Ms Muscle Beach Fitness Competition

So it all started back in the summer of '87. I was 17 years old, pounding the pavement on a hot sunny day. Wearing my white leather mini skirt with a pink silk shirt, I walked into the doors of Jack Lalanne Gym, and was hired on as a group exercise teacher. A couple weeks later I was instructing my very first class to a cassete tape of Meatloaf - and thus began my life long relationship with and eventual career in fitness.

Fast forward nearly 30 years later to July 23rd, 2016. Life had caught up with me, as it has a way of doing. Working a sedentary job as a food courier for Uber, with perks like an endless supply of free unhealthy food, I had put on about 40 lbs in two years. I began to lose my self confidence, and I avoided my reflection in mirrors at all times. Eventually I was embarassed to be seen in public, and I couldn't even walk up the stairs without losing my breath. I had to buy humoungous clothes, and I couldn't see my vagina anymore!! I had become so utterly disgusted with myself, that one day I decided I could no longer continue in this way.

That day, I called a nearby gym, the "Fitness Transformation  Academy", that I had been following for about 2 yrs on Facebook. I signed up for the "20 lb 6 week Weightloss Challenge".  Six weeks later, I had lost 17 lbs. Slightly discouraged, but still determined, I continued to fight every single day for my health and happiness.
With the hands on  training and sincere support  and encouragement of the owners Irma  and Taka, they taught me how to train correctly and eat properly.
You instantaneously can't help but fall in love with the Fitness Family as the genuinely welcome you with open arms motivation and yes,  more support!

Without Irma and Taka and the Fitness Family there is no way I would be where I am today!!

I strictly followed the nutrition plan and worked out 1 hour a day,  five or six days a week. One fateful day a few months later, I looked down, and BAM! Like magic, I could see my vagina again! I was down 43 lbs, my clothes were no longer humungous and my confidence was back! I went from a size 14 to a size 3!!!

And it was at that point that I decided to train for my first fitness competition! Not just ANY fitness competition. THE "Ms Muscle Beach" fitness competition right here in sunny Venice Beach,             CALI FOR NIA!!! On JULY 4TH, 2017!!

I can't imagine where I would be now if I didn't take control of my life!

Throughout my journey I've learned I have a great deal of discipline, neverself control, and a deep passion for all things related to fitness. I am now 47 years old and have finally realized this is my life's purpose. And with this purpose, a new name: THE BEAST FROM THE EAST!

In the final weeks of prepping for my competition I find myself short of the funds I need to continue. Lately I've dedicated most of my time interning as a physical trainer, and I've had to make financial sacrifices in this pursuit. With your help and support, I hope to continue fighting to achieve my dream!

Remember, this is a bikini fitness competition! While some of these expenses may seem frivolous, this is judged similarly to a beauty pageant and so they are a necessity. 

Please keep in mind the contest is on JULY 4TH! THIS YEAR, NEXT MONTH  I apologize for the short notice but rapid donations will be greatly appreciated, 

Makeup - $150
Shoes - $80
Bikini - $250
Nails - $60
Tanning - $200
Hair - $150

Supplements - $380
Entrance fee - $170
Transportation - $60
Posing Class - $200
Hot Yoga - $80
Physical Therapy - $240

  • Kenia Criatura 
    • $75 
    • 58 mos
  • Jey Sneaux 
    • $50 
    • 58 mos
  • Munira Virany 
    • $100 
    • 58 mos
  • Jason Gallimore 
    • $10 
    • 58 mos
  • Lynne Davis 
    • $100 
    • 58 mos
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Ellen Loughlin 
Los Angeles, CA