise from walking to the closest bus stops for my mode of transportation now living in Winnipeg, Mb. I have the majority of organic frozen fruits and vegetables for a year’s worth of my pescatarian smoothie diet, so my monthly grocery costs will be minimal for the next year. I have about CAD 72,000.00. Outstanding debt, which is more than I can afford on my forced-to-retire reduced income! I require sufficient money to pay the wages of several people to develop the new database for the charity survival card system to replace the money. I met a young farmer in The Gambia over the internet, which motivated me to ask him to participate in my revolutionizing agriculture worldwide. He was eager to do this. I managed to buy him the land that he knew would work well for him and his family to revolutionize agriculture starting in the Gambia. I now therefore require money to help him construct the organic natural as possible fishpond aquaponics system inside of a greenhouse and replant the surrounding land with high CO2-consuming Forest trees. His dad just died, leaving him and his siblings orphans and his mother a widow. The number one eligibility to receive your charity survival card and get registered into the database. I became aware of widows and orphans by meeting Adekunle Sunday, Adewola a pastor of the Evangelical church in Nigeria supporting widows and orphans. His monthly operating costs are USD 3500. Rent, food, water, electricity. I require the money to provide the plastic ID card printers to each office of the GPN, and the billions of blank plastic ID cards, and ensure the GPN is expanded into every country of the world. My fundraiser is both short-term and long-term results based. short term for my paying off my outstanding debt from being put out of work on Friday, November 17/2017 onto reduced income Long-term Disability Insurance income with the requirement that I retire at age sixty, which was on 2023/02/28, onto a greater reduced retirement income. I am too disabled to ever work again in my life for paid employment to get debt-free, and to help Johnny Badjie in the Gambia complete the construction of his organic natural as possible fishpond aquaponics system inside of a greenhouse on the land I just bought for him and his family after his father died from coronary disease. Long-term to hire Teri Berry to manage a new business to get the new database developed for the replacement of money using the GPN, (Global Polygraph Network) to verify eligibility to have your card printed and registered into the new database. I could not become financially independent using the new Quantum AI platform developed by Elon Musk, as they were all scams! This will be the greatest paradigm shift in human history for the perfect equalization of every eligible person working for a health and well-being promoting, business or otherwise eligible, and enable humankind to take the actions required to survive on the dead earth by the USA! I have no idea how many millions or billions this will require to replace money! More importantly, the GPN, (Global Polygraph Network), as the new just justice system will eliminate the Illuminati-operated worldwide pedophile network that is bigger than all illegal drug sales worldwide combined and their secret baby sacrifice rituals to Satan! The last long-term change is the revolution of the Christian church to eliminate the church calendar and more importantly, the lectionary based on the church calendar to restore the word of God, the Bible, the ability to lead the church through on-demand weekly church worship services with Jesus Christ, the head of his church providing the message! So, we can all become true disciples of Jesus Christ, to live the perfect life of complete joy and happiness! I currently live in Winnipeg, Mb. Canada, but will soon be moved to live on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, Israel into the place God messaged the man I met operating a camel ride service on the Mount of Olives in December 2012, to give me a place to live in. I am retired now, so I can live wherever I need in the world to fulfill the purpose that has been revealed to me of being created as my master, Jesus Christ's, slave peacemaker for universal peace forevermore! The replacement of money will enable worldwide peace for the first time in human history, as I learned in 2012 in Jerusalem that there is no peace in Israel because of money, not religion. Poverty only exists because of money, so it will be eliminated worldwide with the replacement of money.
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