Warrior Easton's Healing Fund

Easton is an incredible, 3almost4 year old, little boy who loves to play at being a superhero, sing the theme from Frozen, and snuggle with his Mom. He loves making people laugh, and has a smile that will light up any room. 

On Thursday May 25th , after feeling sluggish for a  couple of days, Easton’s Mom, Skye,  took him to the doctor. They ran blood tests. And then, because all his counts were critically low, they told Skye, “GO! Immediately to Randall Children’s Hospital! DO not wait! Do not pause! GO NOW!”

Later that afternoon Easton was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia, and received his first blood transfusion. Further testing has revealed a diagnosis of HIGH ALL, which determines the category for treatment. Translation: More intense than if he were in the low or average.  

Since May 25th Easton has shown a strength far beyond his years. During this time he has endured experiences and learned how to do things no one ever dreams their child will learn or experience. This brave little boy allowed doctors and nurses to poke and prod on day one, and never whimpered. Easton took each new experience in stride, asking only that we move when he told us “I can’t see the movie!” And the show of pure delight when he was delivered, in a bed on wheels no less, to his new room, was Priceless “MOM – I LOVE my bed! And bathroom, and TV AND CLOCK!!!”

As the days have progressed, the poking and prodding has become more invasive, and there have been times when it is overwhelming. Some days are full of tears and agonizing appeals for relief. Hearing pleas of “No Momma, Please No” from this Little Warrior is heartbreaking. It is during these times that Easton knows Mom will be there, right by his side, showing limitless patience, encouragement, and coaxing.

As a result Easton has been able to show up in remarkable ways. He is fearless! Most days he cooperates with his medical care givers. He has learned to take his oral medication, the sweet and the nasty, with his own hands. He assists the nurses with flushing his lines. He faces painful and uncomfortable tasks, sometimes willingly, sometimes angrily. But always, once completed, he returns to his movies, his toys, and his smile. His nurses commented that they have never met a 3almost4 year old quite like him. One of them dubbed him “an old soul”.

The truth of this diagnosis is that this a voyage, which will last for a minimum of 3 years, and will be fraught with twists and turns. Every child’s journey is unique. Easton was in the hospital for 9 days when he was first diagnosed. He was home for three days and then developed a fever, which got him another 5 days in-patient. Since then he has been at the hospital more days than not, either for treatment or due to a fever.

As many of you may know, Skye is a single mom to Easton and his big rother Bowen. She is also a self-employed hairdresser. She has made valiant attempts to see her clients when possible. In realty the days when this is possible are rare. Flu-like symptoms from chemo, fevers, and treatments consume their days. Easton needs her. Mom is Easton’s comfort and his joy.

At nearly 7 Bowen is a powerful big  brother, and supports Easton through his treatments. Bo is welcome at Randall Childrens Hospital, and attends many of his little brother's treatments. This is very helpful to Easton in making the time go by quickly, and allows them be together most of the time.

This gofundme account will help to pay for the cost of medications and other medical expenses. It will help to pay for expenses incurred in the almost daily trips from Sandy to Randall Children’s Hospital in North Portland. It will help with providing the special dietary needs for Easton (In addition to Leukemia, Easton was born with serious food allergies). There are many other expenses this will help with so that Easton, his mom and his brother, Bowen, can go through this process toward a full recovery, knowing that basic needs are met.

It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child, thus it most certainly takes a tribe to bless one through healing. Thank you all for choosing to be part of Easton’s Tribe!
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