My Mom died - sister with schizophrenia needs help

Brothers and sisters, I need your help. My mother died in Brazil in May and left my sister with schizophrenia who was dependent on her. I live in Germany now, and I would like to bring her here.

For paypal payments ask me for the link, or see the photo below.

The bureaucracy is very large, but I have a small chance. I called Caritas and tried to help, counseling, and I was told that it is very difficult for me to get a family reunion visa for my sister. I would have to receive 2500 euros net per month to prove that I can support it. I get about a third of that. The immigration senate told me that I only have a chance if I prove that my sister does not have access to a doctor in Brazil. Although it is precarious it has. Below is a printout of the Senate email.
So the chance I have is to try a language study visa but I need to have more than 10,000 euros in a blocked account, for the time that she stays here. Brazil is currently in chaos. If I come back I will be unemployed and with no way to support myself and my sister. She has been feeling very alone there. I know the borders are closed and there is no deadline to open, but I would like to have the money for when the borders open I bring her over.

I can't collect this money alone. So I share my life with you and ask for your help. If everyone can help me with a little bit, maybe I can help my sister. I know the world is cruel, many people need help, but she is my sister, I need to do something for her. I need to try!

Below I tell you a little of my story, open my heart and my life and ask you to believe me. I need help!

At the end you find documents regarding my sister's illness.

My Email- [email redacted]

Since I was very young I suffer a lot.
At 7 years old I was raped by a trusted man in the family. I woke up with his fingers on my vagina. I didn't know what that was, but I was very afraid.

My mom separated from my dad when I was 14. We need to go to court and make DNA for him to recognize us as daughters, my father was poor, it was not for money. My mother suffered all kinds of prejudice and humiliation for separating from her husband. We went to live with some friends. We suffer a lot of humiliation, but we depended on her, because we had no other place to live. I grew up afraid of not having a place to live, it's a very big feeling of insecurity.

I had depression when I was 15, my relatives thought I was a slut and didn't like working. No one saw that I had severe depression. I didn't have access to a psychologist, it was expensive and our money was only for basic needs. My live have always been very simple. I always wore clothes that no one else wanted. I didn't have many toys, and my toys were usually broken, too, which my cousins ​​didn't like anymore.

My father had a stroke and was unable to walk at 80 and my mother, despite everything she suffered, agreed to take care of him for two years, until he died of another stroke. He lived in a small farm with a very small house, far from everything and we managed to exchange his farm for a house not finished at the entrance to Pavuna- RJ favela. But we were happy to have a place of ours to live.

Six months after the move, from being in the new house, my sister, a very intelligent person, had an outbreak of schizophrenia. The house was on the second floor and she jumped out and left without us knowing where she was. She threw herself into a ditch, a sewer channel that separates Pavuna from São João de Meriti and cut herself off. We found her begging in the middle of the street and she didn't recognize us. She was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for three months. It was the worst months of our lives.

We dedicate ourselves entirely to my sister.
I went every other day and visited her in the hospital and my mother went the other days. The place was hell. A prison. Everything was locked, everything dirty, full of poop on the walls and floor, people were tied up, there were people of all kinds there. My sister did not speak a word. I took food and memory games to play with her. I bathed her. And when we left, at the end of the day, she cried a lot and so did we. One day I said, "Mom, I'm going to bring my sister home, she can't be there anymore, she will never get better, I'll take care of her at home."
The doctors did not want to discharge her, because they said she was dangerous and that she said she was going to kill us.I brought her against the doctors' wishes. And at home she was recovering.

I got a scholarship with everything paid to learn German in Germany. But before traveling, we discovered that my mother had a lump in her lung and had cancerous characteristics. I had my heart in my hand, I thought about giving up, but I had fought so hard ... And my mother said: "I'm feeling good. It's only a month, everything will be fine." The doctor told me that I could go, because if it was necessary to have an operation, it would still take time and I didn't have to worry.

And I flew to Germany and it was an incredible experience, everything I lived. The day I was leaving for Germany, my flight was canceled and I had to wait a day to travel. The company put me in a hotel and I was super happy, because I had never slept in a hotel so chic ... hahaha I learned a lot. I went to a friend's house in France and had the opportunity to go to Paris. That poor girl, rejected by the family, humiliated and who never imagined that she would leave Rio de Janeiro was now venturing alone in the world.

I went back to Brazil, my mother operated and they found out it was a malignant tumor and took a piece of her lung. After two months we discovered that nothing had been contaminated and she would not need any treatment. She was healed and well.

Calm down, it's not over yet ... I thought that was all. You must have thought it was the end, too, right? Cinderella was no longer a slave, she realized her dream and everything had been magically resolved, the end should come. But the story continues ...

Remember the flight that was canceled? The airline gave me a free ticket and I got a program to do a year of volunteering ... guess where? In Germany! My mom was fine, and it gave me a lot of strength to do that.

I learned a lot from the volunteer, but it was very hard work, I arrived without knowing much the language, without friends, alone, in a cold winter and ended up having another depression. But things got better, I learned the language, made friends and got a place to take a professional course here in Germany. I don't make much money, but I feel safe here.

Being here makes me believe that I can be anything I want and that I am capable. It is not easy, I struggle with myself constantly. There are many scars that I carry. But I hope to be happy.

When life became calm, then everything fell apart, the person I loved most, the only person I trusted, my best friend passed away. She fell over, couldn't move, went to the hospital, and as they were full of people with coronavirus, they didn't take care of my mother. She stayed in the hospital corridor for three days, until she died.

A few days before my mother died, I told her that I was afraid she would get coronavirus, because she had operated on the lung, and I said that I wanted to bring her and my sister to be with me, so I could take care of her and mine sister. But I had no money. Then she answered me like this: "Be calm, I asked God a lot for you to stay there, so don't worry, God will do the best". When she fell, she didn't want anyone to tell me, so I wouldn't give up on my dreams and go back to Brazil. My mother was young, 66 years old, she didn't want to die, her last words after a video call were: "daughter, I'm going to die, take me to the hospital". the ambulance took very much to pick it up.

And she left my sister with schizophrenia for me to take care of. My sister has no aid or financial support from the government. She cannot live alone. My relatives said they will not take care of her. If I go back to Brazil without a job, it will be very difficult. So I want to bring my sister. Here we will have a simple life, but we will be together and safe.

In addition to the money in a blocked account, I need to certify that my sister's Brazilian documents are true "Apostille of The Haia". I need to translate the documents, pay for intensive German courses to obtain the visa, pay for the visa, pay for health insurance, buy airfare, buy medicine, winter clothes and other costs that we will have with the whole process.

Please help me. I'm tired of suffering. I can't lose my sister either, she is all I have now.
I will be very grateful if you can share and help me. I can not give up!
A big kiss! May God bless you and may you reap 100 times what you sow in our lives.

I am thinking of a way to thank you.
-For all, I will send a thank you message.
-For those who live in Berlin, every 30 euros, I will give a small "Pão de mel" like the photo made by me, but you need to come and get it.  We need to schedule a day to find him. Please, at least two weeks in advance, to be able to bake the cake.
-For those who live in Berlin and donate more than 150 euros I will give a beautiful cake, but you need to get it. We need to schedule a day to find him. Please, at least two weeks in advance, to be able to bake the cake.
-For those who do not live in Berlin, I am thinking how to thank you, because I can not herb cake for the post.
-For those who do not live in Berlin and donate more than 20 euros I will send a photo of me and my sister when we meet in Berlin.

Thank you very much!

Link to another form of payment:51328670_160059606263101_r.jpeg

This photo below is of the walloon my sister threw herself into.
Immigration Senate Response
Declaration of two admissions to a psychiatric hospital in 2015.

Psychiatric statement schizophrenia disease F 20.0, ICD 10. Since 2006 has been undergoing treatment.51328670_1600595958658028_r.jpeg
My mother's death certificate51328670_1600595807825249_r.jpeg

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