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Flashback to June 5, 2017 when my family and I were leaving our house in the Palolo Valley Housing getting ready for a family trip for Vietnam. We were all very excited to be able to have this opportunity to go on this family vacation and spend quality time with each other. Once we arrived in Vietnam, we got to experience all the wonderful things there such as visiting my relatives that live there, eating the delicious food of my people, and just absorbing the beautiful culture that Vietnam has to offer. Everything was simply going so well, and we were having such an amazing time together. Then the unexpected ocurred during the last few days in Vietnam. My mother had a stroke which ended up paralyzing her entire left side of her body.

She was with her boyfriend in the city of Nha Trang, visiting his family while my brothers and I were located in Rach Gia at the time. We were 12 hours away from her. My brother Alex received a phone call from my mother at 5 am, telling him what had happened. I was woken up by my brother's cries, wondering what was going on. Once he told me about what had happened to my mother, my heart completely dropped. This was the most heartbreaking and saddest news I ever received. I couldn't fathom the thought of losing my mother. My brothers flew out to her the next day, while I had to stay back with my extended family to go back to school, check the house, and pay bills. I was not ready to see what was waiting for me back at home in Hawaii.

I did not have the guts to take a picture of my mom in her current state or ask for one. Here is a picture of my beautiful mother and I during our trip.

The first day back in Hawaii, I decided to stay over at my aunt's house because I would have been home alone and my aunt did not want me to be by myself in the state of mind I was in at the time.

Coming home on the second day I was back, I entered a house that was messier than usual. I thought that the tools sprawled across the couch was due to my mother and her boyfriend being in a rush to go to the airport that day or the amount of trash on the ground, but it was not. I walked upstairs to three of the bedrooms upstairs completely ransacked, things were all over the place. I find out that they stole many valuable items from each of my family members, including myself. They even had the audacity to use our bathroom and not flush the toilet.

Today on July 12, 2017, I have just found out that they broke into the house yet again through our back door and stole my brother's car that has since been recently found.

As of right now my mom is recuperating well. She is now learning how to do simple things such as moving her left arm, using an utensil to feed herself, and is even able to stand by herself without the help of others. She recently facetimed and said, "Look, con (means son in Vietnamese) I can walk by myself." Although she was holding on to the chair near her, it made my heart full of happiness seeing her slowly recovering.

My family would really appreciate it if we got any sort of donation  to help my mother's health bills and our family's situation, which include the damages from the burglary. My mother means the world to me and my family. Raising my brothers and I as a single-mother is definitely a hard task to do, but my mother never shows the stress and worries that she will not be able to provide food and shelter for us. She works extensively for all three of us and always puts all of us before herself. She is the most kind-hearted person that I know and is always showing love to everyone she meets. She is our rock and our #1 fan to me and my brothers in supporting us in everything we do.  I will make sure to keep everyone updated about the current situation.

the Ngo Family
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