Phoebe Nguyen's Kidney Transplant

Phoebe was born in Vietnam and since 2009 she has been living in the United States. Now a Citizen and a loving wife to her Husband Long Hoang. She was a healthy girl , living a normal life until one day in April 13, 2015, a very big migraine headache. After tylenol and basic pain relievers did not work, she and her boyfriend made a trip to the local Urgent Care and found that her blood pressure was so high 160/100 that the doctor had to send her to the Emergency Room at Gwinnett Medical Center, Doctors ordered some tests, She got a CT scan, MRI and than eventually a Kidney biopsy. 
------Phoebe was diagnosis with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4 at the age of 22, with only 20% kidney function, Long and Phoebe were all in shock that how can this be possible at such young age. This IGA kidney disease has no cure and has been inside her blood stream since birth, and the best option for her is to have a kidney transplant to survive. While still in tears from the devastating news. Long said he will never give up and leave her side. 1 year goes by and throughout the year Phoebe could only take 8 different medications to monitor the kidney function, and through a pharmacy that was very costly. The medications that help lower blood pressure also hurt the kidney too.
------On February 14 valentines day 2016, Long proposed to phoebe, asked her to be his wife forever. Even though this was something good, at the same moment ,Phoebe's Father was being treated with Lung Cancer that came out surprisingly just a few months after finding out about phoebes kidney disease; it was just never ending health concerns in the family. Her Father, Linh Nguyen, fought as hard as he could but he lost the battle to cancer and passed away on March 2016. When that happened Phoebe lost her health insurance to cover medical supplies and hospital visits. The Funds for Funeral costs was out of the roof and dropped them down to becoming a broke couple. Had to sell a car and items to get bills payed. Long, her husband, had to go searching for extra jobs that may have medical assistance but was in no luck. And Obamacare was to be $1,400 a month for coverage which is not affordable.
-----It is now August 2016 and Phoebe's kidney function drops less than 5% function. When Phoebe was told she needed to go into surgery immediately for a internal catheter hose to drain the toxic wastes that her kidney can no longer filter. If she does not perform this Dialysis process than she will die. Frightening words have Long and Phoebe in emotional tears, Phoebe would have to drain fluids from abdomen 8 hours everyday to be able to live. Luckily, she has a wonderful, loving, caring husband always stays by her side supporting and working overtime trying to pay for  the medical bills and expenses for the past 2 years. It was just his income and his hard working that got them where they are now. While still in heavy medical debt.
-----Extremely Fortunate!!!!, she soon will get a new kidney from her husband's older brother, who has served in the US Marine Corps. He will be a Donor on June 2017 with the transplant happening and only with one income job and 4 recently adopted children.
------After the surgery, Phoebe and her Husband will need your support. Her husband must take many days off from work to take care of her, and take her to the hospital for checkups . Your donation will help the donor side's family and the recipient side to survive through this tough time.
 Any donations will be greatly appreciated.
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Phoebe Phuong Nguyen 
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