Hi, I am David Ellams BSc(Hons) and I am the founder and Managing Director of Yoga4Autism.

We help people with special needs using healthy natural methods such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation, exercise, nutrition, being with nature & healthy living. We address the causes rather than covering up the symptoms as has been the way in the past with brain numbing drugs and other techniques which many are now becoming aware simply do not work. Our techniques are completely 100% natural and are in fact not only good for them, they are good for anyone who wishes to live a healthy and balanced life style.

In doing so we can help as many people live happy fulfilling life's to their FULL potential without limitations...

I can personally vouch this works since I myself am on the spectrum and after a lifetime of trying everything with nothing really working, I finally discovered yoga, mindfulness and meditation, which helped turned my life around in the most amazing way. I have had a really hard life due to not having the help I really needed, I now wish to help others so they do not have to suffer as I once did...

Yoga4Autism connects Autism and Asperger’s with Global Spiritual Transformation, through the creation of spiritual workshops in the heart of cities across the world. We realise that being on the Autistic Spectrum can create great stress, anxiety and frustration in your everyday life, especially if you live in a busy city like New York or London.

Y4A was established in January 2013 by Rupert Smith MSc and David Ellams BSc(Hons).

Who we are

Hi, I am David Ellams, I have a condition known to most as both Aspergers and also Dyspraxia. I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia when I was 3 years old when my parents noticed I had problems with speech including stuttering.

I have always had problems fitting in anywhere and being accepted, and has led to a very challenging childhood that has continued through to adulthood.I was bullied excessively in childhood due to not being able to defend myself or having no boundaries and being too trusting.

I have also always struggled with expressing myself clearly and I am constantly mis-understood which leads to a lot of frustration.All of this has led to many issues I have to content with including Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Anger and Depression.All of which I am happy to say are a thing of the past due to my own special coping strategies I have developed over the years.

I am now highly successful and rated as one of top IT contractors and software developers in the country. Nokia themselves even stated I am the best contractor they have ever seen and hired me without even meeting me (I am the only one they have ever hired without a face to face interview).

One of the gifts many possess on the Autistic Spectrum is excelling at technical, scientific and mathematical subjects, we find complex things easy and normal everyday things hard. I have learnt how to harness my gifts and at the same time find many successful coping strategies for the everyday living skills we normally find a challenge.

I now wish to share these with others going through similar difficulties so they do not have to suffer and struggle like I once did, and in doing so hope to help them lead a successful, happy and fulfilling life as I now live.

I have also teamed up with expert yoga teachers and my business partner and good friend Rupert Kingsman who is very skilled and experienced with working with people with Aspergers and others on the Autistic Spectrum as well as studying brain function and psychology at University.

Yoga4Autism or Y4A is the Future Portal for people on the Autistic Spectrum. We provide yoga and meditation for Autism and Aspergers and we also act as a research centre for the progression of energy medicine and Mindfulness Meditation techniques. With our impressive array of research professionals and EEG
technicians and yoga/meditation teachers we offer organisations like Mindvalley support for their app and product development.
Scientific research coming out of non-for profit organisations in the USA, show that individuals on the Autistic Spectrum benefit greatly from yoga and meditation. Y4A uses a combination of science and eastern spiritual understanding, based on over one thousand years of practice.

Y4A will work closely with sister projects like NextGen which creates futuristic social apps and online gaming, with a benevolent, spiritual emphasis, and employs people from all walks of life including super creative and talented people with ASD (Autism, Aspergers, etc) who we have helped turn their lifes around with Y4A. We hope to encourage all employees of NextGen to practice yoga and meditation daily as part of their daily work schedule, thus reinforcing creativity and optimum performance.

Free Training Course!

NextGen also now offer a FREE training course for EVERYONE from all walks of life including unemployed, homeless, single mums, kids on the streets, etc. They do not need any previous experience or qualifications so it is open to EVERYONE! We want to help people find their strengths and their own individual dormant gifts, and then help them hone them so they can share them with the world. We actively encourage their creative and imagination and empower them to come up with their own original ideas as well as improving on existing ones. We will even give them the opportunity to work on their own projects. We want to help all those people who the world has turned their back on and those people who no longer believe in themselves, we want to show them that we believe in them and in time they will believe in themselves again.

Our training course is so much more than just a course, it is also vital and valuable life coaching that includes meditation, mindfulness, yoga, exercise, nutrition and how to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling lifestyle. During the course and when they work WITH us after rather than for, we actively encourage regular breaks and spiritual practice such as meditation, yoga, etc.
They also have peace of mind that the apps, websites & games they will be helping to develop will be aimed at helping everyone out there by teaching meditation, mindfulness, etc in a fun way for the whole family. We want to build online communities that encourage supporting and helping each other including strangers. It is all about bringing everyone together and realising we are all one so we should start working together and supporting each other.

We hope to get this everywhere including into Schools, Colleges, etc as well as Job Centres and back to work schemes. We also hope to work with Charities such as The Salvation Army since they are now offering a course called Awaken to give people they help the skills they need to get back into work, we feel with our course they will never need to worry about work or money again.
Our training course helps everyone all round since it also helps communities by making them safer and helps reduce crime, it will also reduce unemployment and the skilled labour deficit as well as helping the economy recover. This is only scratching the surface of how we can help everyone.

I hope by now you can see the real value in what we are offering?
We need help getting out there, getting noticed and in getting the training course everywhere. We also need help securing funding for this as well as our other projects such as Yoga4Autism, we feel we do qualify for every type of funding out there, but since we are only a new start-up we need help finding and securing this funding due to us having very limited resource at this time.

Myself and my business partner Rupert still need to work full-time to cover our living costs, which leaves very little time to put into these projects, so we are now at a critical phase where we desperately need help getting everything moving, we hope you may be able to help us with that? Or at least point us in the right direction?

We have TONS of ideas for apps but need the resource to develop them, which is one of the reasons why the training programme was born.

What we do

Sensory Yoga, Mediation, Mindfulness & Story Telling
Rupert realised that he might help Asperger’s individuals and those labelled with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, cope with the many stressors and stimuli that make life challenging, through helping individuals easily access techniques such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

The primary aim of Y4A is to achieve Mindfulness in Autistic adults and children, the essence of yoga, through artistic, storytelling education, that easily guides individuals into Pranayama, Mudras and Asanas.

This physical and spiritual education will be very sensory, relying on BICS – breathing techniques, imagination, colour and sound, to cool down the individual’s nervous system and hopefully create for them a coping strategy and mechanism to fall back on and use in everyday life, away from the Y4A Sensory Studio. We will hopefully have a main yoga leader in charge of the class, with less experienced yoga teachers being amongst the adult or youth group, for more individual support when needed.
We will make this extra fun with storytelling and role playing helping to encourage their imagination and creativity.

Social awareness, education and integration.
Our small group workshops also help with social awareness, education and integration. For children, their teachers and parents will notice a significant improvement in behaviors, concentration and performance in school. Their child will be noticeable more happy and at ease with them self and the world around them.

Likewise, adults will also notice these improvements, which will continue to grow the more they participate with the workshop sessions and follow the FREE guides we will give them (more detail below).

We hope to get this into as many Schools as possible and our aim is to get this as part of the national curriculum, we plan to expand to help ALL children in future and not only Autistic ones…

FREE Daily Coping Strategy Guide
We will also give them an easy to follow daily coping strategy guide, which details many of the coping strategies I have developed over the years as well as insight and input from other professionals.

Smartphone Apps
We hope to also develop apps that they can carry with them everywhere and will be there to offer assistance when they need it most.

FREE Insiders Guide To Autism
We will also provide inside information on how Autistic people think and feel and what makes them act or behave the way they do, who better to write and share this than someone who has lived with Aspergers their whole life and so understands it better than many so called “experts” do.

100% Natural and Good for everyone’s health
Our aim is to help and cure the cause, not cover up the symptoms with numbing drugs and other techniques which many are now becoming aware simply do not work. Our techniques are completely 100% natural and are in fact not only good for them, they are good for anyone who wishes to live a healthy and balanced life style.

What we need

Since we intend to register as a charity very shortly, we really need funding by whatever means possible to get this project off the ground and make it a reality.
We plan to also help children and adults with other learning difficulties and disabilities. We have many more ideas and projects on how we can help all children and communities not only through yoga but also through educational fun games through the use of technology and other means.
We will also be doing some ground-breaking scientific R&D by actually measuring the participants emotions and brain function to analyse the most effective technique on both a collective and individual basis.

Spread the word
We also need to spread the word so please help us get out there and known so we can help as many people as possible live happy and fulfilling life’s… thank you.

We hope we can also work with other Autistic Groups & Organisations in partnership or collaboration in future due to our intentions and objectives being aligned, in that we want to help as many people as possible who are on the Autistic Spectrum so they can live happier and more fulfilling life’s.

Yoga Teachers
Finally, we are always on the lookout for yoga teachers who would be able to help our cause. Below is the message we would appreciate you could forward and circulate to any yoga teachers who may be interested:

“We would provide specialist training to work with people with ASD and special needs. ASD is becoming more and more common today where it is now as common as one in four people, and this is set to only increase.

Once you have trained with us, you will be one of the very few yoga teachers in the world who is qualified to help people with ASD and special needs, so you will be very highly sought after. You would also have the opportunity to start your own Y4A franchise, enabling us to help as many people with ASD and special needs as possible.

So please do not miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime to not only become a more specialist yoga instructor, but also to really help make a difference out here by giving someone a life they really deserve to live, which without your help wouldn’t have been possible.

Be the change you wish to see in the world…“

Where the funding goes
All monies raised will go towards hiring halls to host Y4A sessions, seminars, essential equipment for instructors and clients, staff, merchandise and research into various aids and side projects (which we believe will give us an advantage over others who practice in this area). It also covers our advertising and costs of going to shows, which are very expensive, we have so far spent way over 50k on this! We can no longer afford this so to help keep Y4A going please help us help everyone else, it would be really appreciated, thank you! :)

We also hope to rent our own permanent Yoga Studio so please help us achieve our dream to help as many people with Autism and special needs as possible through natural healthy ways, which are good for everybody...

Our Mission
To help as many people as possible on the Autistic Spectrum and special needs to live happy fulfilling life’s to their FULL potential without any limiations. We wish to find healthy natural ways of doing this without the use of any prescription medication. Once we have helped people to fulfill their potential we wish to also offer them all jobs in partnership with our sister company NextGen Software Ltd.

NextGen Software Ltd provides FREE training for EVERYONE and do not require any previous skills or experience. The course teaches them how to make fun apps & games for the whole family which are also educational and teach vital skills such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, exercise and healthy living. We want to really empower people to believe in themselves again and to know they can achieve everything they dream off without any limitations. We want to actively encourage their creativity and imagination and give them free reign to work on or create whatever they like.

They also of course make excellent money and have extra peace of mind knowing their work is going towards helping people and making the world a better place.

The course as well as working with (we prefer with rather than for) us also have the same meditation, mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, exercise and healthy living built into the course and daily work pattern.

We know that people on the Autistic Spectrum will be equally as gifted and super creative as one of our founders David Ellams. We want to find their gifts and strengths and help hone and develop them further…

Please check out NextGen Software’s website here:

And also check out and like our page here:

We also hope to work with health care practitioners, parents, teachers & carers to bring more effective treatment for Autism.
We wish to make live’s better one by one and to do our part in making the world a better place…

Please make sure you visit and LIKE our Facebook page to help spread the word and get as many people to Like the page as possible to help get the word out there so we can help as many people with Autism as possible…

Last but not least, please remember the gofundme share tools and spread the word far and wide...

Many thanks,

David Ellams BSc(Hons)
Founder & Managing Director


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David Ellams 
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