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Hi, I never thought I would have to set up something like this but here I am.

My name is Sophia and on 18th December 2021 I suffered an adverse reaction to my first dose of the Pf C-19 vaccination. It’s been 13 months and I’ve been battling a long list of health issues due to this reaction that doesn’t seem to be shifting or getting any better. My life has been severely impaired and I am mostly housebound as I feel so unwell every day. When my symptoms started I was so frightened I had no idea what was happening to me. I had a reaction almost instantly and it’s been a downward spiral since then. I have a confirmed adverse reaction from the Pfizer vaccine which is now listed on my medical records. 

When I was injected I straight away felt a severe headache and a dizzy drugged feeling, I thought it would pass but it didn’t. My veins started to burn in the arm where I received the v, the headache gradually got worse to the point where I couldn’t lie down or tolerate light. A week after my v I went to A&E twice with my excruciating headache, but was told that everything looked normal and it should go away with ibuprofen. It didn’t go away though and I spent all of January 2022 laying in a dark room. The pain then spread to my neck and the left side of my body which suddenly went weak; I couldn’t walk or move my left arm, I thought I was having a stroke and was even seen by the stroke team in A&E. I received over 40 physio sessions to regain my strength back but it is only 50% restored. To this day I am still unable to walk down the street for long periods or lift anything heavy due to how weak my muscles are and the electric shock pains. I thought this was the worst of it but then my throat closed on me suddenly whenever I was eating. I lived on a liquid diet for a month but I was never able to go back to my normal way of eating… then even more issues started one after the other…

In these 13 months I have fought my hardest to get help from my GP and various consultants but have not gotten any answers for what is happening to me. I’ve realised now that the NHS cannot help me and I need to seek private healthcare to see the appropriate practitioners that I need to see for assessments and testing, but of course this comes at a massive price.

The symptoms I’m currently suffering from are:
• Chronic fatigue
• Extreme food intolerances/sensitivities
• Severe headaches
• Dizziness
• Joint pain
• Muscle weakness
• Respiratory issues (shortness of breath, chest pain, weakened lungs) 
• Gastrointestinal issues (stomach inflammation, stomach pain, bloody stools, acid reflux, diarrhoea) 
• Irregular and fast heartbeats
• Eye inflammation 

And the list goes on. This is not a full list of everything I am experiencing. My most debilitating symptom at the moment is not being able to eat more than a handful of foods and take medications/supplements, due to my throat closing up and swelling. I currently weigh 46kg and if I lose anymore weight it will be really dangerous. I have not eaten a proper meal or been able to take any medications since March 2022. My GP is puzzled by it and does not know what is happening and has simply left me to it. I desperately need to see a specialist that can test me for a condition called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), which is what I think I may be experiencing but these tests are really expensive along with any medications that may be prescribed. I have been in touch with a promising doctor at a Long Covid Clinic who is willing to see me as a vaccine injured patient but the cost of testing and assessments will be extensive following my initial consultation. I also need to see a respiratory doctor due to my breathing and lung issues, a physician who specialises in unexplained illnesses and a gastroenterologist who specialises in allergies.

There is no way that my current income can cover these costs and I really just want some answers so I can go back to normal and live my life again. I would be really grateful for any contributions that could help me start this journey and get somewhere.

Any donations not used will be returned to the contributor.

Thank you for reading my story.


Sophia Akhtar

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