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Pan's Feral Cat Colony

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They are good cats Bront!

I find myself caring for four feral cats. (Five really, as we have our beloved Whitey Ford. He has lived in our home for 14 years and was feral but he is like a real life Winnie the Pooh now. Gentle, sweet, wise, and snuggly.)


I like to end my day by sitting out on the covered patio reading. Recently 4 cats have found me.

1. Pan, short for Panther is a trim black cat full of dignity and seriousness. Even when scared he is calm and seemingly unruffled. He was here first. He comes for his food but he never never looks desperate. It is a transaction. He graces me with his presence and listens to my talk and then I give him food. He has the reddest tongue of any cat I have ever seen. 

My wife and I went away for a few days to attend a funeral. The cats were fed but I was not at my place. The first night back Pan ate and then jumped up on the chair across from me and studiously cleaned for more than twenty minutes then looked at me for a bit and left. 

The next night was unseasonably chilly. I have been shaving my head for many years and I have a nice light cap for nights that are a bit chilly but not truly cold. I went in to the house and left the hat on my chair. When I returned my hat was on the ground and well and truly pissed on.

I have no doubt it was Pan. He missed my company but I must never do that again. He has taken to hanging out in the yard for long hours of the day.


2. Ginger. A ginger and white cat, young, curious, and skittish. He has explored the yard and run past me to circle round the garage and pop up on the perimeter wall on the other side. He has been up on the roof of the garage and the roof of the porch. He been up in the pines and one night I heard a noise in the pear tree and suddenly Ginger sailed from the top of the tree and down to the lawn. He has explored ALL the things and now he eats then sits under one of the other chairs near me or on the wall and just hangs out for a while but never looking right at me. Either that or he jumps from the wall up on to the garage roof and wanders around above my head. He likes to watch yard work. He ate like a bear until recently. He seems to be at a normal adult cat intake now.


3. Wilson is another ginger cat but with more white than Ginger. He is even more twitchy than Ginger.

I named him Wilson because the name Ginger was taken and the neighborhood grocery store near my childhood house was Wilson's Red and White. Like the other he ate like crazy when he first arrived. He broke my heart though, whenever he finished a bowl of food. He would sniff the inside of the bowl then start scratching at the bottom of it looking for more in a panic. He seems to have settled in to a regular amount of food now. Sometimes Wilson behaved like an asshole toward Ginger but he got over it. Pan put them in their place. 


4. Ed Sheeran. Finally another ginger cat with even more white showed up. The next red and white thing I could think of was Ed Sheeran. Ed Sheeran is very hungry but fairly calm. Still getting to know him. He has not sang for me.  :(


I clearly need to do more. I can't feed them and not get them neutered. We have a TNR (Trap. Neuter. Return.) program here and I can have them fixed, chipped and shots for $75 each. I would also have to put up a deposit for live traps. 

I need to have Pan and Wilson seen by a vet. Pan has a red dot just below his lip and it may be  a small tag or tumor. Wilson has a limp in his right rear leg. He has no issues with jumping up or down and he scratches himself with it just fine so it may be a congenital defect or a healed older wound.

I have a little house I made for our old feral pal Bob Cat. He was with us for about 4 years. I would like to build something  for each of the four of them before the winter. 


The money:

$300 will get the neutering done. This is the first and most important thing. That will leave $400 per cat (minus fundraising costs).

Next is vet costs. Amount  unknown at this time.

With what (if any) is left after vet costs:

1 Heated Bowl
4 Extreme Weather Kitty Pad (heat for the coldest nights.) 
Havahart Live Animal Trap (for future posible emergency needs.)
Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade (for flea and tick control without having to physically contact the cats. Can also be used to control internal parisites.)
straw bales.
Farm Innovators TC-3 Cold Weather Thermo Cube Thermostatically Controlled Outlet 
Material for more housing

Cat food 
Lots of cat food

I would like to do right by these animals that trust me and am grateful for any help you can give even if it is just sharing this.


Kelly Mullen
Windsor East , ON

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