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**** update as of 8/4: thank you for all those who continue to read our story & share. I'm still hopeful that we will reach & goal as every penny raised has helped allot. Sorry for lengthy post below but I wanted to make sure you understand in detail what was going on.

Coming here does not come easy as we are not a family to ask for help. We fight everything to the very end. We are just finally at a point that we have to put our pride aside and share our story and seek help. We don't normally post our private business out there and doing this is not something I want to be doing.  We typically just deal with everything as a family and are sure many families are going through worse but a lot is going on that sometimes just gets to be to much and outside help is needed.

Right now we just need to see the light at the end of the tunnel and any help no matter how big or small you think it means the world to us.

We challenge you and anyone that comes to our campaign to please donate even if it's just $5 and help us reach our goal!

Our story:

A few years back 2015 to be exact my husband Michael started suffering from chronic pain in his lower abdomin radiating down to his groin area.This pain was debilatating. We seeked help immediately & was sent in for test & referred to a urologist in Kissimmee, FL who stated he had CPPS "chronic pelvic pain syndrome" he told him there was no cure for it & all he could do was research. Michael was hospitalized for about a week right after because the pain became so severe. He was in the hospital for about a week while they tried to figure out what was causing this pain to no avail. After a week of just running test and waiting for doctors Michael had enough and asked to be released. We basically went back to square one. We seeked a 2nd opinion with another urologist in Winter Park,FL who tried a treatment and unfortunately after a few days we knew was not successful the pain persisted. He was referred to yet another urologist. During this back and forth to doctors for months spending money we didn't have on doctors visits, test & medicine. With so many missed days & Michael not being able to perform his job he was laid off from his job of about 8 years. He couldn't perform his daily task anymore without being in pain. A pain that would take him his knees. Even with now being down to 1 income we didn't give up we went to yet another urologist in Orlando, FL who was suppose to know exactly what was wrong & stated surgery would be needed to fix the issue at hand and we were finally optimistic to get Michael back to normal and himself again. He had surgery in May of 2016 we were told it would take 2-3 months before we would know if the surgery was successful. After surgery he knew right away it was not successful but we stayed hopeful and waited. 4 months went by and nothing the pain was now more intense and after seeing the doctor was told this was out of his hands and he could only tell him to now go to a pain management doctor. So back to square one. Again not knowing what is wrong or what to do to fix him. Throughout this entire process our family has fought to stay strong and get through this together but it's hard to watch the person you love suffer. He doesn't talk about it and puts on a strong face for us to not worry. But we can tell when he disappears that's he's fighting through the pain. He's a worker and always has and the fact that this is where we are kills him. Due to this pain he now suffers with depression, anxiety, lack of appetite, loss of weight & is in pain ALL the time. He is one of the strongest men I know and breaks my heart when he can't do the things he once could. Michael is young and has always been active and moving around. The simplest of activities with the kids that he loved to do from running around, football drills with our son or just moving things around hurt. He will try his hardest but after about an hour he is sick to his stomach and can barely get out of bed the next day. Even passing the ball which seems to be a simple task wears him out and has him in extreme pain. Anyone that knows him knows how involved he is with our kids and how out going he is. We have a 14 year old & a 10 year old who adore him and want nothing but to have him better.

With all this going on for the last few years we have exhausted all our savings and are done to nothing. We had applied for help from the state and have been denied as they feel we do not qualify. Family has helped as much as they can. We have filed for disability and got denied. We appealed and are still waiting and advised it could take months before we know anything. We have been living off 1 income and barely scraping by & it's getting harder to keep it together. With all this we try to keep things as positive for our kids as the last thing we want for them to see is us struggle or hurt but it's difficult. Our kids are amazing, smart & talented kids and It breaks my heart that they see us go through this. It's because of them that right now we ask for help. We are still going to doctors and have racked up so many bills these last few years and still many more to come. Anything at this point any little bit given would help keep our family tremendously.

We appreciate the time you've taken to read our story and ask that you share. Every little bit counts. We will keep everyone posted on our upcoming dr visits & pray for the best.

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