Reel-Yehudah Hebrew Scholarship Program 2019

The Reel-Yehudah Scholarship Program/Fund (RYHSP/F) is a developing philanthropy scholars program modeled after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's Gates Millennium Scholarship Program, the United Negro College Fund, and the Ron Brown Scholars Program to aid aspiring candidates of the Israelite/Black Jew, Sephardi Jew, Hebrew diaspora primarily in the United States who want to pursue collegiate, graduate, and/or vocational school studies in the specified fields below: 





-Vocational Trades


-Rabbinical Studies


-Social Work/Law/International Relations/Political Science

The program is design to primarily highlight Torah study, scholarship, and practice while simultaneously advocating and actively support the Israelite diaspora to pursue professional degrees. 

The RYHSP/F will begin raising funds through various initiatives and proceeds will directly go towards a $4,444 annual scholarship fund expected to launch in June of 2019.  Excessive funds that make up the difference between fund allocated by the Reel-Yehudah family will be allocated towards the following initiatives in the Israelite community

1.) Rebuilding B'Nai Adath Kol Beth Yisrael

2.) The Israelite Documentary led by Chief Uzziel of D.C.B. 

3.) Th Junior Board of B'Nai Adath Kol Beth Yisrael

4.) Birthright deposits for Israelite/Jews of Black/African/Sephardic descent to travel to Israel for free via Israelite led groups and Taglit Birthright ( 

Partnerships of this program are linked with the Gates Millennium Scholarship funded by Bill and Melinda Gates towards the United Negro College Fund, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, the Ron Brown Scholars program (, and the Junior Board of B'Nai Adath Kol Beth Yisrael (Follow on Instagram @bakbyjr @bakbyjuniorboard), and the United Drummers of Yisrael (follow on Instagram @UDY613

The overall goal is to produce and support Torah observant candidates with their professional endeavors who will dedicate their careers to the progression of the Israelite diaspora!  

About the Founder:

Nahtahniel Sahgeev Reel-Yehudah, E.I.T , 26,  Columbia SEAS '15/Adelphi '14,  is the founder of The Reel-Yehudah Scholarship Program/Fund. Upon receiving 2 collegiate degrees from Adelphi University (B.S. in Physics 2014) and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University (B.S.E in Civil Engineering 2015), he is currently working toward his M.S. in Construction Administration from Columbia University through the School of Professional Studies with a focus on
Sustainable Structural Development, Construction Law, Safety, and Real Estate Business/Development.

Nahtahniel is a descendant of the African American Israelite community that stems from Rabbi Arnold Josiah Ford and Rabbi Wentworth Arthur Matthew. He constantly travels globally to connect the youth of his local and global community (U.S., Israel N.E Africa, Guyana, S.A, Latin America, Europe, and Africa) through youth driven initiatives such as this. He is expected to graduate with his 3rd degree by May 2020. He started this scholarship initiative to honor his recently deceased father Albert (Jezreel) Lee Reel-Yehudah 1950-2017, a U.S. army vet, all deceased leaders/elders of the global Israelite diaspora, current Israelite/Black Jews serving in the U.S. military and the Israeli Defense Force. This Scholarship program was also formed as a response to the need for more Israelite youth and aspiring adults to pursue collegiate, graduate, and vocational studies. He believes that through mentorship and exposure all youth can initiate strategic improvements in their local and global communities. 

Nahtahniel is currently an Engineer and Project Manager for high rise buildings and innovative engineering/construction projects  throughout NYC. During is spare time he enjoys playing the conga drums, learning Hebrew and other languages, and mentoring youth in the Bronx, Harlem, and Brooklyn. He is dedicated to the current reconstruction of one of the recently destroyed places of worship in his community: B'Nai Adath Kol Beth Yisrael.  Visit their site at  and support their cause by donating using the link below: 

Email: [email redacted]
Email:[email redacted] 

Instagram: @NAHTAHNIEL , @Reel.Yehudah.HSP , @UDY613

Societies/ Membership:

1.) Bill Gates Millennium Scholar/Alum (Cohort 2010),
( )

2.) Levermore Global Scholars Alum (Adelphi University)

3.) Global Kids, Inc.  Alum  (  )

4.) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.
(Sigma Mu Chapter Rechartering Founding Member 

5.) National Society of Black Engineers (N.S.B.E-Columbia University)

6.) American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE-Columbia University )

7.)National Society of Professional Engineers (N.S.P.E)

8.) National Black Contractors Association (N.B.C.A)

9.) National Society of Minority Contractors

10.) Junior Board of B'Nai Adath Kol Beth Yisrael (President)


Adelphi University's 10 Under 10 Alumni Recognition (2017) 

Turner Construction Youth Force 2020 Annual Award (2016)

Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship Recipient/Alum (2010)

The Reel-Yehudah Hebrew Scholarship Eligibility and Guidelines:

Applicants must be able to confirm the following:

-Identify as Hebrew, Israelite, Hebrew Israelite, Ethiopian Jew, Black Jew, Sephardic Jew, African Jew, African Hebrew Israelite

-Currently a  Junior/ Senior in high school pursuing undergraduate studies or current junior/senior in college pursuing graduate studies or currently accepted into a vocational school/certificate program that is related to the following majors below.

-Committed to the following and related majors listed above

-Want to pursue a collegiate, graduate, vocational school, and or the Israelite Rabbinical Academy

-Devoted to using their degree to give back to the Hebrew Israelite community locally or globally

-Commit to finishing their degree within 7 years.

-Finish application and email to
[email redacted]   by the
deadline of AUGUST 21st- AUGUST 23rd 2019* ( Submit on or before deadline) with the subject:

-*Deadline will change to MARCH 27th beginning in 2020 and every year after

Complete Application includes:

1.) Application Form and Checklist
2.) Copy of Award Letter
3.) Copy of Financial Award Letter Package
4.) Additional Information concerning outside funding assistance (Grants, scholarships, etc)
5.) SAT/ACT/GRE/GMAT/LSAT/MCAT Scores recommended if it applies
6.) Personal Statement Submitted to College
7.) Personal Statement for your involvement in your local/ global Israelite/Jewish Community and how you plan to contribute to this community during and upon completion of your degree.(Statement is at the applicant’s discretion but should include answers to the following questios: 

          1.) the meaning of supporting/advocating for  the Hebrew/
                Israelite/Black Jewish Community in the Western Hemisphere and Globally,
          2.) What you will do to contribute to this community,
          3.) One or more specific issues that exists in this community,
          4.) How you will strategically and respectfully address these issues and give back to those who come after you.

8.) Completed Prospective dates survey for travelling to Israel at your own expense or with a Taglit Birthright Group

9.)Cumulative Transcript (Eligible GPA Ranges from 80%-100%) With Higher GPAs being more heavily considered

10.) Completed/ Reviewed RESUME or Curriculum Vitae
Attend and be involved in a minimum of 4 Israelite Events excluding
Shabbat Services and Holy Day Gatherings

  • National Society of Black Engineers Columbia University (NSBE) 
    • $200 
    • 28 mos
  • Kobe and Kamal Reel (6th Generation Reel-Yehudah's) (Grandsons of Albert Lee (Jezreel) Reel-Yehudah 
    • $80 
    • 29 mos
  • Sanai Paulin 
    • $20 
    • 31 mos
  • Kefira Yisrael-Radcliffe 
    • $45 
    • 32 mos
  • Shemuel Yehudah  
    • $100 
    • 32 mos
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New York, NY