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About me - My name is Lauren and I'm 35 years old. I have Late Stage Neurological Lyme Disease and need to raise $135,000 to receive advanced treatments in Germany and California, and pay for several medical devices to facilitate detoxification, as soon as possible. Without treatment, my condition will continue to worsen, and I don't know how much more I've got left in me.

The treatment and how funds will be used - The funds from this campaign will initially be used for a 3 Week Intensive Treatment at a German clinic that's had outstanding success treating patients like me with Late Stage Lyme Disease. It will also pay for advanced treatment in California, plus several medical devices to facilitate detoxification. The Lyme Disease treatments in Germany include:
- Systemic Whole-Body Hyperthermia
- Detoxification Program
- Initial and Final Lab Controls
- Dark field blood analysis
- VCS (visual contrast sensitivity test)
- CRS (cell regulation screening)
- Infusions with Vitamin C, chelation,     selenium, glutathione  procaine and/or antibiotics
- Ozone Therapy
- Singulet Oxygen Therapy
- Magnetic Field Treatment
- Laser Therapy
- Colon cleansing
- Plasmapharesis 

Germany Treatments (First Goal) - $40,000
Germany Round 2 - $20,000
Germany Round 3 - $20,000
California Treatments - $30,000
Detoxification Devices - $25,000

My Full Story

It all started in September 2012.

I had a night of horrific heart burn, chest pain, and nausea. I thought I was having a heart attack.

My husband was out of town. So, I toughed it out like I've learned to do hundreds of times since then. I didn't sleep that night and it never really went away, it became the most severe flu I've ever had. But, it was different than the flu...that's the only way I can describe it.

For the next 8-9 months I was able to function somewhat. I was an elementary school teacher and I would call in sick when I definitely couldn't make it. Most of the time though, I would push through.

I remember during that time the severity would kind of come and go, and that "worst flu" turned into constant symptoms of severe fatigue and weakness with a flu-like toxic feeling.

I didn't go to the doctor until June 2013. I guess I was hoping that it would get better and just go away.

Finally summer came, and I was excited to see what the doctor would do to "fix me up".

I learned it's not that easy... I became pretty much homebound and often in bed. I only left the house to go to the grocery store and sometimes family functions.

I cried pretty much every day that summer because I had never faced something like this, and I didn't know what to do. My husband kept telling me I have to be strong and do whatever it takes to find an answer.

After a couple of months, that really clicked, and I haven't looked back since.

I started researching and trying to find anyone with similar issues and what they did to get better. I did every cleanse, diet, and protocol I could find.

I committed myself 100% to everything I've done. Along with what I was doing at home, I was seeing Western doctors, and I also sought out help from Chinese homeopathic, Naturopathic doctors, Functional Medicine, and on and on.

I've seen about 20 doctors over the last 5 years.

In August 2013, I went back for the school year and was really sick, but again thought I could push through.

Finally, a test came back abnormal in September 2013. (What's funny through a health battle is you get excited over an abnormal test because it's an answer.)

I had Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome (MALS), which meant ligaments were really compressing my celiac artery and not allowing blood flow, which can cause lots of digestive issues.

Around the same time the ER visits started, and it got to the point where I had to take a leave of absence, which led to me ultimately quit my job a few months later.

So, I put all my eggs in this basket, and had the MALS surgery in November 2013.

The end result...

Nothing. No improvements at all.

Next, I had an Angioplasty and still nothing. The surgeon gave up on me, and I continued to see other doctors and have more tests.

Months and years went by trying anything and everything I could to get any answers or any relief.

There has not been one day, one moment, where I have not felt very ill in the past 5.5 years. I didn’t like talking about it then and I still don't, but I have realized people cannot understand unless you tell them.

I really do not want anyone to feel sorry for me, I just want to be a normal healthy person who can do simple things like go out to dinner, go to the movies, be active, be social, drive, get my haircut, etc.

Symptoms continued to pile on over the next few years. I seriously thought I couldn’t get any worse, and I was seriously wrong because it seems the last two years I have reached depths that I truly did not know existed.

Sometimes I wonder how my body can endure so much and how I’m still alive.

Finally, I kept hearing about Lyme Disease, and I kept looking at the symptoms, but I wasn’t sure if I fit that illness (now I know it affects everyone differently and there are over 100 possible symptoms).

In my research, I also realized that it was something I definitely did not want because I had read many stories of how difficult it is to treat, especially the longer you have it.

So, after 3.5 years of chronic debilitating illness, I sought out a Lyme Literate doctor.

I got the tests and in February 2016, I finally had my diagnosis - Late Stage Neurological Lyme Disease (these bacteria have greatly been attacking my central and peripheral nervous systems along with many other systems in my body).

I knew it was too late for antibiotics because they only help in the first month after a tick bite. I had researched and learned about strong herbal antimicrobials and I jumped in with that.

Almost immediately, it was as if I was waking up the bacteria and pathogens in my body and I probably was.

One night I would have searing pain down my spine, the next I would have burning pain in my legs and thousands of pins, the next the inner core of my body would be throbbing in pain.

It all happened really fast, the pain came crashing down. I went from someone who was sick with pain, to someone who was in incredible pain and was sick.

The symptoms became even more severe...

The worst flu-like/toxic/poisoned feeling, persistant nausea/rancid feeling in stomach, GI issues, food allergies, nutrient deficiencies, stomach pain/tenderness, loss of appetite, excessive thirst, heart palpitations/ flutters, weakness/dizziness- sometimes difficult to sit up or lift my arms, severe fatigue - like a force pushing me down, chest pain, severe head pain, neck pain, back pain, pain under my ribs, pelvic pain, liver pain, adrenal/kidney pain, severe nerve pain everywhere - (sometimes feels like nerves are eating me alive under my skin, every night and all night it feels like I’m burning alive, millions of needles under my skin, clawing under my skin, widespread pain and throbbing), electricity running up and down my body, electricity zapping me, buzzing/vibrating in my head, my core and under my skin, shortness of breath/air hunger, insomnia, fractured sleep, nightmares, bolting up from a deep sleep gasping for air, the air getting sucked out of my lungs and gasping for air as I’m awake laying in bed, waves of feeling like I’ll pass out all day long, constant lightheadedness, brain fog, difficulty thinking, cognitive issues, racing mind, depression/anxiety - which is caused by an overactive electrical system, limited mobility, pain in my bones- especially back bones, spine and shoulders, joint pain, creaky joints, jaw pain, tooth pain, facial pain, sore throats, sensitivity to sound and touch, skin crawling feeling, feels like bugs walking under my skin, sensitivity to visual motion, hyper sensitivity to EMFs, severe muscle pain, life feeling surreal or dream-like, depersonalization, “fight or flight mode”, suicidal thoughts, disoriented, crushing head pain, seizures/tremors/convulsions.

Literally there is not one part of my body that does not have pain, except the tip of my nose. Many of these are constant, some come and go throughout the day, some are every night; it’s always the worst at night.

The biggest problem and what is most terrifying for me is the Herxeimer/herxing/die-off reactions. If living with Lyme feels like death, than herxing feels like murder.

What happens is my system gets completely overloaded with the toxic die-off of the bacteria. The toxic die-off causes an extreme inflammation response within my whole body.

It causes all symptoms to be a 14/10, has caused many hospital visits, constant tremors and seizures of my body lasting 20 hours long and not sleeping for days at a time.

The excruciating pain and vertigo make me feel like I leave my body because the pain is so extreme everywhere.

Herxing reactions can cause septic shock and death. There is no other time I feel closer to death than when my body is seizuring in pain.

In November and December 2016 things really reached a new low. I was living in a constant herx.

I would cry every day to my husband that I just wanted to die... but what I really want more than anything is to live.

I would cry because I just could not be ME, this disease truly has destroyed my life.

Without your health, you and I have nothing.

Over the last year, we've tried dozens of protocols and treatments. However, my symptoms continue to worsen.

I have absolutely no memory of what it feels like to be healthy, and you never ever get used to this, it’s impossible.

This is just a glimpse, just a little description of what life has and continues to be like. It’s much worse than anything I could ever describe.

You have to live it to know it - day after day, month after month, year after year. It’s like being a prisoner in your own body.

Honestly, I feel extremely uncomfortable asking for money, but with these funds I will be able to get treatment in a German clinic that's had outstanding success treating patients like me with Late Stage Lyme Disease.

Unfortunately, insurance doesn't cover any of these treatments.

So every donation however small is a tremendous help!

All funds raised go towards my urgent medical treatment.

I need to raise $135,000 for this first clinic (advanced treatments in Germany), 2 more rounds of treatment in Germany,
a clinic in California to repair the damage, and several devices to facilitate detoxification (to help with herxing), as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading my story and for your help.

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