Protection for Indian Sisters

In January of 2018, I, Alison Manzer and a group of six fellow travelers had the opportunity to join Father Rayapu Pothireddy (Father Ray) on a trip to India and meet a number of sisters and priests who are part of the Kurnool Diocese. I have never met kinder and more welcoming people in my entire life. Even though I was a complete stranger, these women and men opened their doors and greeted me and my fellow travelers with welcome arms and love like you would a life long friend. It left an imprint on all our hearts.

During our journey, we visited multiple convents including the Cloistered Carmelite Sisters with whom we celebrated mass. While at the convent I took a picture of a banner that read, "Where Evil Exists Goodness is Offensive". Unfortunately those words ring so true for the story I am about to share. This story was relayed to Father Ray last week by the sisters and he has asked for any and all assistance we can provide to help them immediately.

On the morning of August 2, 2018 at 5:30 am in Kurnool, India, an unknown man began ringing the doorbell at the convent where the Bridgtine Sisters live. The sisters were already up and preparing for their morning prayer. A young sister, Sister Sheril, on her way to the chapel and hearing the doorbell, went to open the front door to inquire how she could help. Immediately upon opening the door, Sister Sheril was dragged out and beaten by the man. She began screaming for help and the other sisters quickly rushed to her aid. The man ran away, but left Sister Sheril in an injured state. She was taken to the hospital where she received multiple stitches in her head and was bandaged. Here's a picture of Sister Sheril after she returned home from the hospital and began the process of recovering from the shock and injuries.

The same day, less than a mile away, at 10 pm in the evening, the Cloistered Carmelite Sisters were praying in their chapel. While in prayer, they began to hear the sound of rocks falling down on their building. The quickly alerted neighborhood priests who promptly came over to search the convent grounds. The priests did not find anyone so returned home. Approximately a half-hour later, the sound of rocks falling down on their building returned. They again called the priests and again they were not able to discover anyone, they only found a pile of rocks. The sisters went to bed and the next morning discovered their much loved dog had been killed and thrown into the bushes. Here's a picture of their deceased dog.

Unfortunately, the harassment did not stop with these events. On August 6th, at midnight, the intruders returned to the Bridgtine Sisters Convent and began ringing the doorbell demanding entry. The sisters promptly called their fellow priests who arrived 20 minutes later and were able to catch one of the men. The others fled. Since this event, the Carmelite Sisters have continued to get repeated attacks on their convent by intruders throwing rocks.

As you can imagine, since the incidents started on August 2, the lives of the 9 sisters and 4 candidates in the Cloistered Carmelite Convent, and the lives of the 8 sisters in the Bridgtine Convent have not been the same. They continue to experience sleepless nights waiting for the next attack. Since their buildings are weak, with fragile doors and windows, they feel exposed and vulnerable. These sisters are in need of immediate support to help strengthen these doors and windows to adequately protect themselves. 

Please consider giving money to help these sisters find peace and feel safe. If you can't spare money right now, please share with others. I am confident we can meet the goal we have set to get the sisters help quickly. Thank you and blessings.
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