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Our 1-year-old Corgi puppy – Croissant –is a playful, friendly, and high-spirited little girl. As a Corgi, of course she comes with the best personality: she was filled with exuberant energy, bold curiosity, and charming liveliness, which never failed to bring joy to everyone who encountered her on the street. Few days ago, quite suddenly, Croissant appeared very sick – we brought her to an emergency animal hospital as soon as we could, and she was soon diagnosed with Pneumonia and was admitted into ICU. Originally, it was just an oxygen tank, yet not long after, she was sedated and on a ventilator. It has been six days since then, and with five of them, we were informed that her condition was deteriorating and that we should be prepared for the worst. We were completely shocked and knocked down by the fact that we may actually lose her. The TURNING POINT happened today – the 6th day after Croissant was admitted into ICU. For the first time, the doctor brought us some good news, and together, our family sees hope – we really want to give her a CHANCE. Due to the severity of her condition, the level of care that Croissant relies on right now is fairly expensive, and we are calling for funds to save this little angel. The cost of treatment involves ICU veterinary care, medications, the ventilator, blood/lung fluid laboratory tastings, and IV anesthetics. You can read further for detailed, day-to-day records of Croissant’s medical condition, the treatment she received, and our experiences as her closet family. We will also keep updating her condition with everyone here.

All the funds, no matter how small, will go directly to help Croissant.

You donations are greatly appreciated and they will be used solely on providing medical care for Croissant. Please remember that no amount is too small for us, and every little bit helps and makes a difference. Thank you so much!

* Our goal is not to prolong the treatments indefinitely despite that fact that she may suffer, but is to give her another chance after the first positive sign. We will closely monitor the changes in her condition and make informed decisions which we will share with you guys here.

9月19日:肉松突然变得无精打采,没有胃口,还有点呼吸急促。我们带她去了Veterinary Emergency Center,医生直接把她送进了ICU,并给她戴上了氧气管。医生告诉我,肉松现在是oxygen dependent,需要在ICU里过夜观察,看xray初步判断是肺炎,并且在当天晚上给肉松注射了最强的抗生素以及止疼药。当天我们支付了3700刀的治疗费用。我不知道为什么肉松会突然变得如此严重,我也不能接受肉松可能会离开我的可能。

Sep 19, 2019

Last night Croissant seems a bit tired, but we did not worry too much since she had a playful day and just received her annual health check early this week. However, this morning, Croissant’s energy seems abnormally low. She wouldn’t eat, struggled with walking when we try to bring her out, and her breathe was accompanied by light whistling sounds and going faster than usual. We became very concerned and brought her to Toronto Veterinary Emergency Center immediately. Upon initial inspection, Croissant was directly admitted into ICU, and received an oxygen tank – we were told she had trouble breathing and was oxygen-dependent. The Vet ordered imaging tests (X-ray for chest, ultrasound for abdomen) and laboratory tests (Complete Blood Count, cortisol, etc.) – combining with admission fee; consultation fee – comes to $3700 in total. After few hours of wait, the Vet informed us a the most likely differential diagnosis is Pneumonia, and our poor Croissant needed to stay in the Emergency Center overnight for the oxygen. Everything happened way to fast, it was difficult for us to believe or understand why her condition became suddenly so serious in one day, and we just can’t imagine how much pain or discomfort she had to go through. At this moment, we thought she would be fine – maybe tomorrow, maybe in few days – but we can fight Pneumonia, right?

9月20日: 医生告诉我们氧气管已经不够供给肉松足够的氧气了,建议我们转院到Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital,因为那里有供氧机器(Ventilation)可以代替肉松呼吸。我们带着肉松转到了新的医院,医生诊断为肺炎,继续用抗生素来治疗。用供氧机器需要将机器插入肉松的airway,为了不让肉松痛苦,必须给她打麻醉。医生给我们的预算是17000刀,我们已经没有力量再去承担了,于是我们开始四处筹钱。但只要可以救肉松,怎么样我都愿意。

Sep 20, 2019

The Vet at Toronto Veterinary Emergency Center told us the oxygen tank was no longer sufficient for Croissant anymore. The amount of fluid accumulated in her little lungs was overwhelming and she has to be transferred to Toronto Veterinary Emergency hospital for a ventilator, otherwise she would suffocate. We did so and the new Vet confirmed the diagnosis of Pneumonia – Croissant was given a very strong combination of antibiotics which covered a wide spectrum of possible infected bacteria. Inserting the ventilator tube into Croissant’s trachea would bring a considerable amount of pain and discomfort, so she was put into very deep sleep by intravenous sedation. Our hearts went out for what Croissant had to go through, and we were in complete shock for how serious her medical condition was. We were informed that Croissant would stay in ICE on ventilator for at least 3-7 days, and the total estimation came to $17,000.


9月22日: 肉松的状态还是与前几天一样,并没有太大变化。回家看到肉松碗里的水,还没有喝完,总觉得她很快就会回来,但是她还没有。等待的时光,每分每秒都很煎熬。

Sep 21-22, 2019
Croissant was covered with tubes – for intravenous sedation, blood withdrawal, stomach emptying, and heart rate/blood pressure monitoring. She was this high-spirited, energetic angel just two days ago, and now she became bed-bound unconsciously and helplessly: “we are here with you Croissant, do not be scared, you are never alone”, everything we could do is praying for her and being on her side. Her condition hadn’t improved much – although we managed to normalize blood oxygen, the amount of Carbon Dioxide in her blood was still dangerously high. It seems like the antibiotics was working way too slow. Croissant’s doctor decided to withdraw some fluid from her lungs, and re-examine the possibilities for other infectious disease, such as influenza. However, since the lab was closed for weekend, the only thing we could do is wait.

We went home after visiting Croissant, and saw her water bowl at her old favorite spot – there was still unfinished water left. We believe Croissant’s life story is also unfinished. Everything we wanted now was for Croissant to be happy and healthy again.

9月23日: 等了一整个周末,今天肉松的肺部液体检验结果出来了。医生告诉我结果并没有给他们任何提示,肉松的情况并没有太大的好转,在呼吸机上时间越长生还率越低。“生还率低”我眼前又升起了雾气,恨不得有人立刻捂住我的耳朵,鼓足勇气问了现在救活肉松的几率,医生说不足1%。她还说, 也许明天就真的是该做决定的时候了。

September 23, 2019
After the whole weekend, the analysis results came back later in the day for Croissant’s lung fluid. The vet explained that there was no evidence suggesting dog influenza or other disease, thus Pneumonia was still the most likely diagnosis. And now, we were stuck in terms of where we could go for further treatment. Croissant’s condition showed no improvement throughout these days, and she even showed warning signs for cardiac arrest (slower heart beat and dropping blood pressure) that required immediate medical intervention. “According to my past encounters with dogs going through a similar situation, the longer she stays on the ventilator, the poor the outcome.” Our Vet was very kind, she tried her best to inform us and guide us based on Croissant’s condition as well as our financial situation. The chance for Croissant to come back by this stage is lower than 10%. The vet told us the $17,000 we deposited had been almost used up by now, and tomorrow may actually be the time to make a decision on euthanizing Croissant.


Sep 24, 2019
It was the 6th day since Croissant has been put on the ventilator. For the past five days, her condition kept deteriorating. With the heaviest heart, we came to the hospital again, ready to face the worst. However, we forgot that Croissant has always been a fighter, an energetic and optimistic one. We were told that for the first time in almost a week, Croissant’s condition showed some slight improvements– the Vet was able to lower the CO 2 level in her blood, and her lung compliance has improved* based on the ventilator parameters, although both still far from the normal range (*this mean it was slightly easier for her to expand her lungs and to make breathing happen).

Our little girl does not want to give up. We were all struck by a complicated emotion, tears were of course initially made out of joy, and then worries and concerns. The Vet informed us that as much as she did not want to make it about money – if we want to save her, it will be $3000/day in ICU. She also kindly reminded us that this did not mean she would definitely survive, but it was indeed the first good sign for few days.

It is impossible for us to let her go when our baby girl wants to fight. She was recovering, and she was just taking it slow. She is one-year old and she still has the entire world to explore. Croissant really needs your help! All the funds, no matter how small, will go directly to help Croissant. You donations are greatly appreciated and they will be used solely on providing medical care for Croissant. Please remember that no amount is too small for us, and every little bit helps and makes a difference. Thank you so much!

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