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I'm setting up this page for my cousin who believes that she has found a procedure that might help her regain her life.  I will let her tell you her story.  This is from post she shared on Facebook a couple of days ago.

"I have always been an optimistic person, but the truth is I'm weary and weakening every day. I have felt for some time now that I’m slowly and gradually walking to my grave. I have been to over a dozen doctors and specialists since this all began almost 4 years ago...even some world renowned clinics. In the last 2 weeks I’ve been hospitalized twice….40+ test tubes and multiple plungers of blood taken, CT Scans, MRI, MRV, Lumbar Puncture….tested for auto immune illnesses, brain tumors, brain infections (meningitis, encephalitis, and many others I can’t even say the names of), infectious diseases (Lyme, West Nile, Valley Fever, etc). I’ve been examined and treated by multiple gastroenterologists, neurologists, rheumatologists, pain specialists, naturopaths, the list goes on …and on.

Many doctors have tried to push me onto pills to mask my pain and to trick my body into not feeling anything...while others have actually tried to convince me that it is because I am a woman who is getting older and possibly hormonal…uuugggghhhhh!!! Really?...Then there are those who come at it from another angle…it’s all in my head, probably due to stress and anxiety…I’m creating these debilitating symptoms all on my own…I acknowledge that this may indeed be a valid diagnosis for some, but that is not what is happening with me. At least some of this last set of doctors actually agreed with me that I am having valid physical symptoms which are real and not imagined …they just can’t explain why yet because all tests have yielded the same result….negative for everything other than thyroid imbalance and inflammation.

This gives me renewed hope because no one knows our own body better than each of us. I accept that I do have anxiety and stress in my life, BUT it is because I know something is physically wrong with me and medical professionals have been trying to medicate me to a state of dependency on mind altering prescription drugs which I have refused to take. ...

I have spent all the money I had and even what I don’t have (maxed out credit cards) on medicals bills that I will be paying for years to come because insurance doesn’t cover many of the failed treatments and testing I’ve had to undergo. I’m thankful that the tests have come back negative for some really scary and ugly chronic conditions and illnesses….truly, I am so grateful for such a blessing and my heart goes out to all those suffering from serious illnesses. In my case, my health crisis continues and so does my search for answers.

The thing is …. I’ve KNOWN in my heart and in my brain and in every cell in my body that there is something the doctors are not seeing and I’m still determined to keep fighting for a true and real diagnosis. My reality…it is true that I feel like a prisoner in my own body....I'm a spectator in my own life…I can hear and see it happening around me, but I can’t be a true participant. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically I’m still here… my compassion to help others and my silly, funny personality are still here as well, but sadly, all this is buried under layers of physical and debilitating hurt. I feel trapped within a body which has physical and inexplicable limitations and no matter how much I plead with doctors to please help me get myself out of this cage...it's just not happened yet.
I just want to be me again....laugh with my friends, go for a walk, shop, take a car ride. I want to regain my life back so that I may actually feel alive again.….."

In another post Elsa contined shared her story and disagnosis:

"...What I’m about to share with you all is more of this raw vulnerability …I humbly and embarrassingly put before you what I now know is wrong with my body and making me so very ill. I do so because I feel I owe it to all of you who have cared enough to send me good thoughts and prayers, but also to spread awareness to anyone you know who may be suffering as I and so many others are. That is my intent in what I’m about to share with you all …including the pics (3+ years ago no makeup & me today no make up)...

I have discovered that my body is slowly and gradually being “poisoned” by silicone and metal toxins which are either leaking very slowly or permeating from my saline implants. Yes, I said saline….that safe alternative that we are told that we don’t have to worry about harming our bodies because it is only salt water and can be absorbed without any harm to us. Well, it turns out that this is not the whole truth. The often undisclosed truth is that saline implants (whether breast, cheek, chin, calf, butt…doesn’t matter) are encased in shell casings made of silicone and which also contain certain metallic compounds.

Below is a list of symptoms[omitted for this post] that have been associated with breast implant illness…(yes, it is a real illness ...), but all bodies are different and therefore, there may be symptoms unique to each individual as well so there may be more not listed below.

There are some great articles and resources available online and even on FB for anyone wanting more info. I urge you, whether you are male or female, to PLEASE be aware and share this with anyone who it may help.

I wish I had found this years ago, especially before I made a decision that I thought was a safe one and that has instead proven to be an endangerment to my health, catastrophic to my finances and destructive to my quality of life.With all my love and gratitude ❤"
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