Fighting Cancer - Help Me Please!

Natacha 'Cancer Update
from February to March 2018

I took a two weeks break from the medical system and had to deal with all kind of difficults illnesses/sicknesses and symptoms. 

I thought I will be well enought to spend some quality time with my family and friends to recover at the Beach. 

My sister's and her sister's in law came to visit along my LAs' friends. We rented an hotel in Palm Springs for a few days then an Airbnb in Newport Beach.
I took the opportunity to have a little party...but my heart was not there due to the multiple pains I was experiencing. 

After Swollen lymph nodes that was progressing in sizes; I decided to apply some Black Salve to see if it can help with the cancer spreading into other's body parts. 

This experiment drove me literraly in Hell. I felt like  bush burning in flames. My skin was on fire. 

After my Kidney surgery; where they removed one urine bag from my right side; I had to deal with durty bandages, galblladder malfunctions, and swollen kidneys. It looks like a machine hanging on my left kidney but it didn't send the urine where it was suppose to be disposed.

It took two people to help me go from my bed to the coach due to a sharp pain radiating along my spine and into whole body.

I also have a dull pain in my lungs and couldn't breathe right. I was heavely coughting all the time. 

I was swallowing  pain killers around the clock just to stay.

When my family left,  I started my second round of chemotherapy right away. It felt ok for 2-3days then I ended up at the Emergency Room again. 

My cought was sooo bad that I had to get some medical help. I had that breathing/coughting recuring problem since last December.

At the ER they finally found some 1.5l fluid in my lung. They say it could  be some urine escaping from the wrong place. Instead of the bladder it was sent to the lung. 

I had a huge needle extrating the liquid in my back.
Procesuder where repeated 6 days later with 1/4l more liquid extracted at this time.

Then also fund a fracture to the vertebrae 12. And I had to have an emergency radiation performed on my back.    

I was soo eager to receive my pain medicine. Mostly 
some morphine every two hours. Pain scale from 1-10, was like a solid 8.

I cry a lot, sooo much in pain.....

I am taking also some of their medications at home to keep my meals down and to get my bowel moving.

I was at the hospital for 6 days in total.


I came back to my place broken. Feeling like a robot where it was missing arms and legs. For two days, this sensation was excruciating to by body and spirit. 

My goal for next month is to raise enought money to start my Ozone therapy (insuflated oxygen through the bloodstream, colon and vagin) those procedures are not reimbursed by my insurance company. 

Consultation and natural treatments range are around  $150-to $300/session.

If I don't take action fast, and if no treatments are working, I will be in the other side in next 6 to 12 months. 

Please continue to help Natacha's fight cancer!


Natacha's Cancer Update January to February 2018:

Biopsie of the Lymph Nodes.

That's a lot of needles for a biopsie. I'm sooo scared.
The  surgeon took thirteen tissues samples and six extractions of fluide  with needles. 

I can't breathe. Rushed to the Emergency Room.

Getting some hydration and getting some immune system boost.

Managing my medical appointments on the go.


Natacha's Cancer Update December 2017 to January 2018:

First, I would like to address some special thanks to everyone who helped, support and contributed during this difficult time. 

Here what's happened between July through December 2017.

I went through three chemotherapies (and nope, I did not lose my hairs but I definitely have very bad chemo brain fog) and fifty-four sessions of radiations.That's pretty much what I was experiencing during my time of treatment. Blurry thoughts. My body-Mind-Spirit have been severly challenged.

(Inside my Mind)  


Waiting for radiation session. Every afternoon, I went to the hospital for treatment.

I remembered the hallways being very empty and sooo cold.

I got a nice diploma/certificate to have completed  external radiation therapy.

I also had numerous blood tests. Waiting for some blood drawn in a wheelchair.

I had twelve needles inserded into my vagina. 

They were connected to the tumor.  It is called brachytherapy.  A nuclear physician is then delivering radiation through that machine into the affected area. 

My bug is burned from the side effects of radiation therapy.  Fifty-four sessions will sure do!

My lower weight was 70 Pounds or 32 Kilograms. That would be the only picture of me, you are going to see where I am actually naked lol!

I have been given tones of medications.

Drugged up and Zombie like state.

Looking at my kidneys.

In addition, I had several kidney surgeries.

I periodically got infections and pain where the tubes are inserts.

My urine is going to this large bags at night. During the day I am carrying around smaller bags.

I have been in and out of the hospital several times.

Bad reaction to chemotherapy. Lost consciousness. Ended up at the emergency room.

This is my first attempt to stand after 4 days immobilized in  bed due to an internal radiation treatment.

Since December, I am recovering at home. I am spending 80% of my time sleeping and napping. I never been soo tired in my entire life.

In addition, to help me recover, I take tones of natural supplements, nutritional products and vitamins. I also meditate more and work on my emotional state of mind to stay positive. The future is scary but I have faith.

This is a time of great transformation and change for me. Not only physical but also mental and emotional. 

I have been given 90 days break during treatments. January 2018  will be another CT - Scan and a bunch of  new tests.

From there, treatments will be continued, discontinued  or adjusted.

The journey  from Hell To Health continue...

Stay tuned.



A few hours away from death.

A two-pounds blood clot coming out of my vagina.

You have cancer! My doctor told me that it has to be taking care within three months or my kidneys will shut down , bladder and colon will be blocked by the tumor size (right now the tumor is about a tennis ball).  And I won't be able to walk because the mass is pressuring the sciatic nerve and a artery that goes down to my leg.

What....?! That's where anyone's world would crumble...

I am asking you from your heart to my heart for a generous donation to cover allopathic and natural treatments that are not covered by health insurance. As well as helping with the bills during that difficult period of time spending at the hospital and clinics.

Nobody can really put a price on a human life but I am looking to raise $65 000 in the next two weeks.

I am 39 years old, I am convienced that I still have a whole life in front of me. I want to be able to help as many people as possible with my Health and Lifestyle Business. I want to bring joy and happiness to the world to people suffering but right now "I can't drink from an empty cup."

I am trying so hard not to cry, but I can't stop the tears streaming down my face. So many emotions and feelings are emerging.

Bellow is the full story:

About 1 month ago, my body rejected a 2 pounds blood clot following by several smaller ones. I lost 2/3 of my blood that night. I knew that I was supposed to go to the emergency room but I was feeling so scared and weak that I didn't go to the hospital until 9 days later.

The medical team look at me like I was from an other planet because anyone would have died within 4 days. That's why I firmly believe that my body was able to hold that long before seeking medical help because of the amazing  nutrition I am taking daily and my healthy lifestyle.

At the ER, I received 6 bags of blood and stay in intensive cares for 4 nights. They also performed a surgery on my kidneys because they were shutting down. The surgeons have put plastic cables in my both organs. I am now connected to bags where my urines go.

The medical team also performed other tests such as CT /PET Scan, various blood tests and ultrasounds. That's how they find out that the cancer was growing a large tumor.

I started to decline about 3 years ago. Despite seeing doctors and going from medical appointments to medical appointments, none of them couldn't figure out why I was not feeling right.

It's the second time in my life, I am fighting cancer. And I am in intense physical, emotional and spiritual pain right now.

Any kind words, shared hope, prayers, healing energy sending in my way would help me feel supported and valued in this world.

Thank you to my Isa Family, my friends and my business partners for your ongoing support during this difficult time :)

Natacha Mannhart


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Natacha Mannhart 
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