Refugee family trapped among the white liberals

I am banned from real life and I am having trouble finding help in this place. I'm sorry if this is hard to read. I don’t have the option to take more time to learn how to talk to Americans about what their country is doing in a thoughtful way. I'm in a rush now because now I know what America means to people like me. America just bombed the Nord stream pipeline and I'm scared of the way the Americans don’t react.

I have been displaced around 40 times as a refugee in America and EU. My life was all "noise" up until I had time to build my roots. My family is totally destroyed. My mother needs money. I am not sure if my sibling is alive. They fled the country over a 1- or 2-dollar theft from the Mormon church. I had time to settle for a while to build roots and educate myself for a few years in America. I settled around a lot of white liberals. I did not know how people are before meeting the Americans a few years ago.

The white liberals liked having me around because it’s easier for them to hang around black people that don’t understand what their country is doing to black people and to the world. They live in a fantasy land where racism is not real.

The white liberals banned me from real life now that I know about American imperialism.

The employer does not let me be political when their "political" issues are a constant reality in my world.

I have fear that the Americans are complacently letting the black people die the same way that the Germans let the jews die when the German society was collapsing. They replaced the cotton fields with prisons and the homeless people look like me.

America doesn’t let the black people talk about this in public. The Americans always choose to be "not political" so they can enjoy the relative comfort of their American dream. They spend money to rent the American dream as a bribe to tolerate the oppression of the employer. Their employer has never given them worker rights. Their employer does not let them "be political". They are under constant authoritarian training to make them "not political" for 8 hours a day and then the workers stay "not political" around each other too. This is why america has no organization. It could be that they are political when I am not around. They worked very hard to keep me stupid about American evil. I used to think the Americans were very confident people so I learned to accept the way they are forced to live. Now I'm understanding that they should have been living in fear from their system.

In America, you only have to answer a few basic propaganda questions and pay the US government 3000 dollars to become a citizen. It takes many more years of study to understand the truly fucked up disgusting state of America. This is the trap that America uses to lure in more ignorant foreign labor. My mother was tricked by this place. No one should ever become a citizen to a place as Fucking disgusting as America.

I have tried talking to the white people around me but they all treat me like this is my own problem. I can’t find anyone to organize with me. They are all lost in their dream. My "best friend" white liberals called the police on me to correct my thinking and now I don’t talk to the white people at all.

jews were sacrificed to the alter of capitalism by the nazis. The Germans were letting it happen like the American white people are letting the black people get killed. The white people are scared. They are like kids and they don’t understand their reality yet. They make me invisible the same way that America disappears the homeless. Their inaction scares the fuck out of me. They are behaving like the Germans who watch the Jews get put on trains. These kids won’t do anything to stop this. I need money to protect my family.

The Aztec were sacrificing people to the god of agriculture to ward off societal rot 500 years ago.
The Aztec gave their sacrifices a better life than America gives to black sacrifices.
How badly does America want to snuff out the perspective of the blacks?

The white liberals don’t let me say anything because their reality does not work if they are shown what is happening on the outsides of their fabricated American dream. The white liberals put the Black Lives Matter signs on their lawns and then they can continue dreaming. They want people like me to disappear so they can go on pretending. people like me "mess up" their simplified version of reality. I am a lot of mental work to look at because of indoctrinated ignorance.

I am banned from everything in real life. I have no way to talk to the white people anymore because they keep banning me from everything in real life and online. They never want to be political because they feel powerless to their system. People are not allowed to "be political" at American jobs and that means that people like me are erased. I am a political refugee. My existence is too obviously "political" to them and they block me from their reality to make it easier to swallow the pill that America is not a big evil mountain of shit that is smothering the potential of people to live with each other and nature.

I'm looking for community in real life but community is scarce in America. I would want to help these people but everyone is forced to be a monster under the current system. I need help badly but they don’t want to see me.

From my point of view in real life, the Americans treat people like me like they are bugs. Black people in America are considered to be 10% of a person.

I don’t have any guarantees but we need to experiment immediately to start doing course correction for the path that we are stuck on. Experiment is the only way I can do anything without getting disappeared. Other people can try something different to fix their country but this is all I am able to do. I've been working on things nonstop but I don’t have a way to get the white people to pay me right now for my work. I don’t want help from the white people in real life because America "helped" the middle east for 21 years straight by bombing brown kids that look like me to death for their economy. Then the Americans around me are still thanking the troops for their service. Then they get very upset when white Ukrainians that look like them start dying from the war in ukraine. America is using the ukranians to continue its infinite war against their arch nemesis russian "bad guys" and then the white liberals put Ukraine flags on their profile pictures to signal for mates. Their system fucks them up too badly for any of this to continue on for much longer.

They keep people like me around themselves so that they signal to other white people that they are "inclusive". After years of knowing them, they known nothing about me. I ask them to get deep with me about their country and they make me disappear.

America is making the people sick.

If we don’t try doing experiments to do things differently there won’t be a planet worth keeping anymore. If you don’t let me experiment now outside of captialism, I won’t even try and I will take the easy way out.

I want funding to keep working in my laboratory.

I have bigger things that I want to spend my time building to prepare people around me to live in smaller ways.

I don’t need "help". I need money to buy time and I need the Americans to wake the fuck up and listen to what the rest of the world and the black people have been trying to tell you about America.

America just blew up the Nord stream pipeline and we are always closer to nuclear war. The state of the union was a corporate meeting between old white men who make money from mass murder and lighting the world on fire. Nobody is talking about it where I am and the white people still bring their nicest sweaters to their picnic protests. They are scaring the shit out of me.

The leaders of this country won’t mind nuclear war because they are too old and spiteful to care about peace anymore.

If you ever tell me to do this, I don’t have a country to "go back to" so keep fucking thinking if you are so fragile that you can’t handle your own country's crumbling reality. The rubble of this failling system will kill many more people if we dont act right. I trust no country and we should be working toward working for each other in a way that doesn’t sit on top of each other and on top of nature.

The political system is keeping people trapped. The IPCC knows that we dont have the time to be waiting for our political system to continue to fail.

America keeps killing the people that don’t agree with America's ideology. That’s imperialism. It's what your mayor does when she destroys the homeless people to attract high paying tenants to the apartment building that she built on top of the ruins of their old shelter that she destroyed. She is killing them out in the cold winter. Thats the leader of the city acting like the worst member of society. That’s the American way. Buy housing to get ahead and kill the person that can’t afford it. This country is totally disgusting.

I would try to take more time to write my story but the US supreme court is preparing to censor people like me even harder. My writing is never done just like my art is never done. My feelings are always changing but my sense of urgency is only getting worse. Please help me and share this as fast as you can. I am banned from everything and I can’t do this myself.

I want to try to raise 150k for my family to keep them above water until the Americans decide what to do about their country and fund my experiments. 60k would keep just me going for a few more years. My family does not know what is going on the same as a lot of the americans. They do not know the americans like I know them. 925k might get us all back together. I want to keep working on my art because the rest of the world around me is not making any sense.

[about my art]

I want to put a small character on her shoulder and I want to make it so that you can put the small character down on the ground to investigate the tiny worlds that I want to build. I'm thinking about a mouse but I might change it.

I'm going to include samples of what that might look like.

I would want to explore little garden areas.

I want to keep working on my art until the fundings run out. My hope is that the world will make more sense in a few years after America’s infinite war and my family can come out of hiding.

I only want to share my animation game with you. I will not share the work I do in real life. I dont do art for other people under white man captialism.

If you think what I'm saying is crazy, you have to think of all the refugees like me that are being created by American imperialism right now. The continuation of the American nightmare will lead to a totally insane world. They are making up evil legends about america becaues this country is the biggest source of terror and nuclear terror on the world right now.

I'm going to try to find an american job in real life but I don’t know if I can be their version of "not political" anymore. I think they will kill me with their ideology. If you hit my subscription goal, I will be able to work my way up back to the Americans to try to make them understand in a more thoughtful way than this. I need time to learn how to talk to people in America.

I have to buy time to find community for people like me.

Apologies for the urgency.

I am slow at writing things and I have been taking too long to figure out how to talk to people again. This will be my last message until next winter. I need as many people to see this as possible. Please help me and share this. I keep getting banned from white people social media.


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