Please save Bishop's 4th Street Diner

Hi. My name is Vicki Garcia Bishop. My husband, Steve, and I own Bishop's 4th Street Diner of Newport, LLC. Our beloved diner is one of the estimated 20 O'Mahony diners still operating today of the 2,000 that were built in the '50's. It has been at its current location for 54 years. Our employees constantly receive compliments for their wonderful personalities, scrumptious food and quick service. Tourists and our loyal customers enjoy the diner experience and many are regulars. Popular musicians, including Bob Dylan, Blood, Swet & Tears, and Peter, Paul & Mary would have breakfast and plan their days at our humble little diner before performing at the Folk and Jazz Festivals at Festival Field. Jay Leno and his wife, Mavis, enjoyed lunch at the diner and we also serve the many military members from the Newport Naval Station. We are striving to save this stainless steel gem. Our "big oil" landlord has given us till January 31, 2022 to vacate the premises so they can build a huge convenience store, gas station and car wash. Due to the high cost to move the diner, demolish the kitchen and back room, then build a new kitchen and storeroom at a new cite, we cannot do it alone. Steve and I are much better at giving than receiving, but we must swallow our pride and ask for help from the community. Please help us save Bishop's 4th Street Diner by donating whatever you can comfortably afford. We believe that with your help, we can do it, and we thank everyone in advance for your donations.


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Vicki Garcia Bishop 
Newport, RI
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