Rebuild Lost Adoption Fund

In January 2017, a girl found out she was pregnant. She had been drug-addicted for many years, and she was broken and very unhealthy. She'd already had a partial birth abortion once, and knew she couldn't do that again. But she also knew she couldn't raise baby. She reached out to find an adoptive family, and she found Rachel and Dave Smith. 

Rachel and Dave have had many struggles to have children. 12 years ago, Rachel had cysts on her ovaries and wasn't able to get pregnant. Many people began praying for her to be healed. She received that healing. However, she was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma Cancer in 2008. This is a very rare bone cancer. Rachel had to begin treatment immediately. There was no time to harvest eggs. Rachel suffered many losses including her ability to have children. The loss was tremendous, but Rachel is cancer-free and a survivor.  Her survival is a pure miracle. God is powerful and heals and restores!

Dave stood by Rachel's side day in and day out. He never left her side. She never spent one night alone in the hospital. This cancer has robbed them of many things in their lives. But the deepest pain is the loss of children. 

In our world, we hear so many stories of suffering children who need good homes. The story that isn't usually told is the money it takes, the deep loss when the mother changes her mind, or when you care for a child for a year and yet the children are taken away. The loss these families suffer is so great. Yet most of us never experience it. We get married and decide when we want to have children, and then we do it. But there are families who don't have that choice. They have to save for years to get enough funds to adopt. And then they have to take great risk with their hearts, emotions, marriages, and lives. There's no sure thing. They could spend it all and end up with no baby and no funds to start a new adoption process. It's devastating.

Rachel and Dave bravely decided to open up their hearts and start the adoption process.  When they heard the pleas and cries of this broken birth mom, who desperately wanted a good family to take her child, they volunteered. They went into this with the highest of hopes, believing that this was the child God had intended for them to love. They spent all they had saved to care for the birth mom while she carried this child. They went above and beyond to make sure she had everything she needed to be comfortable. The birth mom never indicated any doubt or possible change of mind to them. She told them she was 100% sure. She would even ask Dave about his favorite sports and tell Dave she dreamed of this baby having a dad to play them with. She left them no room to be concerned. 

One recent meeting, the birth mom told Rachel and Dave to bring their families here so that after the baby is born the families could lay hands on the baby and bless him. The birth mom wanted them to be at the hospital. She only wanted 2 hours with him. Then she changed it to 24 hours with him. 

Rachel and Dave loaded up their car with all the baby things they had bought and prepared and headed to Midland on Thursday, August 3, 2017. They arrived with such hope and excitement. They had such joy.  The birth mom told them they could come up to the hospital to visit their baby. Hope was in full bloom. They met their son, and they were in love. Upon leaving the hospital, they received a text from the birth mom: "I'm so glad you finally got to meet YOUR SON." 

But then communication stopped.

They did not hear another word from the birth mother all weekend. On Sunday, they received a call from her. She was not going to give them the baby. 

They were left in a hotel room, packing up all the baby things they had bought for their dream child. The devastation was so great. So many tears shed, so many lies told. Nothing could remove the deep pain from that moment. The moment when all they had saved was gone. They had no baby, their adoption fund was gone, and they were left with a room full of baby items that were bought for a baby they would never hold. A dream they would have to grieve. 

Rachel and Dave are some of the most amazing people. They have walked through so much in their marraige and lives at such young ages. They have stayed committed when other wouldn't. They have loved through deep loss. 

I pray that you would help lift their spirits and their faith by giving to this fund. Help rebuild what the enemy has taken. 

They have saved for 12 years and in 7 months it was just gone. Please pray and seek God and ask Him what you are able to give. My hope and prayer is that they recover the money they lost. Because nothing can ease the pain of this child they lost. A dream that was finally within arms' reach. But with each of our gifts, they can soon begin this difficult process of adoption once again. 

Lord Jesus, I pray for everyone who reads this and I ask that You lay upon their hearts Your will and their ability to give. I pray for all the couples out there who have been hurt by this process. I ask that you restore peace to each of them. I ask for you to bless Rachel and Dave and restore what the enemy has taken. In Jesus' name, Amen.
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    • $250 
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Rachel Smith