First of all please let me start by saying that that I appreciate everyone and respect everyone so please respect me and my kids situation. I pray my story helps as many as it reaches realize the realities of traveling to foreign countries in today's current system. As difficult as my our situation has been, I am greatful.

I would like people to be aware of the Global Human and Child Trafficking  Phenomenon taking place and Globally. I would like people to realize the many different ways in which they are Trafficking us and the many situations, such as ours, that mainstream media not only ignore but refuse to cover.

This is our Story and our Nightmare,
My now 3 American kids and I  who are stuck in UK, due to the Trafficking System as Shown in The Hidden Technology DOCUMENTS, are created by Banks and Corporations who own Child Protection Services , Courts and Bar Associations, Solicitor and more, "Globally," and how they are Trafficting us.
Here's how it started, 4 American kids and I came to UK on 3rd November 2017 for a 3 to 6 month  only, Funfilled Family Vacation and to learn about what we believed to be a poud Family History... 
Day One:
We arriving to Gatwick Airport. A officer by the name of Brent Welsh  decided to ask me questions.
1. Q.Are you a supported Trump?
        A.Yes? I am American. 
 He expressed his hate for Trump.
I said politely, "Your choice."  Then I asked, "can we go now? Kids and dog are hungry and tired and family is waiting for us,  thx."
He said, "No go sit in the waiting section." So we did. 
2. He went and talked to his superiors and he came back and said he was keeping our passports.
3.  Next, He took us to a backroom where we got locked in for over 17 hrs. Refused us any phones or devices or a way to contact family, friends or an Attorney even through I begged for one and stated how this  is a total violation of  the Law and our rights as well as our American Rights.
He said, "Your in UK now you have no rights, except the ones we choose to give you." He rolled his eyes and laughed at us.
My kids were terrified and crying. We were jet lagged, scared, tired and hungry, my 2 daughters are disabled. My children were in a absolute state of torment.  After 17 hrs of hell and abuse. Taking our photos, fingerprints and more, as if we were criminals. He finally let us free but kept our American Passports which is 100% a Federal and International Feloney. They are not supposed to be above the law. Only a US Post Master General can seize a US citizens passport it is in fact a Federal and Criminal Offence. Having a US passport isn't only the citizens property  but protects them by the laws in which come along with it. They Kidnapped, Raped and deemed us Stateless. The officer let us free after 17 long excruciating hrs of being  tired,  absolutely  tormented and Hungry.
He said we had a week. But by law we had every right to be here for up to 6 month. My kids father and I was married over 7 yrs we had 3 kids that were half "so called British or English".  We had 3 children over the age of 5 and we had blood relatives.  In fact we had a right of family and per-suite of happiness if we wanted to migrate here. But we  didn't.  We were here strictly on a Vacation Visa only.
We had already had a place rented out for the following 6 months and could not get out of our contract here or back in USA where I had our apartment rented out. If I did not return by 3 to 6 months time, I'd lose our house and all of our belongs, thanks to what the UK Government did to us , we lost EVERYTHING!!!Especially Our Greatest Treasure Eachother!!! After hardships caused us, my oldest went home.
My kids started school daughter of course being Autism like I told them had a fit course she didn't like something they said or did. I don't blame her they seeme like callouse emotionally constipated snobs, A major Problem here in UK, They were very rude and I have Proof they abuse special needs children and not just our daughter. They questioned the kids, the kids told teachers what happened at Gatwick and that daddy and I fought about it, this was a non violent argument, not even Verbally violent by the way. Stupid corrupt school instead of calling us they called Social Services. I later found out that this school turns in over 22  families or more a month over to SS for cash to get funding for their school. As do Doctor, Attorneys, Police, Judges, Bar Association, Corrupt Queens Bench Court which is all done under duress because it's all under mairtime laws and Factious Corporation's and Factious Laws not Commercial Common Law as it should be and much more. These corrupt Entites and the Banks and Corporations who own their services, get paid to destroy Children and their Families lives and we were to be exhibit A, easy targets or so they thought. I have taken an Oath to My Heavenly Father to give them HELL, and do so, UNTILL THE WORLD KNOWS THESE CRIMINALS ALL OF THEM MUST BE STOPPED AT ALL COST. 
So after the school lied to us, they SS then barged into our home with 3 huge corrupt and abusive officers, while their father (British) was at work. I was terrified but felt I had nothing to hid. I was not Awaken to or previous of their evils or that We were beening targeted into Human Trafficking and Kidnapping until. Our first Court hearing when I realized the CRIMES and VIOLATIONS BEING COMMITTED AGAINST US. I felt helpless and clueless. Anyway the kids father he said let them do their job. Idiot. Absolute... I should have never listened to him. Sadly I had not yet grasped what was happing to us,  how to protect us from it or defeat it. It took me months and months till I started really getting it. Infact I am still learning. They told me they were taking the kids. I said i don't think so. I am getting an attorney. We've done nothing wrong. The SW got the cops in my face. They treated that if I didn't do exsactly as they said theyd arrest me for in subordination and that they'd have me deported. I said not without my kids your not. She treated me again said if I didn't sign and she had to go get a court order that not only would she have me  arrested and deported but  she'd have my kids put up for immediate forced adoption and that I'd never see them again. I cry writing this because it's so painful  and like having to realive it everytime I have to even talk about. They forced me to pack their bags and said if I didn't comply and make it seem fun that they'd arrest me and say that I've committed crimes. Which would mean I'd get deported.
My kids father and his parents blame me because I was the one home when they came. They have since abandoned me and  turned against me thinking I must have said or did something to deserve it, but I assure you with all I am.... I did not.. My kids father pretended he wanted to help me but I found out all he wanted was personal info and documents on the kids. He and his family are now trying to fight to get full custody. I raised my babies 9 years on my own with little to 0 help from him and 0 help from his family for over 10 yrs. I am an Amazing mom. I sware on the Bible I didn't know how evil the Government and people can be. I lived in a far different world than this. Some might say my life was like a Hallmark Movie and it was for the most part the love department, lol. But I always had my babies and that was all I needed. I wasn't just their mom, I was  their best friend, Roal Modle, their IEP Advocate in Life and Education. I ran a non profit for 9 years as a research and resource specialist for special needs children and families but IEP Advocate and Medical Advocate, So my children could also have all they needed. I taught Sunday  Bible School 18 to 22 yrs and more. Not having my children  is like living with out water , food or sunshine. My heart aches in places I never knew existed. Every since they were taken I've been studying how to be free from Government and Laws and Rights and teaching others as often as I can. Trying to Educate and warn people post Social Services that they are the World Largest Child and Sex Trafficking Organizations on the Planet. It's got to stop. We have to stand untied. My kids were passed over to  3 homes each. Homes were they were mentally and emotionally  abused and are still being abused with his Family. Although I do not know the full exstent of my kids abuse especially physically which is killing me spiritually. I have proof of all this and more. We have proof SS, Judge and everyone involved allowed Usworthy Primary School in Concord Washington UK New Castle Upon Tyne  allowed this schools Staff and Vice Principal and other to beat on our then 8 year old daughter with Autism spectrum on over 6 occasions that we know of, that we know of!  I (NO ONE ELSE I) Fought like hell and finally got it stopped after weeks and weeks of fighting for her.... They blackmailed me and threaded me if I tried to record it or take pictures they arrest mecas a criminal have me deported as a criminal and force adopt my children so I went back to court and fought for the kids to go to kinship and finally after wasting £1000s on useless immigration and spending 100s to get my court case resolved and weeks of starvation,  fighting tooth and nail for my kids to go with grandparents, I got it, problem now is they are using my children as weapons against me. Their dad has convinced them it's my fault SS took them that I allowed this. I have proof that I was even Blackmail by the Judge HHJ Rachel Hudson and more. I have proof all of her reports stated that even prove there was 0 Evidence and 0 findings that I'ddone anything at all to deserve this. Which I am glad to share. They think they are untouchable, invincible. They lied and said me and the father get violent when arguing this is a lie. And their was 0 proof or evidence if this 0.  Yet we were given Gag orders and told to keep silent, but I will Be silent NO More, I will be Afraid No More. Hell it's self can't stop me now. . I AM MOTHER, I AM FREE, I AM BRAVE, I AM REBELLION, I AM THAT I AM. Unfortunately for us our Attorney (who is an absolute corrupt idiot and only cares about money.) told us we could stay up to 6 months by law. So we did but I never expected this not in a million years. We paid  her a £2000.00 retainer and filed papers. But they later refused to help us or get our passports back. Saying they had a right to do it. Law states they do not. I found out they are corrupt and have their hand in to many black kettles double dipping in the piggy bank as Most all Solicitor in this country do, especially if they cover multible cases or practices of so called Law. They refused to see it as Federal and International Criminal offences even though I showed multiple proof. Then they said they had to let me go as a client because I was aconflict and was refusing to trust and believe them. How can I know trust or believe some one who's refusing  to see it as our American Rights, Human Rights or that they were being destroyed for cash.  Recording the conversations on multiple occasions I explained to them that I already spoke to States Attorney Office, International Crisis team and US Embassy here in UK who are refusing to do 5heir job and help Americans who are being wronged by the corruption that's happing, who don't even know US laws or care about our Rights. Even after proving Washington DC Head of State and Crisis  team stated that we are classified as Hostages, under a state of duress and  it is infact a International Crisis and that they are infact committing Federal and International crimes and violations of Treason against us, as our passports are our USA  American right and property. Even after going  to the US Embassy with a Royal Crown Commision Investogator and proving his Identity and him making them aware they refused to help me further and dropped me as a client. I worry about being deported with out my kids daily. I can not work or get any type of financial assustance in UK, as I am not classified as a Asylum Seeker or Refugee and they are refusing to classify me for what my 3 kids and I truley are. . We are Native American Hostate, not citizen, not persons,  We are Kidnapped by Ward of State, We need Emergancy help. Please even if you can't donate money. Please share this get our story out there to as many as you possibly can. As a mother who is desperate and desperately loves her Children I ask that you PLEASE HELP. 
ALL OUR LOVE.  Sincerely Humbly Cm Gutma and Gutmann family.


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