Sister in desperate need

Dear family and friends
This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, my family isn’t one to ask for help but we are here in need of help in any which way possible, we have explored all our options and time is running out, let me start off by saying that prayers are indeed welcome and appreciated at this time, thank you all for taking the time to read this.
My sister Cynthia is a very hard working, strong, loving, caring, brave, very independent, responsible, respectful, trustworthy, would do anything to see that other person smile kind of woman! I have watched her for years turn every obstacle in to a straight stretch! Nothing stands in her way! Over the past 3 years, She has taken on 4 girls with her boyfriend Jason and turned them into a family! Between all the struggles she goes through, she gets up an keeps going, she makes ends meet, whether it be by making cakes, pine needles baskets, selling odds an ends, needless to say she’s a trooper for sure.
So it started in October 2017, my sister Cynthia, noticed a lump under her right breast, about the size of a dime, She didn’t think too much of it and left it alone. January came around and the lump became painful to the touch, She went into the dr to see what it might be. But was informed it was just a herniated muscle from working out and lifting too heavy of weights. Telling her the pain would subside and the sensitivity would go away in short time, but no more heavy lifting.
She dealt with it by taking ibuprofen daily and trying to avoid thinking of the pain, but a simple hug was excruciating . She fought it until She couldn't take it anymore. Something wasn't right tho, it wasn't getting better and it was getting bigger. She made another appt with her dr to see why this lump wasn't going away. As soon as they seen the increase of lump size they did a handheld ultra sound measuring 1 inch by 2 inches. Immediately they said they had never seen anything like it and needed her get an MRI. But first an ultrasound with mercy imaging to get exact measurements and digital pictures. During the ultrasound they find it has blood flowing through it. She asked if it could be like the cysts shes had removed in the past from her leg An forehead , They said no usually cysts don't have blood flowing through them. They told her they wouldn't recommend the MRI because it would cost 6k. So they ordered a biopsy to get it sent in to see what exactly it was. Before the biopsy she under went multiple tests and a mammogram. They sent off the biopsy to the lab and told her they would call when the results came in.
We have kept this all under wraps to ourselves, just in case it was a false alarm, we didn’t want to worry our friends an family until we knew for sure what the results of the test were for sure ! it’s been the hardest thing we have had to do.

The results came back as
“Spindle Cell Sarcoma”,
What is a spindle cell sarcoma?
A type of sarcoma that contains spindle cells. Under a microscope, spindle cells look long and slender. Sarcomas are cancers that begin in muscle, fat, fibrous tissue, or other connective or supportive tissue in the body. Spindle cell sarcomas usually occur in adults.

At this point it’s stage 1 and benign but it’s painfully and rapidly growing daily which is a risk of it becoming cancerous!

They have scheduled her for surgery October 4th,
in Eugene ,
but her insurance has a copay of $7,000 an we need to come up with the rest of her co pay of $4,000 before they will let her get the surgery! Time is of the  essence, miracles happen every day!
Please I ask anyone and all anything helps !
Cynthia needs all the help she can get please !

God bless ❤️
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