Medical device removal

My name is Ginger moreno. I'm here trying to raise money because almost three years ago when my son was born, I unknowingly agreed to have metal devices called filshie clips on my tubes. I was first introduced to the idea when my gynecologist offered for me to tie my tubes. I surprisingly said yes. At the time I was only 30 years old. The dr scheduled for an appointment he said would be necessary to go over the details. When I arrived to the meeting the doctor came into my room for only five minutes to explain the details. He mentioned he will be using a clip and explained that these clips are what he uses for all of his patients. I asked many times if they had and side effects or bad reactions. I also asked what they were made of, to which the dr replied elastic. At the time I didn't give it much thought and simply agreed to have this procedure done. I never thought this doctor was deceiving me. I was terribly wrong. Before the appointment ended the doctor asked me to sign a disclosure agreement. To which I didn't give much thought. 
 Months later my son was born and the filshie clips were inserted during my c-section. At first I was completely immersed in my son and caring for him. I ignored my pain in my abdomen and figured it was my body adapting. But as the months went by I started to notice abnormalities in my body. 
 My body was behaving differently. 
: My stomach was always bloated down below where the clips sat. 
: My periods are now extremely heavy and haven't changed yet.
: After my period is over which last more then a week, has dead black matter come our a week or so after. Usually right when I am supposed to be ovulating. This substance I believe to be my disintegration eggs I ovulate. 
: I am losing large amounts of hair every day now. I have half the thickness I has two years ago. 
: I have had a lot of weight gain
: I have sharp pains and bloating every day where the clips are. 
: intercourse is painful 
I have night sweats now. I never had those before.
Those are most of my symptoms I can think of off the top of my head.  At first I went back to the doctor and he told me he was going to run some test and see if my thyroid was messing up. Which is wasn't. I gave him blood samples a couple times and each time everything came back fine. I told him I wanted the clips removed and he became enraged and literally kicked me out of his office and told me to never come back. As I waited in the lobby for my medical file to be printed out the nurses asked me why he was doing this. I told them I asked him to remove these devices that I had no idea what they were. It turns out in the state of Michigan by law a doctor can have a patient sign a disclosure agreement that doesn't say or tell about anything that he actually disclosed. I left the office and went home to read my medical documents. In them I discovered that he had inserted metal clips that went onto my tubs. I have highly allergic to metals. I cannot wear anything but gold or silver in my ears or I get infections. I was so very upset.  I also read the disclosure agreement which was very short and basically said I agreed to everything the dr said was accurate. But that was a lie. 
After I discovered what I actually had done to myself I went to three other gynecologist who all told me there was no way for them to remove the devices. One Indian woman told me I wouldn't find a dr to take them out in this life or the next. She was very upset I even made an appointment with her to tell her my problem. She works for Henry ford hospital in Dearborn I believe. I will never forget how that woman made me cry. 
But then I discovered there is hope. There are a few handful of clinics in the U.S that specialize in the removal of filshie clips and essure devices. The lowest cost is about 7,000.00 dollars. This doesn't include flight cost or recovery time. I am praying and hoping to god people hear me. Please help me. I am suffering from depression because of this and I see no other way of picking myself up without removing these things. I have no desire to have any more children. I simply dont want to feel like my tubes are decaying before my eyes and theres nothing i can do to save myself. I beg someone sees this and helps me. 
Due to corona virus I am now a stay at home mom now and we are being supported by my children's father. We have a lot of Bill's and are saving for the filshie clip removal but have found ourselves in hard times. We had two of our cars break down. We bought our first home which we are still making payments on and are renovating. All while still paying for the house we live in at the moment. I want to say that you got any contributions.
I just want to be healthy again and get help as soon as possible in order to not feel like my body is deteriorating at an alarming rate. Thank you for reading this.
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