Help Michi

Michi is a senior kitty who is currently showing a lot of mobility issues (her hind legs are very weak, she can no longer jump onto the bed on her own and has difficulty walking). Has had a lesion on her head, that was surgically removed and sealed and then started showing up on her ear. Has stopped eating (and refuses!) and is mostly drinking water now (and somehow is still dehydrated) and is severely constipated and has been so since the 10th of this month.


I went to the vet but was only able of paying for the most urgent of things (in regards to the lesion on her ear being infected, and a biopsy on it). I could not afford everything that could come up, one thing being a thyroid test that has the potential of resolving her leg weakness (but also, it could literally just be cancer affecting the rest of her body). There is a good chance the vets will tell me that the only option is euthanasia so there is no guarentee that any amount of money will save her but I want to try everything I can to at least help her. So if possible, please help me help her. So I don't have to figure out what is the most urgent thing she needs.



Edgar M. Vera 
Miami, FL