My Teeth Fund

This makes me very uncomfortable because I’m a very private person. I’m at the point in my life though where I need to ask for help or have this weight crushing me down for the rest of my life. 

In 2013 I had just graduated from high school and was accepted into a very good college for business. I had made a good group of friends and felt confident that the next steps in my life would be better and better. Unfortunately less than a month into school I was jumped one night by a sports team doing what I can only imagine some type of initiation. I was beaten until one guy, who I won’t name, gave me the finishing blow while I was on the ground already defeated and kicked me in the face. 

My two front teeth teeth were kicked backwards into my mouth and my front right tooth was mangled and all over the place. I managed to find help after they left me and my long journey began. 

They hd broken my upper jaw and dislodged multiple teeth. A facial surgeon was able to wire my jaw and snap the teeth and my jaw back into place. After a long time I then had to get braces for the second time in my life. This was because the teeth were in place but they needed to heal locked tight together and firm. I needed 3 root canals at the same time and for months waited to see if any signs of bone regression would appear.  

Everyday that passed I could feel bone fragments and bits of broken tooth working it’s way out of my gums around the damaged area. I found out that the tiniest millimeter of change in your mouth can make your bite feel massively different. To this day whenever I bite down completely it just doesn’t feel like my bite is aligned properly. Whenever I chew my jaw makes a snapping noise on the left side. 

You might be asking what ever happened to this legally. One of the guys who did this admitted to it and since the school had a zero tolerance policy for fighting we were both told to withdraw or be kicked out. The school had a controversial new coach for this sports team and the president of the school made it very clear that they wanted to sweep this under the carpet. 

I was heavily sedated by many pain killers at the time but I tried to at least get my medical bills paid for. I do not come from a family of money had no insurance for the college courses I had signed up for so now I was already looking at a huge financial burden for not only me but my parents as well. We went to talk to the police who informed us that we could take this to court but the boy’s father who assaulted me was a high powered lawyer from another state and had already paid top dollar for the best lawyer in the state that This incident had happened. This was a crushing blow and my family knew that we couldn’t even afford to fight this there was no real evidence other than the words of two kids. 

We went home and nothing ever came of this. For the first time in my life I saw my father cry and it was in a public place which made me feel terrible. 

After about a year of deep deep depression and healing I decided I’d give school another go. I went to a fall back state university I had previously been accepted to for financial and social reasons. I figured after all that had been done I needed an easy transition and I did somewhat get one. However my teeth are falling apart more and more every day. When I put a flashlight behind my teeth you can see that the damaged teeth look like a shattered car window with millions of spiderweb cracks going through them at every part. This crushed me to see because my teeth had slowly been chipping away little fragments at a time from the bottom up. The top part of my teeth near the gum line is what received a large amount of damage and there are massive gaps between my teeth from receding gum line from damage and from the movement of my teeth themselves. 

Ive always been an outgoing person, and now I’m afraid to smile. My first response when I get happy is to hide my teeth. This paranoia and depression and fear was crippling to me and affected my attendance in classes and made me very socially reserved. On top of this my mother was in and out of the hospital many many times and my concern for her health definitely impacted me as well. Unfortunately I haven’t finished my college degree but I plan on finishing after I can get my debts under control. What kills me is that I saw the Facebook of the guy who hurt me after the accident and I needed a full year just to recover. He ended up going to penn state for a year then went back to the original school and graduated a couple years later. This was just an insignificant detail in the story of his life. For my when I wake up in the morning I see the damage of that night every single day and am reminded of how different I am mentally and physically now. 

Ive been told that  i will need multiple tooth replacements (complete implants). I’ve been told that a single tooth implant can cost between 10k-15k dollars. I have so much debt I can’t even fathom this much money for 4 complete tooth implants. 

I keepfiguringg that one day everything will get better but the truth is I need help. If my teeth got to the point where they’d have to be removed or fell out then without the stimulation to the bone that the root canals supplied then my jaw bone will lose mass and my face could look deformed with my lip curling in my mouth. Even if I eventually got an implant if this damage happens I don’t know if there is anyway to fix that and have it look normal again. 

Im very scared, I’m 26 years old and I feel like my life is already over. My confidence with women is almost non existent now. 

If i could get the funds I need I could get the implants sooner and hopefully start smiling and feeling confident again. I hope that this could give me what I need to live my life and overcome my anxieties and depression. 

Im praying right now that my words find someone. I’ve never used this website I’ve only heard about it and figured I’m out of options why not ask for help. I’m not one to ask for help but I’m out of options I have too much debt, no college degree, and need 4 teeth implants that I couldn’t afford not even in 10-20 years. 

If you’ve made it down to here then I thank you for reading my story. This is a story I honestly haven’t even spoken out loud in years but have thought about every single day. I’ve never liked to share this story as I said I’m very private person and even sharing my picture online of this accident made me almost not go through with it but I have no options. 

If you have the means to help in anyway even a single dollar. Just know that I thank you and even if I don’t meet my goal your dollar is really going to help me get this done sooner than I ever could alone. 

Thank you for taking the time to hear me out god bless.

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