Help Max to have both parents

This is a very tough one for me. I am reaching out for help, for a lot of help and to all of you.
Some of you may know that my life and business partner for almost 20 years and I still are in a divorce battle after all these years.
The current status is the unexpectedly turn into a custody battle​ 2 years after divorce.​

This is about my ​one and only, my ​only living child​ and ​beautiful inside-out ​son, ​Max, now ​a little over ​10 years ​young.​

Who ​will ​not be able to see his Mama, if​ she cannot find a way to be legally represented in ​Fulton County Superior ​Court​ in July.

I do not currently have any funds left to defend and protect ​my son Max and me in order to stay together.

Why? The divorce proceedings took a very long ti​me​​ and a lot of money.​ I solely focused on Max.

It is​ ​tough​ for me​ to ask for​ your​ help​ at this point and time​. But it strongly became clear to me that I do not have any ​other choice​ left than to reach out to you.

​​A mom has​ to do w​hat she's "gotta" do.​​
Whatever it takes.​..​

​Let's get back to​ my point​ here. ​ ​Max's Dad and I have shared custody (50/50%) from the get go. Max has been used to live in 2 separate residences for many years by now.

Max has always stated and recently conveyed to a government official ​that he wants to keep all as it is, thus continue to have both parents in his life. ​

Late last summer, Max's Dad filed a petition for change in custody as in full custody for himself -after all these years of establishing a certain stability for Max, and years after divorce.
Why? Who knows..
Bottomline is, and in terms of myself being in the unexpected position of "The Defendant" again​, and that " pro se", it does not look good, not good at all without an attorney here.

->​. ​ No funds, no attorney. No attorney, no chance​ in Court - ​No chance in Court, Max will have to live without me
(Visitation rights for Mama 2 times a month are a heartbreaking proposal) ​

Therefore, I am ​truly ​​begging ​everyone​ to consider supporting us and help to raise $9,986​ to be represented in Court.

Timelines are tough now, but I found the right attorney. I have his engagement letter /proposal in front of me.

Now it all boils down to pay the retainer and sign the engagement letter.

Why $9,986 and not $10,000?

Max was the first one to donate the rest of his pocket money, $14, to be with me "forever and ever" as he said yesterday.

I cried.

We really hope that you can help us.​

Thank you so much for your time.

W​ith much love,
Bettina & Max
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Bettina Silverman 
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