Abandoned Kitten Needs Surgeries

hi :) first & foremost, thank you for clicking on this campaign & for your kind & generous heart! this is my first ever gofundme campaign & was suggested by the vet i am hopeful & excited to see how it goes & even more preemptively grateful for its end result!

some back story about me: i grew up with a revolving door of rescue animals, i love them, all animals, always have, always will. i watch my friend's pets when they go out of town, i can't walk down the street without petting every dog i see & i currently have rescue kitties of my own. my friends often refer to me as "snow white" or "the animal whisperer", so there's no way i could refuse taking in & helping this sweet little kitten.

about a year & a half ago, i saved a tiny little 4 week old kitten (above) from up inside a stranger's running car engine by pure kismet, i just happened to be walking by & was able to get her out of danger.  i covered her medical care & gave her love & shelter.. & of course, i ended up keeping her because she stole my heart . @luckylittlelynx on instagram for more on her story.

well, apparently i have a knack for saving tiny little kittens from small dangerous spaces because fast forward to a few days ago & the reason for this campaign.. i helped a friend coax a tiny 8 week old beautiful black kitten out from underneath his house where she had been stuck & crying for help for over 3 days. she was starving & scared & full of fleas & worms :(  </3 we then set off for the emergency vet to make sure she was okay to come home with me & wouldn't infect my other kitties with anything. it wasn't until we set her down in the exam room that we realized something was very wrong.. over the next few days, we went to 4 different vets, ran tests, checked her out & treated her for worms & fleas, got her first round of kitten shots & some xrays.

she either sits like a little mermaid or stands like a pegleg pirate because of her poor leg, it's adorable/heartbreaking

unfortunately, this sweet lucky little kitten has an injured right side, both her front arm & a badly broken & improperly healing hind leg as well as ligament damage & a displaced patella that will not heal on its own & will require surgery as soon as i can raise the funds. she is being kept out of pain & she is the most adorably beautiful, sweetest, snuggliest, spunkiest little resilient kitten & i am so grateful she came into my life at the very moment she did so i could help her.

i just lost my dad about a month ago & have been feeling very lost, physically painfully heartbroken & even a little angry, spiraling into devastated places that my heart & mind don't usually occupy.  then, seemingly right when i needed it, i got sent this little angel to help fill the hole left in my heart with love & compassion & to occupy my racing brain with a positive goal & purpose, to help her & to care for her & to love her.

however, between my injured spine & lack of income right now, medical bills of my own & my dad's passing, i lack the funds to pay for her medical care on my own. i am head over heels in love with her & absolutely devoted to caring for her throughout her recovery & after, i just need some help this time around to pay for her sugeries. so i am setting up my very first gofundme to help this beautiful little kitten get the care that she needs. i have added the quoted surgeries, meds & such expenses associated with her post op care, as well as what i have already spent on her & preventative boosters & treatments for my kitties with her here. if there are further costs, i will set up another campaign & any extra money raised or unused funds, will be put to use assisting others in need.

(quite possibly the best kitty photo ever) that face!

if you can help towards her care, any amount big or small would be greatly appreciated. please donate only what you can afford to & if possible, share this link on your own social media pages to help us reach our goal as soon as possible.


adorable photos & videos to follow in updates on here. we also just set up an instagram for her as well at the vet's suggestion to help spread her story & this fundraising link, @prettylittlepanther, so you can also check there for updates & further adorableness so you can see how resilient & sweet she is despite her injuries & rough start in life. please feel free to repost her photo on your own accounts as well with the link to this campaign in your profile or instructions to click on the link on hers! 

thank you all so much for reading & donating & helping to spread the word & get her all fixed up so she can heal & grow & live a happy little beautiful life!

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