My Puppy Benji's Emergency Care!

My 9-month old miniature poodle puppy Benjamin Zenz is the love of my life! Usually super friendly, active and social, his health suddenly deteriorated last Thursday, June 29th, requiring vital (and very expensive) emergency veterinary care.

Benji first began to cough, and then became extremely lethargic. I took him to a local vet immediately. He began to vomit profusely and have trouble breathing. After blood tests revealed low red blood cells, and a chest xray showed fluid in his lungs, Benji was deemed to be in critical condition and transfered to a 24-hour emergency hospital.

At the hospital, his breathing further deteriorated and he was taken in immediately. I eventually learned that the doctors had diagnosed Bordatella (kennel cough) as the original trigger, which led to vomiting, which Benji then accidentally inhaled, leading to a condition called Aspiration Pneumonia

Essentially, my little puppy had vomit in his lungs, which caused an immediate bacterial infection and fever requiring IV antibiotics and fluids. He needed 28 hours of monitoring (overnight) at the hospital before he was considered stable enough to return home, to be monitored 24/7 by my, still on 3 medications!

Benji slept for 3 days straight when he arrived home, only waking for quick bathroom breaks. Just today, he began to show a little energy, though he's still not eating much and has lost a lot of weight.

He will be on meds for 14 days, after which the hospital will redo his xrays and CBC to ensure the infection has cleared. I am confident that he will make a full recovery, and I am so full of gratitude for the outpouring of love, prayers and support from our friends and family!

Only today did I allow myself to add up the bills:

Initial consultation + x-ray + blood work + hospital evaluation + 28 hour overnight monitoring + IV fluids + antibiotics +14 days on 3 medications + follow-up care estimate = $2150!

While thankfully much less than the original estimate of $2800-$5000, this is still a lot of money that I sadly do not have at this time. I was exploring ways to raise money by selling belongings or taking on extra work, when a friend suggested I try crowd-funding on Go Fund Me.

Asking for help is hard, but. . . 

Given the incredible outpouring of love for Benji while he was in hospital, I know there are so, so many of you who have been positively touched by this furry little angel, and I am hoping that if enough of you would be kind enough to donate a small amount (even the cost of your daily latte!), I will be able to pay at least part of this bill promptly and focus on helping Benji grow into the strong and healthy pup he is destined to be!

Benji and I are deeply grateful for all support -  donations, love, prayers and kind words of encouragement!

Thank you everyone, and be well.

Rebecca and Benji. :)

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