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Hello Facebook friends/family!
As many know, my sister in law Haley Scarberry, and husband Matthew McMahon, has taken in and raised little Madi, her whole life. Even before birth, they 100% financially cared for birth parents, and housed them towards the end of pregnancy awaiting Madi. The plan was always adoption. After birth, Haley stayed 3 days in the nursery, beside her baby, due to birth parents refusing access for us to be in the room with them. The birth parents wanted the baby far and clear away from them, and didn’t want to see the baby. While there, the doctors quickly realized the dangers they were to Madi, and immediately Required CPS, and hospital lawyers to draw up paper work, so that Madi could be directly discharged to Haley. Unfortunately with hiccups and bumps, and birth parents being legally mentally disabled, it put a pause on Adoption. After birth dad decided one day that he wanted visitations, Haley and Matthew had to obtain a lawyer, and pay a retainer fee of $3500 for representation at court. The birth father went into wanting custody/visitation, which has led to a nasty court case. As many* know whom Madis Birth father is, I’m sure we can all testify the dangers, and safety concerns it raises, with him being around any child. Haley and Matthew had court last week, and without the judge listening and taking into consideration the extent of the dangers, she awarded visitation to said Birth father. Birth father went from occasionally 1 time a month, asking for a visit, to a judge granting him weekly visits, which just isn’t ideal at all considering he’s came to see her 4 times since birth. Immediately presuming the 1st visitation, it became very violent, and ended in the supervisors of the public place, kicking everyone out. Haley and Matt recorded this, and immediately sent it to the court officials, and were told to appeal the visitation. Haley and Matt would love to appeal this decision the judge made, and be able to move the visitations to a CENTER with officials, or completely revoke visits. In order to do so, they need representation from a Lawyer again, which requires a $5000 retainer fee for the lawyer. This doesn’t include the thousands of dollars they’ve already paid, as well as the money they have to pay towards progression in Adoption hopefully soon after this appeal. Haley and Matthew took in this sweet girl, and have given her the absolute best life she could have. I’m sure we can all attest that they “saved” her.
If we can all rally together and help these 2 people, who have been the kindest, sweetest, people, PROTECT there baby girl, they would appreciate it. Whether it’s $1, $5, $10, or $100, anything HELPS. Until they are able to come up with that retainer, they will have to continue these unsafe visits, that shouldn’t be taking place in the first place. If you’re not able to donate, SHARE and express how important keeping this baby safe is for us. Haley, Matthew, Madi, and our whole family would greatly appreciate it. This little girl has quickly became our whole world.

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And again please share with everyone you know anything helps!

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Haley Scarberry-McMahon
Roanoke, VA

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