My Martial Arts Documentary in UK

To my friends, family, clients, colleagues, and people that support documentary filmmaking, travel adventures, and/or martial arts; I appreciate you taking the time to read my GoFundMe campaign. This campaign is to support an on-going goal to bring high-quality video production of martial artist from around the world.

On July 13th, the first video adventure will take place as I flying to London England to start a 24-day video documentary. I will be staying in 19 different cities, traveling by plain, Trains and one automobile going to the most remote parts of Scotland. Then my travels take me to Dublin and Galway in Ireland, before a quick 3 day trip to my birthplace of Derby, and hometown of Long Eaton. Yes, I am an immigrant! The final 8 days of the trip take me through Leeds, Birmingham, Corby, London, and down into the Land's End's most southern point.

This project is the cumulation of over 6 months of pre-production scheduling to secure the martial artists in the cities I wanted to spotlight in the documentary. Many of these people are personal friends, but most are people that I believe offer something important that people would like to know about. These are people who I've gotten to see just a glimpse of what they are doing, so now, I would like to capture the stories of normal people in these towns doing many esoteric, foreign, and often ancient martial practices. All shot in 4k with decent audio and the vision to create something worth enjoying. As an English-born Martial artist, I want to show how this culture has changed the arts themselves, and how the art has directly influenced the culture. Plus, I like to eat a bit off ish and chips with peas,beans or other fried things...

Up until now, I have covered all of the costs for my documentary project and had not actively thought of creating a GoFund me campaign, but my flight leaves in 8 days and the costs have begun to accumulate in excess of my anticipated budget. The estimated balance that I am hoping to raise would help to offset these imminent costs of travel, hotels and training in these cities. In addition, this would allow me to have a few weeks of time upon return to respond to your support, create several videos and launch a website that will exhibit and manage this current project content.

I want to thank you for taking the time to help support this project at this stage of the production cycle. I will be making quite a few updates to this campaign, creating the production website for the daily blogging that will commence on July 12th (the day before the flight), and post the social media info for staying connected. We want to stay connected as this is hopefully just the FIRST of many different martial arts adventure projects.

In today's world, people are yearning for inspiration and timeless wisdom. The kind of wisdom and knowledge that an ordinary bloke gets from doing Tai Chi in Ireland or what a school boy gets from doing Wing Chun in some tiny Yorkshire town. There's a mutual connection that we get from the martial arts that we do, but even more through the great wisdom that's extracted and gleened for our benefit as well as others. I want to be like Bruce Lee, but with a 4k camera, and a having the occasional pint with my fish and chips.
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