Kindal "Coach" Rector

Over the past three months, Kindal Rector has been dealing with a variety of serious bacterial infections as well as multiple blood clots throughout her body. During this ordeal, she subsequently has lost a large amount of muscle and body mass. On New Year’s Day 2018,
Kindal awoke at 5 a.m. with a stabbing pain in her right leg. She observed that it had doubled in size. Being the experienced Biology teacher of over 30 years, she knew instantly it was a blood clot. Her family summoned an ambulance. On route to the hospital in Weatherford, the EMT observed the right leg continuing to swell and made the decision to forego Weatherford and take Kindal to Harris Hospital in Downtown Fort Worth Upon arriving at Harris Hospital Emergency Room, she was given 15 milligrams of morphine, but even that was not enough to control the pain. The nurse took Kindal’s vitals, her heart rate was 165 and her blood pressure was 60/40. Additional tests, CT Scan, X-rays, Doppler images were performed. At this point, there was a faint pulse in the foot, but it was continuing to turn blue. Doctors were more focused of the blood clots traveling to her lungs. While of this is taking place, Kindal is also struggling with Ulcerate
Colitis. She routinely takes steroids when she experiences a flare up. Doctors told the family and Kindal she needed to be on the steroids to reduce the likelihood of lung failure, but being on them would increase the probability of the CDIFF infection (Super Bacteria) spreading more
rapidly. The family came to the conclusion, the lungs were more important to support. Eventually, she was transferred to ICU to be monitored overnight. Overnight turned into 17 days. The first night in ICU Kindal had a vigilant nurse who observed the leg’s condition. The
nurse didn’t like the way it looked and took it upon himself to call the surgeon to perform a procedure to restore blood flow to the leg. The procedure was a success and her blood pressure stabilized at 120/50.
Although, the doctors and nurses were able to stabilize many of the issues Kindal faced, the issue of the leg and foot remained.

On January 17, 2018, Kindal’s life was altered. The decision was carefully considered and agonized over, and it was decided in order to save her life, the leg needed to be amputated. To Kindal, her legs were her way through high school and ultimately a scholarship to San Angelo State were she broke multiple records in Track and Field and running Hurdles. The morning of the the surgery, her precious daughter, Ashland asked her mom if she was prepared for what was going to happen? Kindal replied, “ No, but I know I am in
God’s will, so it’s going to be okay.” We know God is FAR FROM FINISHED with Kindal! We are confident God has set a next “ race “ out before her. Yes, there will be some “hurdles” to overcome, but we are assured that ALL things are possible with God ! ( Matthew 19:26). Kindal will run this “ new race “ with perseverance . ( Hebrews 12:1 ).
We are asking that you partner with Kindal to run this race by contributing to the GoFundMe account that has been established in Kindal Rector’s name. This fund will assist with Medical as well as Rehabilitation expenses . Our goal is 10,000
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