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Post stroke rehabilitation fundraising


The Health and Social Recovery charity is looking for donation for seven family's rehabilitation process. The Majority of our clients are sole providers who support their families.  However, the strokes they have experienced changed their life and impacted their whole families. Their insurances covers most of the cost of their hospital stay, but their post-care recovery will be an extensive process that will require substantial outside funds. Their families will be able to collect some disability payments in their near-term. Still with their primary source of income on indefinite hold, their long-term financial outlook is direr.  The rehabilitation process is expensive.
Our charity is working with few providers to recover faster people who had strokes to a faster recovery.
Additionally, they will need the time and space required to focus on their rehab from their traumatic events without the additional stress and burden of their lack of income, since they will be unable to work for the foreseeable future. Taking all this into account, we worked with their families to tally the funds they'll need to ride out this hardship for the next year while being in their recovery. At a minimum, each client needs approximately $75,000 ( A total of $75,000 for each to cover all seven families) to ensure they can keep their home and bills paid, along with providing them with treatments they'll need for maximum recovery.
Those people have always been the kind of to give the shirt off their back and stop to help a stranger in need. Let's rally the village now and put the parts in place for their optimal healing. Friends, family, and community at large, we ask for your help. Please consider contributing what you can, as every bit truly matters. Thank you.
You can make a difference by donating today to HEALTH & SOCIAL RECOVERY CORP.
Health & Social Recovery Charity's mission is to assist people suffering from social and health problems, injuries and disabilities and therefore cannot pay for their recovery, home and living essentials and needs. Health & Social Recovery Corp is a 501(c) (3) organization, State of Oregon Registration No. 1772551-98

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