Pride and Glory Tattoo Parlor Recovery Fund

I'm sure by now many have heard the news about the Nashville RV explosion. For those of you that are just catching up, early Christmas morning just before 6am an RV parked on 2nd avenue in the historical art district exploded causing extensive damage to a lot of the buildings, local business, and residences in the immediate area.

Horrible news none the less, but to happen on Christmas, during a pandemic where many of these local businesses have already been strained so much hits a little closer to home and the heart.

One of the staples in this area directly affected  by the explosion is Pride and Glory Tattoo. Positioned almost directly across the street from the blast, Pride and Glory Tattoo experienced an almost direct hit. Since 2014 Peter Gibson (owner) and his artists have serviced the Nashville locals and tourists alike with exceptional art and memories. 

The immediate  problem that the explosion caused, is that it took away from Peter a place to earn a living and support his family, Rachel (fiance) and new son Beau. 

The ask is that we can work together and help them get through these uncertain times, giving any amount that you financially can. 

Let's come together, surround them with love, and show them why the Nashville and Tattoo communities are so great. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Donaties (921)

  • Austin Spencer
    • $750 
    • 3 yrs
  • Alexander Grillo
    • $100 
    • 3 yrs
    • $200 
    • 3 yrs
  • Erica Billings
    • $50 
    • 3 yrs
  • Aspen Slagg
    • $10 
    • 3 yrs

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Matt Shaw
Boulder, CO
Peter Gibson

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