Nick’s Bone Marrow Cancer Fund

Hi, my name is Laura! I am happily married to Nick Isaacson.
In winter of 2020, Nick went to urgent care for abdominal pain on the left side. The doctors were not sure of what was going on, so they did a full blood panel and an abdominal ultra sound. They told him that his spleen was swollen and he needed to take it easy for the next few days to let the swelling come down and check in with his regular doctor.
I pointed out some concerning white blood cell (WBC) and platelet levels to his doctor and we found that over the last seven years there was a pattern where his platelets and white blood cell count was abnormal.
We had already planned to move, and once we got established in Nebraska in 2021, we found a highly recommended cancer center, Nebraska Hematology Oncology.  Dr. Kailash Mosalpuria confirmed Nick had essential Thrombocythemia and suggested he get a bone marrow biopsy when finances allowed.
He continued to treat Nick for Thrombocythemia and started Nick on chemotherapy medication, which made him really sick. We didn’t have a lot of options other than for Nick to continue to take what he was prescribed.  Nick developed ringing in his ears, was vomiting at work and felt unwell on the medication he was given. 
We decided to change doctors to get another opinion. So we got the medical records for Nick and in the notes Dr. Mosalpuria wrote that he suspected Nick’s diagnosis was incomplete, and by performing a biopsy, wanted to confirm a suspicion that Nick may have a more aggressive form of cancer than originally thought.
Now, in 2022, we have found a new cancer care doctor in Scott McHam at the Cancer Partners of Nebraska.  He has been very helpful and was able to get Nick in quickly for a biopsy and the results of that biopsy have confirmed that the cancer has progressed.
On May 11, 2022, Nick was diagnosed with primary Myelofibrosis, which is a rare bone marrow cancer. There is no medication that will provide a cure for it. The average life expectancy is 5-7 years remaining, and the doctor said he will not live longer than a maximum of 10. This type of cancer is not only rare, but is typically found in people between the ages of 60-80 years old and to find it in someone of Nick’s age is extremely rare! The doctor said he’s rarely seen it in a man in his 30’s, like Nick.
The only procedure that may or may not work is a bone marrow transplant and if it works it could help to extend his life span. In order to find out if that is a possibility, we have travel to see another specialist in Houston, TX.
Once in Texas, the doctors will go over a plan and the survival rate of the procedure and the likelihood of finding a donor. The donor could be a family member, which is more likely to work, or a complete stranger, which is less likely to take hold, but still has a chance for success.
In order to get to TX and get all these tests and lab work done, we need your help. We are asking everyone who is able to, to donate what you can to help us travel to and from TX and be able to afford these visits, expenses and medical bills. Insurance can only do so much and of course they don’t care how we get there or where we stay.
So we ask that you give what you can so Nick can live as long as he can. We will forever be thankful for your generosity and your help to extend Nick’s life.