Sid's Gunshot Fund

On September 19th, 2016, I was enjoying an evening out with friends, an evening filled with fun and laughter in Savannah, GA the city I love and call home. As the evening ended, events took a terrible turn when my friends and I were ambushed by three masked criminals as we entered an Uber. I was shot through the back of the leg, the bullet partially severing the femoral artery, resulting in life-threatening injuries; if it hadn't been for the cool-headed and quick action of the Uber driver and my dear friends I may not be here today. Over the next three months, I was hospitalized and underwent multiple surgeries, as well as enduring painful rehabilitation, further complicating my recovery was a nasty infection, which I contracted from the long-term use of a catheter. I am beyond grateful for the doctors, nurses and physical therapists whose energy, belief and professionalism has led me to a nearly complete recovery; I'm hoping to be pain free in my leg very soon.

I've spent a great deal of time trying to understand why human beings would inflict the type of pain I've endured, pointlessly, on another human being. After much contemplation, I've come to the conclusion that I can't understand it, nor do I care to. I have to move on and live my life, I refuse to dwell on the trauma that this awful event has caused me, my family and friends. Aside from the psychic toll of this ordeal, there is a financial toll. The intensive emergency care, multiple surgeries and long-term physical and pharmaceutical therapy have saddled me with over $60,000 dollars in personal debt, because a group of lawless animals decided that my friends and I having the audacity to be young and carefree in our beautiful city was deserving of a bullet to the back of my leg. Through the generosity of my family, as well as financial assistance from the state of Georgia, I have seen a reduction in my debt, but still face the prospect of long-term financial insolvency because of circumstances far beyond my control. I am unable to make even the minimum payments that the hospitals have agreed to accept in lieu of full payment for my treatment. I'm looking at the possibility of having to declare bankruptcy and live in my van unless I'm able to offset some of this crushing debt.

Like many of you, when I graduated from college, I couldn't have foreseen many of the changes, challenges and opportunities that would be presented to me as I faced my life as an adult. Being gunned down like so much prey, was not a scenario I have prepared for, but this is my reality and this is my burden. As a person who prides himself on resourcefulness, self-reliance and the ability to survive and thrive in any circumstances, I am faced with the incredibly difficult task of acknowledging that I am unable, alone, to satisfy this astronomical debt and asking you, my dear friends and family for help.

Know that in offering your financial support, you're not supporting frivolity, you're supporting someone who is striving to do the right thing in satisfying a debt, regardless of how that debt was incurred.

I have set up a GoFundMe page for the sole purpose of satisfying this debt and ask that you make a donation in the amount you can spare. I thank you in advance for your consideration, kindness, generosity and friendship.

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