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Update: As many of you know, Reese had his surgery on January 24, 2018. He did fantastic and recovered very well. He is now walking normally, and running and playing. Until last week that is. He suddenly stopped eating. No matter what I baited his food with, I couldn’t get him to eat. Then he was vomiting. On Friday, March 16, I got some cerenia. While it helped the vomiting he still would not eat. So on Saturday, after 3 days of not eating, I took him in to the vet. A B12 injection, an injection of an anti inflammatory, sucralfate, an antibiotic, and an acid blocker and an extra $165 in vet bills.

This is Reese, my one year old catahoula Mix. He is my oops puppy, meaning I wasn’t going to get another dog, but he was meant to be mine. I adopted him at the age of 6 1/2 weeks old. He is smart and well socialized and he is my service dog. I have worked very hard to train him to be my service dog. He is trained for seizure alert and recovery as well as balance and mobility. He can fetch medication, open doors, carry in my groceries, push a shopping cart, and he has a four minute seizure alert at just one year of age. He makes independent living possible for me as someone who is living with Multiple Sclerosis and epilepsy.

A couple of weeks ago, Reese started carrying one of his back legs. I watched him for a couple of days and ended up taking him to the vet. My vet is wonderful and knew exactly what was wrong with his legs as soon as he looked at him. Reese has a condition called patella subluxation. His left leg is worse than his right and needs to be surgically repaired to alleviate his pain. He has grade 3 which means that his kneecap is basically out of place and stays out of place. It can be manipulated back into place but it won’t stay there. The long term consequence of not having it repaired is severe arthritis. His right leg is a grade one. That basically means his kneecap slips in and out of its groove. It stays in place when manipulated or when the dog is standing up. The right leg will need surgery later in his life.

The problem is, I can’t afford his surgical costs, and pet insurance won’t cover because it’s a preexisting condition. So I need the help of my friends and family to make his surgery possible.

Reese is my life line and I can not utilize him for balance and mobility until he has the surgery. He loves to run and jump and play at the dog park, but until he has the surgery, I have to limit his activity level so he doesn’t hurt himself even more.

If you have it in your heart to help me make his surgery possible, please contribute whatever amount you feel led to donate. Every dollar makes a difference. I hate seeing my boy in pain! If you are unable to donate, please share this go fund me page and say a few extra prayers!

If you wish to donate via paypal or check those are possible too! If you opt for PayPal please send via friends and family to avoid fees. If you need my mailing address to send a check, please let me know. Thank you so much for your thoughts, well wishes, and contributions so I can take care of my boy’s veterinary needs!

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