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On November 5th 2017 I will pursue one of the goals I set to achieve this year, and at the same time accomplish one of the items that has been on my bucket list for years! On this day I will be running the New York Marathon, along with thousands of others and cheered on by millions of spectators.

My goal is not to break the world record, but to achieve my own personal best, which is to be able to run 26.2 miles or 42.2 KM non-stop. Let me just tell you a little story of how I got myself into this: In 2014 I participated in the first KLM run held in Curaçao. I signed up for the 10K and was happy to be able to run for 100m. Short after, I joined a training group and we started running. First a few meters and gradually building up. I started to enjoy running, especially long distances. The year after I once again signed up for the 10K, and this time I ran the entire course! It was then that I decided to push myself a little bit more: If I could do 10, I could probably do a half marathon (21K) the next year and a marathon the year after that. And so happens that this year I’m doing the marathon…in New York!

To participate in the New York marathon you either have to get selected through the lottery system or raise funds for a charity foundation in New York. Unfortunately, I did not get selected, and since I didn’t want to raise funds for charities abroad I bought a runner’s package at a travel agent in The Netherlands. I thought to myself why raise funds for New York while there are lots of projects in Curaçao that could use a little help? 

And that’s where I’m going to need your help.

I chose to help Fundashon Ser’i Otrabanda realize Plenchi Chikitin. You might have read about this awesome foundation recently in the local newspapers. They are doing a tremendous job in restoring this great part of historic Willemstad by reviving the monuments with paintings (Casas Visas project) and initiating social projects to bring the neighborhood together and empowering its people. Plenchi Chikitin is located in the heart of Ser’i Otrabanda, which actually sits on a hill at one of the supports of  the Juliana bridge overlooking the harbor and the Handelskade in Punda. The ‘plenchi’ is now an abandoned piece of land where in the middle of a sea of waist-high weeds the remnants of what used to be a playset can be found. But, with our help it could be transformed easily into a meeting place for social and educational gatherings for neighborhood residents, and a safe and fun recreational space where the next generation can practice sports and youngsters can have a place where they can be a child and where they can create everlasting childhood memories.

Of course this project is part of a bigger plan I have: To start a foundation that educates, inspires and promotes community work to our youth, based on the principles of endurance sports. This foundation would be supported by other fellow athletes who hopefully would like to run for a cause.

As I mentioned already, I will be needing your help. My goal is to raise a total of $7,000 or ANG 12,250. So, here’s a breakdown to give you an idea of how I came up with these numbers:

·         Donation Plenchi Chikitin:            $ 4,000 / F 7,000

·         ‘Run for a Cause’ Foundation:     $ 2,000 / F 3,500

·         Participation NY Marathon:         $ 1,000 / F 1,750

It would be amazing to raise this amount, and therefore I value each guilder or dollar that is donated! Give as little or as much as you want, starting from F 1. You can donate easily through this site, which is totally safe, or you can transfer the donation to a local bank account to be provided soon. You can even hand it to me in cash (smaller amounts). All donations will be registered on this site. So, I invite you to visit this page regularly to check the amount raised thus far. I’m even considering opening a Facebook page to keep you updated on the funds raised and on the preparations for the marathon. J

I truly hope to have touched you and inspire you to make a donation. Either way, I want to THANK YOU for taking your time to read this.
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