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I have started and restarted, wrote and rewrote, what to say, how to say it and how to explain why I am here on GoFundMe.

I have been here in England since May  15th 2018. An urgent trip to care for my mum who is 87 yrs, this is the second urgent trip this year since March,
Once I got the news my mum needed me to come back to England, I new this trip would be for an extended time.

My family here in England has loaned me a car to use to take my mum to her hospital appointment and upcoming surgeries .

My mums diagnoses is not been confirmed as yet, but the Maxillary Oncologist Surgeon is sure she has Cancer, a biopsy has been scheduled to confirm his suspicions of Cancer on her tongue.

I was able to contact her surgeon before leaving for England and he explained what he believed what was going on with my mum and what he would do, however he also stated that he was due to move to another location which is out of my mums Medical Area, I immediately panicked, the National Health System in England is extremely SLOW. The surgeon reached out to a colleague of his and was able to transfer her care to a new surgeon who’s willing to see her. I then spoke to him and I was able to get appt for Wednesday May 16th, I arrived in England Tuesday May 15th. The new surgeon also agrees with the original Oncologist, this appears to be cancer.

My mum has had MRI, CT Scan this week to see if cancer has spread and has set my mum up for Biopsy May 29th.

I’m praying that all results will be back the first week of June and we will find out what will be our next step. I am praying that this is not Cancer and he will remove a small portion of her tongue, but I am preparing myself if it is Cancer my mum will need me more than ever.
Prior to all of the above I had been working with Home Land Security for my mum to come live with me in the United States. I was able to get  my moms paperwork expedited, which was approved April 25th but I still have to wait up to 45 days (June 8th) to see what I have to do next. The process is growling, extremely slow, frustrating, many steps, one form type to another form, each form requiring a fee, I am about to pull ALL  my hair out and loose my mind. All I want to do is bring my mum back to the states and take care of her.

My mum and I have been very lucky with my family here in England my cousin has always looked out for her and always has been here for here when needed, but she too has also recently received devastating news about her own husband while also taking caring for her 93 year father. 
My story is probably not, unlike many others in need of help, you never think you will never be in a situation that you could actually loose the roof over your head and all that you saved, worked hard for and been through.

In 1981 at the age of 21, I came to the United States. I was  excited to begin my life in California. It was not until recently did I think about the day my mom would need me. 
Having my own grown children and watching them leave home, well any one that has been there knows how that feels. I cant imagine what my mum must of felt when I left and came to the United States.

My mom visited me every single year from 1981. In 2009 was her last trip and that was to care for me when I was Diagnosed Breast Cancer. Prior to Breast Cancer I was healthy, fit and things where at the time going well. My health has since then been an on going issue, Bi-Lateral Mastectomy due to Breast Cancer, with 12 hour Breast Reconstruction, Heart Attack due to Chemotherapy, Stent Placement in my Right Coronary Artery, Bi-Lateral Pulmonary Embolism. I’m sharing all my health issues to show with all of my health issues, I kept going, working hard while also Volunteering for a local Community Fund raiser, held every October for the past 5 years. I never gave up, I kept pushing through year after year  and anyone that knows me, would agree.
I have tried to eliminate any expenses, I was able to defer my car payment for June and July. I will not be working  thru July so i dont now what I will do for August. It’s not just for my car payment but rent and all of my monthly expenses for the upcoming July and forward.

I’m am scared. My fears may be a reality of loosing everything. I keep thinking where will my daughter and I live and most of all how will i take care of my mum, i just cant leave her behind this time.
Its all terrifying to think it could actually happen. Everything I have accomplished since I arrived in the States. 

I am, an extremely hard worker, a community volunteer/Leader, 2 jobs, work 7 days a week, I was able to set aside money for my mum to  immigrate to USA. I had a plan and I was moving forward.

It’s only taken two months and all that I had saved is gone. Two unexpected flights and misc expenses, and placement of my daughter in my absence.

My youngest daughter who is 14yrs.  is another reason I decided to do the GoFundMe. Any one that knows her, knows she is a driven, a hard worker and has proven to be academically accomplished student. She will be graduating 8th grade in just a few short weeks, which i will sadly miss, as I am here in England caring for my mum, and she was just nominated for an academic award which I also missed. 

She has been a straight A student for the last 4 years which include being in AVID (Advanced Via Individual Determination), this is a  college readiness program designed to help students develop the skills they need for be successful in college, she also was accepted for CJSF (California Junior Scholarship Federation) a statewide organization founded for the purpose of fostering high standards of scholarships, services, and citizenship in the middle schools grades. CJSF emphasizes services to the school and community while creating pride in scholastic achievements, she also was nominated to be 8th grade School Secretary this year, she is truly a hard worker and self driven. 

What I loose, my daughter looses too.

It’s been a whirlwind and I dont know what I am going to do, I came to England on a one way ticket as that was the cheapest way to get here and with $150 dollars a little over 100 pounds in my pocket. My Mum is on a fixed income (Pension) and she, well, just  has enough to take care of herself not enough to take care or maintain my obligations in USA.

I want to plan to be home in the United States with my mum by the end of July, but I dont know even how I will make that happen with my savings gone, no income and my mum on a fixed incomes.

I never thought I would have to reach out like this, EVER. We all get in a bind here and there, but this is not just a bind this is my current situation. I have to be here right now my mum needs me. I also have to come home to my daughter with my mum and still have a home to come back to and to bring my mum too.

This is my home all that I have. My hopes With your help, GofundMe could save me from my current situation.

My GoFundMe is for:

Maintaining my Home expenses for 2 to 3 months
My Mom immigrations expenses which I had which has now been exhausted.
2 Plane Tickets (one way) to California.

My family and I would like to thank you for reading our story and considering sharing our page or donating to our GoFundMe!
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