Glaslough needs YOUR HELP in raising funds to appeal the approved planning by May 20, 2022


What can YOU do?
  • Support through voice - spread the word.
  • Support through time - join with our community led No Mast In Glaslough campaign to take action.
  • Support through giving - donate on this GoFundMe page, attend events, submit cash donations to the Community Centre or any Glaslough Development or Tidy Towns committee members.
What happened?
An Bord Pleanála disregarded the massive number of residents' objections and multiple petitions, disregarded Monaghan County Councils refusal, disregarded their own expert Inspectors Report and approved the Planning Permission for a 19.5m (64ft) mast in this ACA protected area.
Glaslough is a nationally and internationally recognised beauty spot and tourist destination, as well as an Architectural Conservation Area (ACA). Being designated as an ACA means it aims to ensure that any new development respects or enhances the special character of the ACA. The site of the proposed mast is positioned in the ACA boundary.
Vodafone Ireland Ltd applied for planning permission to erect the 19.5m mast along with antennae, a dish, equipment cabinets, cable ladders, fencing and ancillary development just metres from the Community Centre and playground, beside homes and adjacent to the community allotments... right in the heart of our built and natural heritage rich village.
A substantial number of objections to the proposed mast were filed with Monaghan County Council - along with multiple community petitions.
Monaghan County Council refused planning permission, stating "The visual impact of the proposal would significantly outweigh any potential economic and social benefits and would also create an unacceptable precedent."
Vodafone appealed the decision to An Bord Pleanála stating that a resident "has no right to a view beyond one's own property boundary."
An Bord Pleanála then assigned their own Planning Inspector to report on the planning and site. In her detailed report the Inspector recommended refusing the planning stating, " is considered that the proposed development would be visually incongruous, overbearing and would be a type of development that would be out of character with its visual and residential village context as well as this villages' built heritage attributes, it would seriously injure the amenities of the area and of property in the vicinity. The proposed development would, therefore, be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area."
What issues will the mast cause?
To quote from An Bord Pleanála's own Inspector's Report this proposed mast would...
  • Be Visually Obtrusive: "...the proposed development would be visually obtrusive, would seriously injure the setting of the said Protected Structure, would seriously injure the visual amenities of the area."
  • Carry Health and Safety Risks: " give rise to serious health impacts on adjoining neighbouring residents within its village context in a low point in this drumlin landscape. The site is within a village setting where it is bound and neighboured by a significant number of residential and community buildings as well as spaces. As such the concern is the health and safety risks associated with radiation, electromagnetic fields, and the unknown health impacts of 5G telecommunications infrastructures."
  • Have Adverse Biodiversity Impacts: " also give rise to adverse biodiversity impacts including pollinators in what is set out to be, despite the location being within an urbanscape, a biodiversity rich area."
What can WE do?
  • The No Mast in Glaslough group plan to apply for a Judicial Review - a court proceeding which challenges the decision made by An Bord Pleanála to ensure that they made their decision properly and in accordance with the law.
Why are we fundraising?
The initial costs incurred in submitting a Judicial Review are estimated at €20,000 which will go towards legal fees and communications material.
What if Vodafone appeals the Judicial Review?
It would then go before a Judge in the High Court for a final decision.
What happens if we don't challenge the appeal?
This planning permission will exist for 5 years and the owner of the land has indicated they can move immediately to erect a mast.
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