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"One Models' Mission to travel the world in a search to find "true beauty"

Hey everyone! Thanks for finding my page! You're awesome and you're at the right place! I have a huge and difficult mission ahead but I hope you will be inspired and interested and join me on this mission around the world!

Firstly I want to say that my main goal here is not to seek financial rewards, but to showcase beauty in 196 women and to showcase beauty in all 196 countries. It is to spread awareness on women’s inequality, intolerance, and the negative effect unrealistic beauty standards can have on young women in this generation. It is also to discuss and understand true beauty on a much deeper level than the outside appearance. I’m so inspired by so many women all over the globe, I hope you are as inspired as well and, perhaps are encouraged to help me with my mission to share so many women’s stories and to help me find a common theme of what “True Beauty” really is. Join me on this mission, a mission to explore so many untouched places and empower women in all areas. Please help me make this happen. In a time of tight funding for documentaries every single dollar counts and all donations are gratefully appreciated. Thanks for your time and consideration and your continued support!  XOXO

Donations 300 and above receive producer credit on all Vlogs posted and a special thanks credit!
My name is Katy Johnson, I've been a model and actress for over ten years. I have had so many careers highs and lows and now that I'm getting "too old" for some modeling jobs I've taken a keen interest in not only being a personality but being one for a purpose. I am in the tail end of my twenties and like many I struggled to find my true passion and what I wanted to fully commit my life to, it wasn't modeling, acting, or being famous, had it been I would have made different career choices and would have went a lot further. My true and sincere passions are traveling and experiencing new things and places and helping people work on their self-esteem and self-love. Those are the two things I live for.
It all started when I was younger and was so desperate to be popular, pretty, and liked. I came from a middle class family but one that never went on family vacations or traveled out of my small state of Iowa as my family was so content living the simple life and had no desire to leave. I used to look outside my window thinking how sad it was that I would live my one single life not ever seeing the ocean, not ever traveling to London, or Paris, or seeing the mountains or desert. It all seemed so impossible and now I've traveled to 32 countries, lived in 5, learned 2 other languages, and spent many days with my toes in the sand. The more I've traveled the more I want to travel. It's like the more my eyes see and discover the more of a craving I get.
Now back to the most important part, the self-esteem and self-love part. I wasn't very confident in grade school, I wasn't the most popular girl, and didn't live in the nicest house. I was just a girl who liked everyone and didn't judge people. In high school, I spent most of my time with my then boyfriend in a very unhealthy relationship thus resulting in eating disorders, very bad habits, and depression. I truly didn't love myself.
Once I started modeling at age 17, after a photographer doing my senior portraits asked me why I didn't give it a go, I laughed as with my low confidence and almost zero self-love it again seemed impossible. I came to LA on spring break my freshman year after doing a few local modeling jobs in Iowa to meet a well-known photographer in LA named Keith Lander, he loved my look and gave me my first modeling job. I would be shooting for Maxim Czech Republic which I'm told is a huge honor not only because it's Maxim but because it was for the Czech Republic and all the women there are beautiful. That job completely started my career and soon after I was doing swimwear look books, signed with a couple agencies, doing other men’s magazine shoots and loving my career even with the pressure to look a certain way.

In the last ten years modeling and living in LA, I've had ups and downs on body image, being told I'm too curvy (@ 120 lbs. my heaviest) to being too slim (95 lbs.) I've been told I'm too pretty for jobs, I've been told I need to cut my hair, color it, get facials, work out more, get toned, use certain beauty products, tan, don't tan. I've literally been told what to do and not to do constantly. I think with so much pressure on not only models but women in general there needs to be change. We need to love ourselves for who our souls are and we need to know that no face cream, or body contouring machine, or weight loss is going to change who we are on the inside. We need to see the different perceptions of beauty around the world and how beauty is so much deeper than our outside aesthetic.

So, to wrap this already way too long description, I want to say that I'm doing One Model Mission to eradicate some of the ridiculous ideas of beauty in this country, to show that there is so much more to offer than just our faces and bodies, and to show how vital it is to love yourself, and believe in yourself, and respect yourself, to work hard, gain as much knowledge as possible, to be tolerant and non-judgmental, to love everyone, and to be humble, modest, and grateful. I hope while traveling the world I find a common theme in these types of traits when asking women what "true beauty" is.

I think in this generation so many people are more disconnected, depressed, bullied than ever, they lack motivation, lack creativity, and just don't believe in their full potential. I hear this a lot from women but I know men experience this as well. I want to learn about beauty, learn about women empowerment, and spreading awareness on women inequality.

I do also want to hear from men as well. I want to know their opinion on "true beauty" as I know it will be vastly different from women's perception. I want to hear what men think of inequality and double standards. I want men to share their frustrations as males as well. I want to travel the globe basically uniting as many people together as possible. I want to unite not only genders, but races, religions, and cultures. I want to empower all, especially oppressed women and I want every single person I speak with and interview to by the end of our conversation know how much they are appreciated and know how much potential they have if they just truly believe, in themselves and work hard!

I want to change the world, and if that is one person at a time then that's fine with me. If I can change or make an impact on 196 women on this mission then I will die happy and knowing I did something great. Please help me on this mission, help me make it possible, help me get around to these women, and help me spread awareness and their stories and words. This project keeps ever evolving and I'm loving it! It makes me so excited as adding men is the newest idea and I'm absolutely thrilled!

Please, please, help me and join my journey! There is so much beauty to see and so much to learn. I can't do it without you! :) Any donations no matter the dollar amount are truly appreciated! All my money will go into this project (documentary/series and Vlogs) and getting around. I will take no money for myself while embarking on the mission. Traveling the world and learning from people in every country is payment enough. I believe experiences are far more valuable than any amount of money!

Thanks for reading this novel, and I truly hope you get involved! If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to email me directly! I accept all types of feedback as at the end of the day I’m human, I’m not perfect, I have a lot to learn but I have a good heart and I believe I’m doing a great thing! XOXO

What Is One Model Mission?

“One Model Mission” is exactly that, one model’s mission and passion to travel the world on a journey to find beauty in every country. It’s a mission that will find the definition of “beauty” in every country, race, religion, and background and to give them a chance tell their story; the story of how they grew up, the beauty standards they live by, what their personal definition of physical beauty is, as well as what they believe true beauty is; this is all in hopes of finding a better understanding of the world and the beauty within it, as well as to find a common theme in what women of the world believe true beauty is; reminding us that we are not much different from one another. This mission is to shed light on the misconceptions and skewed perception of beauty, especially those constructed in western society. It is to show off not only the beautiful women of every country, but also to show the beauty of each country in the world; the beautiful landscapes, history, culture, with a goal to encourage more love, peace, and understanding amongst us all while also advocating for women’s equality. Along with the bigger picture, it is also meant to show a model that has left the industry for a deeper purpose; it’s a mission to not only find true beauty and purpose in all women but to also find true beauty and purpose within herself.
“One Model Mission” will follow Katy Johnson, an American model living in Los Angeles around to all 196 countries in the world, those following will feel as if they are beside her as she discovers the beauty in each country, interviews women of each country, while also dealing with struggles of solo-travel, loneliness, language barriers, border control issues, and many other difficulties one would face traveling the world.
This will be a very real and raw docu-series. It will show the harsh truths of what some women endure to be and feel beautiful or respected and even just to be safe in their own country. It will feature how women in different societies still struggle with inequality, oppression, and basic liberties, as well as some unrealistic beauty standards and traditions.
In the end, it is a mission for every woman to come together and say, “You are beautiful, capable, and worthy! I understand you, I value you, let’s change the world together!”
Thanks again for your time! You're appreciated and YOU matter! XOXO

I will be leaving May 28 to do the first leg of the mission which is 51 countries, I've saved up a good chunk of my money already and that has paid for my professional camera equipment, videography and photography classes, audio and lighting classes as well. I have paid for PR, web-design and graphics, and my first dozen plane tickets. The money I raise here, will help me get through all of Europe! There are 44 countries in Europe, 5 transcontinental (in Europe and Asia) and 2 EU operated countries just over the border to Asia, I plan to do all of them in less than 8 months. This funding will go towards transporation, room and board, food, visas, web-updates, hiring an editor, and marketing person and a translator in certain countries. This is one of my most expensive legs but the safest. I'm hoping after I finish the first leg of this trip I can then pitch this to bigger networks and investors and get a full investment for the project. I hope to get hotels and transport sponsors as well and to utilize my social media for that. After getting content out there and interviews with these women I think more people will be willing to be involved once they see the dedication, hard work, and the content I'm getting in these countries! 

AGAIN...........Any amount helps me and is so appreciated you don't even know! Just 5 dollars gets me breakfast at the airport before an early morning flight! :) So please know even small donations help! Thank you again and lots of love to you all! 


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