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Trish and I met while helping a mutual friends daughter battle cancer. She has become a very dear friend to me. Recently she has told me about health problems that are causing major stress and financial concern. She has become almost completley unable to work because of these health issues and is facing the stress of losing her home. I know what its like to deal with medical problems and feel alone and I wouldnt wish that on anyone. Please read her story...If you feel you can help financially, god bless. Love, light and prayers sent her way mean the world as well. ❤Thank you
My Story: I guess I should start from the beginning. Birth: I was born with a rare disease called Situs Inversus. I had 24 hours to live. My heart and appendix were on the wrong side and and the stomach was flipped upside down. Bowel movements were moving up instead of down and crushing my lungs. By the grace of God, a surgeon knew how to save my life. 
      As a child, I was constantly sick with ear infections and strep throat, etc. My stomach bloated all the time, pain. As time went on, I dealt with pain daily. I was in and out of doctors and tried all kinds of lifestyle changes to try to cope and get diagnosed. At one point I was having seizures. All kinds issues and symptoms.
       In my mid 30s, I had a car accident. I hit a guardrail after spinning out during a blizzard (Colorado). After thinking everything was ok, I drove off. Three days later, the trouble begins! I worked through symptoms unimaginable and no doctor can figure me out. They put me through test after test. At the time, I had Medicaid and was making money. That was 2013, I think? And I have been on a downward spiral ever since. 
         My process of thinking was to get away from the cold and lack of oxygen, closer to good fruits and veggies and find someone to help me. There also seemed to be limited help in my small town. So, I moved to Florida.
     At first, I thought maybe I needed to adjust and wait to see how I felt. The first year seemed to be ok but still not feeling quite right. So right when I start looking around for new perspective in May, my body goes downhill again. Symptoms coming back full force. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a workaholic. I have barely been able to pull 35 hours a week before May. (I am a waitress. I used to be a bartender, but had to go back to serving because of all my issues.)
     Since May, I can barely make it through my measly 25 hour work week. I have called off work multiple times for emergency room visits in past two months. I am very weak and fatigued, accompanied by blackouts. My GP sent me to Ob/Gyn to get checked for Endometriosis. On Wed, (8/16), I finally got in, My Ob/Gyn wants me to get on the route to be tested for Cervical Cancer instead, especially since my sister died from Cervical Cancer.
        So, here I go again, on my own, to go through test after test until they find an answer. I was denied Medicaid in Florida, due to the fact there is no diagnose. My GP said there is so much going on that I will need Medicaid (or insurance???) to get the tests I need. On top of ObGyn appointments, my GP wants to investigate my scar (situs inversus) that is causing me so much pain daily. 
      It is not easy for me to ask for help. But at this point, I need help. I am scared I am going to lose my apt and bills are already falling behind. This is only the beginning of tests and this time around, I am out of strength. I can't do this anymore. I don't know how to make it all work.I have pushed through so much pain. I have taken care of myself for so long....Moving in the parents is not an option for me. Unfortunately, not only did I lose my sister to Cancer, I lost both my parents to heart attacks. All before I was 25 and grew very strong from going through it all! But now is where I humble myself and ask for help. Help me get through this please! Help me beat a system that already took my family away from me! The medical system is quite a process and I will be needing help to stay above it all while trying to get a diagnose. I have no clue how I am even going to pay the rent in next 2 weeks, let alone anything else! 
     If anything, I ask for positive thoughts and prayers to get me by. I feel like after being in and out of the medical system for last 20 yrs+, I have knowledge and desire to become a healer...after I am healed! Thank you for listening to my story.


Trish Barnette
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Trish Barnette 
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