Please help us heat His boat

This is a massive shot in the dark, although for us right now it’s feels like a hundred thousand levels in to the black abys.
This is the story of my father, a loving and compassionate man raised by loving Mormon parents who has the worst fortune and luck.
He is a good man and although didn’t Always see eye to eye with his parents views loves them with all his heart.
My father has had the worst fortune over these past 20 years. My father has struggled with alcohol and drug addition his whole life. My mother left him on his 50th birthday, with a house mortgage, utility’s and credit card and loan debt. He silently suffered. I was out of the country with work through out this time. I knew she had left. We have a rocky relationship and I thought she’s a grown up. And it continued, he paid all the bills and continued on and on with drinking and drugs. I didn’t hear from him no one did. We thought he was happy living in the house his way without anyone in the way. It turned out my father wasn’t eating, he was pushing the drink and drugs as hard as possible, he just began to waste away.
I returned to the uk, my grandmother had called me and asked when I was going to see him next, he was literally my next stop. I got to the family home and I let my self in, he wasn’t home, the post was piled up, loads of post and paper all over the table the fridge almost bare the cupboards bare, the house was cold and empty and it was no longer a home, a lot of furniture had gone, it turns out he was selling it to try to cover all the bills. I waited hours and he never showed up yet we had arranged it.
Sitting there I didn’t know what to do, how to help.
It turned out my that not only had my dads luck turned on him, someone had opened fraudulent phone contracts in his name, about five of them, my dads not a mobile person, a Nokia 3330 was too much for him. So my dad had all these letters and court summons, his focus was drugs and the house, his health continued to slip.
I came back the following day and saw a man I did not recognise he looked like skeleton, he was dark grey, he choose drugs over everything. His clothes did not fit, he looked fragile but had his fix so felt alive even though literally he did not look it.
My grandmother came with us and we asked him to stop, we begged and pleaded, this was his mother asking him not to die before she did. He laughed at us and we left.
3 months pass, I continue with my life always wondering what he is doing but knowing he will continue to do what he does.
We got a call, he was in hospital, he had collapsed, my grandmother asks me to go to the house and collect clothes for him.
I go back to the house, more furniture gone, cold, damp cold, bread I remember the bread on the side, it was mouldy. These things just stick in my memory and haunt me. Almost all furniture gone now. I grab what I can and leave. When I got to the hospital I found a lot more then I realised out.
Dad had not been in the house, he was again selling what he could still trying to work and just a mess making sure he got his false high.
He had been sleeping on the street with people he had met, he called them friends but they were addicts happy to abuse a kind mans kindness, take what they could from him.
He was worse from the last time I saw him, a waffer of a man, grey, sullen eyes and toothless. My dads always been bad with teeth but literally a toothless dying man.
The doctors told us had he not come in he would of died on the streets, he was sick he had a massive infected cut on his neck and early signs of Pneumonia.
He was weak but happy to see us, my father loved his mother dearly. She said your coming to live with me and that’s that no arguments to be had, he realised for the first time in his life it was time to stop and look at him self.
As a family we worked together to clear the house out, to sell it and cleared all the debt that was against him, we poured al our money in to this as-well. He moved in with my nan and got sober, his focus was to do better and it worked. Unfortunately my dad developed Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease through years of damage. So my dad can’t work, he can barley walk a road let alone a food shop, he wants to be a able man but knows he physical can’t be. And he can’t work because of it but because others with COPD do, my father must continue to try to find work, as he does every week. My dads goal in life was always to live on a boat, to just relax on the water and be, content and at peace, he can’t have a dog because of his health, but loves to garden now. Although a struggle for him he got better, gained weight and stopped looking so much like a zombie.
We all chipped in, with what little he had left we got him the canal boat of his dreams. A simple 3 sleeper for him to relax and drink his tea on. It’s a really nice boat, but needed work. The past year has been a complicated one. He can’t travel too far physically so we got a small loan and got him a motorbike to commute on. On his first adventure finally moving on the boat on his first week docked at a basin, the bike was stolen from the end of his bike. Although we are angry and out of pocket he didn’t seem too phased, as I think he was just too happy to be on the boat now, no longer being looked after and now trusted.
It’s been about two years, dads still on the boat, still can’t find work, covid has struck but worse my grandmother got cancer, it happened fast and hurt everyone.
My dad was devoted to his mother, literally she could no wrong, which I agree with, she was a loving Mormon sister, she loved the church and everything it gave her and she spread so much love. It’s broken my father, and although he is trying and has started to slip. He isn’t looking after himself, and depression has taken him again.He didn’t tell us the solar panels stopped, the stove broke and the engine was fully beyond repair, the boat and himself are now in need of some serious TLC. It’s been a horrible year, for him for all of us. He lost his mother, burying her was hard, the service was hard, hearing all these amazing story’s of her kindness and al whilst we had to wear masks. Covid made her end so so hard, we were not allowed to see her, having to FaceTime a dying family member is something I hope to never do again. With dads COPD and covid it’s hard for him, he struggles to breath on a good day haha put a mask on him and it’s just torture.
I feel like I’ve been telling a story, I’m trying to give sort of justification, I’m asking for help I’m ashamed and struggling.
We sorted the engine again the family came together, it was a massive cost but it’s done, he was stubborn and didn’t want us to help but he needed it and with the boat moving, and engine going means he has power. A family friend has sorted the solar panels for us but we are struggling with the stove.
We’ve tried market places, family’s are searching around, eBay is searched daily.
I’ve found the one he needs, that would be ideal and will give him the longevity to quality of heat he needs.
Although it’s not freezing right now, it’s cold on the boat and we worry about him, we don’t want him sick but we know we need to try to do something. I lost my job during covid, as did a lot of the world, I’m back in work now but unable to afford this cost for a long time.
I’m reaching out and asking for help, if anyone can spare anything, a small donation to this would go a long way, they say one small act of kindness can change the world. So much has gone wrong for him over the years, and I know we are all struggling please help provide him with heat, this is the last big hurdle we hope he will have to deal with for a long time.
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