Mountain Village, #GetAway from the city...


Implementation of the Mountain Village NY construction project - stage 2/3

The project will include the development of three wooden, identical, two-story huts, a barn house, animal pen, wooden playground, campfire, garden with greenhouse, wooden hot tub and a barrel sauna. The mountain architecture is a picturesque marriage between man and nature. Its form and material often respectfully refer to the surroundings, drawing inspiration from it. These will be our huts. They combine the beauty of mountain architecture and design. Each of the houses will have its own unique decor and character.

The advantage of houses constructed from the highest quality spruce logs is their beauty, craftsmanship and style, while maintaining excellent functionality. You will find here both an idyllic atmosphere and a modern design, which is a combination of excellent craftsmanship and tradition. The walls are warm and pleasant to the touch, and will contribute to a unique atmosphere of wooden interiors.

A barn will be adjacent to the houses. This is our command center, a large space that will be equipped with a number of attractions that reflect the nature of Mountain Village. There will be a living room with a lovely atmosphere, including a fireplace, library, coffee bar, craft studio, kitchen with pantry and cinema on the porch - all in charming wooden spaces. Right next to it there will be two terraces and a well-arranged place for a bonfire with a grill over the hearth and massive spruce benches surrounding it. From the barn windows there will be a beautiful view of the garden and greenhouse where we will cultivate our own herbs, flowers and vegetables. Healthy and natural meals from products from your own garden. What more could you want…?

A wooden playground is another point interest on the map. Wood is associated with nature, the best place for relaxation and fun. The children's playground has been designed in a way that a child can practice their mobility on it. There is nothing better for our kids than an active outdoor fun.
When you want to warm up during cloudy weather or relax after winter skiing or a mountain hike, we will invite you to our sauna. Hot therapy for body and soul will effectively reduce daily stress and fatigue.

A wooden hot tub will be a relaxing complement to the sauna. It looks like a tub, which we will fill with water and we heat or cool. The undeniable advantage of bathing in a hot tub is the fact that you can use it at any time of the year. It perfectly calms and relaxes.

Mountain Village is also an animal-friendly place. There will be lambs and small goats in our pen. These wonderful animals will bring much joy to both adults and children - just like our dogs and a friendly cat. Every year from spring to autumn we will have little sheep in our village.

The magic of Mountain Village lies both inside and outside the wooden house. On the path in front of the house, on a wooden swing or on the terrace. This magic combines modernity and tradition. The magic is also in the hosts who will have put their whole heart and a lot of work into the project!

Vacation begins with a clear mind... 

Mountain Village is an eco retreat for those looking to slow down, a place where you can take a break from the city, to enjoy simple pleasures. Here calmness is treated with great respect and understanding.
The project does not diminish the idea of a cottage rental business for the weekend. Mountain Village will captivate not only with regional interiors in the style of mountain chalets but mainly with an idyllic atmosphere. We want to create a place where you can slow down and listen to the silence, which is sometimes interrupted by nature. A place where time passes slowly and the smell of coffee from the café wakes guests up and invites you for a late breakfast. A place where you can relax, slow down, and get to know the inner life of the Mountain Village and enjoy the Italian dolce far niente. This is a private sanctuary, where you can go barefoot in the morning and drink in the ever changing view each morning and evening. Staying at Mountain Village will be a unique visual and spiritual experience for our guests.
Wooden alpine houses will be the main symbols of the Mountain Village. We will plant herbs and flowers next to each of them. The houses will have a scenic view of the mountains and the forest. Guests will have a chance to enjoy the sun and the fresh, pure forest air.

You will feel like at home…

Guests will be coming to us for want hospitality, homemade food and to experience everything that they can’t in their hectic daily lives. Mountain Village is not a hotel. There will be no 24h reception, disinfected floors, masseuse in the spa and guests service at any time of the day or night. There will be no extensive restaurant menu or well-stocked bar. We want to give you much more! Our huts are guest houses where the hosts will live close-by and invite you to their doorsteps. They will set the table in person, wash the bedding, chop the wood and often clean the rooms after previous guests. For breakfast, they will serve you fresh products straight from their own garden and homemade cottage cheese. Vegetables, fruits, jams, honey, preserves and herbs will come from our greenhouse and home pantry.
Everything will be prepared according to the old recipes of Ania’s grandma, where culinary knowledge was passed down from generation to generation. Guests will be able to feel like family in a home full of warmth, cheer, cake, an aroma of homemade bread and a home full of kind people. The atmosphere will be relaxed and casual. We will take you into the world where the words #slowlife and #hygge are not just hashtags on Instagram. We will welcome everyone who appreciates idyllic nature with a childlike wonder, as well as people who are cheerful and open to others.

"Where?" you ask!  We'll build a Mountain Village for you in the mountains of New York state. The choice of investment location fell on Bear Mountain where the search for built-up area began there. These mountains are located just 80 km / 50 miles / north of New York. Far enough to run away from the hustle and close enough to get to the place from Manhattan in just 1 hour 30 minutes. It is a perfect place for city's inhabitants and tourists for an ecological reset and a change of the environment. The area is extremely attractive in terms of the number of tourist trails, as well as local and seasonal attractions. Bear Mountain State Park shows the beauty of nature in all its glory at any time of the year.

Our Houses
Wonderland in wooden spaces ... 


Ground floor:

Large living space with living room, dining room and well-equipped kitchen, as well as a bathroom with shower located on the ground floor. The kitchen is equipped with an island with an induction hob, microwave, dishwasher and fridge-freezer. It has also a pressure coffee maker, toaster and kettle. A beautiful fireplace in the living room will resemble a bread oven, which will emphasize the character of this beautiful home. The large fold-out sofa located in front of the fireplace will provide additional sleeping space for two. In the entrance hall you will find a space for climbing equipment or skis. On the roofed veranda there will be a wooden table with benches where you can conveniently eat meals.


Two bedrooms with a beautiful mountain view. One bedroom will have a king-size bed and the other will have two single beds. On the first floor there will be a spacious bathroom with a large, stylish bathtub. 

In the houses you will find free additional equipment for children such as a cot, high chair, changing table, stroller, baby bath, anti-slip shower mats, stools near the sinks and even a sled for when it snows. All stairs in the houses will be equipped for child safety. You will be able to spend time safely with your children there.

Our houses are a mix of Alpine, rustic, Scandinavian and traditional wooden houses. They will contain the greatest comforts and modern technologies. The main advantage of these projects is also their thermoregulation capabilities, which means that in winter in the houses are always warm and in summer the buildings do not heat up. 
The Mountain style is dedicated to all lovers of nature, simplicity and space. It is a place where you can certainly feel good and connect with people who prefer simplicity and contact with nature. It’s a real oasis of peace and calmness.  

The architectural inspiration for us was the Alpine chalets and the highlander style. The houses will have natural stone and wood creating an extremely cozy interior. All houses will be finished to the highest standard using carefully selected building material. All equipment for the Mountain Village will be imported from local suppliers.

Inside the house, the architecture itself is already the decor. You may notice the harmony and beauty of space resulting from the construction of the building. The interiors of the houses are a combination of art and craft. 

The external architecture presents a beautiful architectural tradition. It allows to understand its specificity and appreciate its beauty.

Our Barn House:
A place of holistic rest and healthy cuisine...


Entry room:

The wooden-glass front doors with beautiful, large lanterns are a barn showcase. The arrangement of the lobby is based on a natural style. A beautiful wooden table will welcome guests and invite them inside. The lobby area will be completed by a large wooden mirror in a massive frame. Natural materials and rustic brick, simple and homey atmosphere will show the character of the place. Vibrant flowers, wicker baskets, hanging lamps and a stylish armchair fully reflect the simplicity and cosiness of the room. The proximity to nature will be a key concept here.

Fireplace room with a library:

We believe that a real rest is possible in the interiors which refined down to the smallest detail, providing a cozy and soothing atmosphere, while at the same time equipped with all necessary amenities. This will be our fireplace room created mainly for relaxation. In the glow of the fireplace you may ensure harmony of spirit with your favorite book, a cup of tea or homemade liqueur. An undoubted advantage of the fireplace room is the large terrace from which you will be able to admire the beautiful and breathtaking nature.
The soothing influence of the landscape ... We have made every effort to make admiring the views possible also from the inside of the barn, creating a real relaxation and rest place from everyday life.

Coffee Bar:

As the hosts are café culture and coffee lovers, we want to make sure that you get the best quality beans in your coffee. In Mountain Village you will enjoy a great coffee, roasted especially for you. You also need to know that Ella is the undisputed master of nut croissants and cheesecake with molten caramel! The menu will also include vegan and gluten-free cakes to suit every palate. Coffee Bar at Mountain Village will please you with homemade pastries prepared with heart- my Granda’s cream cake with chocolate filling, homemade cream tubes, tasty tarts and buns - there will be plenty to choose from. In the café you will be able to use the option 'Suspended Coffees' - spread kindness.

Kitchen for cooking workshops:

There will be culinary workshops for all lovers and enthusiasts of cooking. It's a great way to spend an evening and expand your culinary knowledge and skills while enjoying good company. Under the supervision of our chefs, you will prepare dishes from the best seasonal products, which you will then enjoying their flavors as you dine together at the table. We will reveal the secrets of our home cuisine, show how to make sourdough bread, make dumplings or prepare plum tarts. Joint culinary meetings in a homely atmosphere will give a lot of joy and confirm that cooking is a pleasure, and eating is not only for filling our bodies but above all is for nurturing our souls.

Craft Studio:

Pottery painting workshops are a great way of relaxation for the whole family. We will have a lot of fun and at the same time we create our own masterpiece. At Craft Studio in Mountain Village, guests will be able to paint ceramic objects by themselves. Decorating items is fun and it helps expressing your vision. These types of activities develop new skills and teach us patience. The result of artistic challenges will be unique - uniquely decorated items that will decorate the interior or become a special gift for loved ones.

Grandmother Ania’s home kitchen and pantry:

I’ve always admired my grandmother as she was bustling around the kitchen and preparing treats for the many grandchildren that she had. As children we all waited impatiently for the delicious sweet treats- it was magical. She added a pinch of this and a dash of that, mixed it, and after a while a beautiful smell wafted throughout the house. Grandma was always smiling, calm, never in a hurry and she knew how to bring smile on our faces and fill our bellies. Often, when I think about these times, nowadays nobody bakes and cooks that way anymore. I inherited an unusual notebook from my grandmother. For me it's a real, culinary treasure. There are recipes and other interesting facts from 1956. The notebook is in a perfect condition! There are recipes for sweets, meat, soups, compotes and delicious preserves, etc. There is also lots of helpful advice. Our guests will have a chance to try these specialties and cuisine. They will also be able to buy natural, healthy preserves, jams and honey from our pantry.

Movie theater room with terrace:

Mountain Village cinema hall is a chill zone. Comfortable couches, sofas and soft pillows will make the movie experience more pleasant for both children and adults. The advantage of our movie theater will be its mobility. The movie room opens onto a beautiful, large terrace, which will be a great place for summer outdoor viewing sessions. Projected movies surrounded by picturesque views will create a unique experience. With warm, homemade popcorn, you will have the opportunity to catch up on any movies you are behind on. One must admit that outdoor movie theaters have their own distinct charm.

Mountain Village will be a unique place on the New York map. It arises from dreams of creating a space where you can feel the magic of the mountain nature and culture. It is away from the hustle and bustle, and close to the picturesque and majestic nature.

The Mountain Village project is divided into several stages. Stage 1 is behind us, stages 2 and 3 are ahead of us. 

Step 1:
IDEA / 2017/
Market research /2018-2019/
Business plan
Choice of architectural office /PL/
Houses design works
Barn design works

Choice of architectural office /NY/
Project supervision and consultation

Contractor selection
Cost estimate of construction works
Contract /advance payment/

Choice of an interior designer
Contract /advance payment/
Design support and conceptual consultations

Graphic work on commission
Design website /putting the finishing touches/
Landing page

Step 2:
Fundraising/ /
A comprehensive barn concept
1st tranche / building material /
Marketing / pre-launch /

Step 3:
Construction preparation / autumn 2020 /
Construction and finishing / spring-summer 2021 /
Opening / Christmas 2021 /

This is the first decision in our life that we have made with our hearts, and not our minds... for the love of the mountains and passion for creation!



Main designer and originator of Mountain Village. Proud Polish born, New York based. A city resident - the happiest when she is outside of it. HR manager, banker, real estate appraiser and business psychologist in one. An entrepreneur with several years of experience in the corporate businesses management. Author of the StartUp project "Succession Asset as a Product for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises". A passionate enthusiast of mountain hiking and healthy lifestyle. Ella is an animal lover, active philanthropist and volunteer. She is full of life and passion for creating new things. Her friends have given her the nickname, "Valkyrie," meaning always fighting. She is fascinated by the architecture of a "Podhale", regional crafts and design. A self described nature addict, obsessive learner, explorer and a big fan of Hygge idea. A lover of the homemade kitchen - she believes that the greatest joys of life happen around the kitchen table. She appreciates the old ways of living, simply and hard-working. Her life motto is: in life you should do what you love and what is good for others! During one of the Harvard Business School Education seminars, one of the professors said: "Believe in yourself". She did.


He is a private entrepreneur, investor, and real estate broker. Raised in America. He graduated from the tourism and hospitality industry. Kris started his professional experience in the Hilton hotel chain in the USA, where he honed his professional workshop skills. He loves hiking and tennis, and is an aviation and new technology enthusiast. He is an active traveler and social activist, guided by deep moral principles. Kris is Lover of non-fiction and total reportage. He loves strong coffee and tomatoes. He is a thoughtful, intelligent person with an original sense of humor. He is a loyal, trustworthy friend" says one of his close friends about Kris. He likes to rest in the forest and make the most important life decisions there. Life motto: per aspera ad astra!

Two heads are better than one. This is how it all began…

Barn, first sketches...



Ella: "If you've decided something, take the first step and don't be afraid to take the next one", writes A.Diakov. When someone asks me about the most beautiful places on Earth, I always answer MOUNTAINS. While we sometimes had the thought to quit city life and leave, we decided to do so in 2016. We gave up a comfortable life, a secure job, and the pursuit of career and money to start all over again.

Kris: The first step is behind us - DECISION. We'll build a Mountain Village for you in the mountains of New York state. Thinking about the mountain settlement, we imagined Alpine wooden huts, where you can sit by the fireplace with your favorite book and listen to sounds of the humming forest. Looking at green landscapes and forgetting about the whole world- to be in a place where everything is simpler for a while. On a daily basis, we live in a rush. More and more often we would like to take a break from the city's hustle and stress. Vacations begin with a clear mind and Mountain Village is an eco retreat for those looking to slow down!

Ella: We moved out of our hometown to fulfill our dream of a simple life surrounded by nature.  We decided to create such place for you!   We wanted to breathe clean air and enjoy the phenomenal nature. We knew from the very beginning what place we wanted to create. A place, where people who live in the city, will be able to calm down and take a break from their busy lives. In a regional space, with a good cuisine and with no TV. Our Mountain Village is a place for digital detox, running away from numbers, dates and Mondays. You will come to guest houses to be there - to sit in silence, to look at the green landscape and forget about the whole world. Be in a place where everything is simple. We all need it!

Kris: This is the first decision we've ever made with our hearts, not minds - for love of the mountains and passion for creation!

Ella: The Mountain Village is a place where you can hide from the world. In winter read a good book in the warmth of the fireplace. In spring making a picnic on the flowery lace. In the summer eat raspberries straight from the bush, and in the autumn watch the golden landscape from the living room windows. You can charge your batteries before returning to town. In such place, simple pleasures are enjoyed the most, and are treated with a great respect and understanding. Somehow the time goes by slower and more beautifully.  On a daily basis, we live in a rush. More and more often we would like to take a break from the city's hustle and stress. Vacations begin with a clear mind and Mountain Village is an eco retreat for those looking to slow down!

Ella: Idyllic life ... The most beautiful memories of my childhood are holidays in the mountains with my grandparents. Without electricity, radio and TV, where the day ended when the daylight disappeared. Every morning, sheep were driven to the pastures following the main road of the village. For breakfast, I drank a glass of warm milk and ate our own eggs. I spent all day playing in the garden full of wonderful flowers. Cucumbers and tomatoes ripened around me, which I enjoyably ate straight from the bushes - after all, these are the most delicious ones. In the evening, I admired the sky where you could see every constellation. The world seemed so beautiful and simple, like time was frozen, and I would always be six years old. As the future hosts of the Mountain Village, we want to give you the opportunity to relive your childhood, to have close contact with nature and to learn what life outside the city tastes like.


Time is FREE but it's PRICELESS! 
We invite you to create with us a place where there is time for everything!  Time for tearing warm bread slowly with your fingers, for playing with a stick in a puddle, for sipping coffee slowly, and for long conversations by the fireplace!  Time for a glass of mulled wine, a chess game, for therapeutic sheep hugging, for a walk through the forest located behind the barn, and for a long rocking in a hammock. 

This is not a commercial project. So far we have done everything by ourselves. We need your help in the next stage of the project. We've put a lot of work, heart and savings to get started. We don't want to lose the momentum of the project. After all, who should we count on if not YOU! It will be good to have you here in New York!

While looking for a business idea, we found a life idea.  This is the first decision we've ever made with our hearts, not minds - for love of the mountains and passion for creation! 

We need your help to make this project happen!
 All donations will go towards finishing construction costs and opening the Mountain Village for You!

Prize # 1 - I just support!
For those who support but don't like prizes :)
Deposit amount: $ 20

Prize # 2- Join the Support Team!
Thanksgiving email from the Mountain Village team!
Deposit amount: $ 50

Prize # 3 - I support, because I like!
Thanks to the donor on our Facebook fanpage and placing the name on a thanksgiving board in the barn.
Deposit amount: $ 100

Prize # 4 - And I will add!
20% discount for a night's lodging - once within 5 years
Deposit amount: $ 200

Prize # 5 - I will give you back!
50% discount for a night's lodging + putting the name on donor boards.
Deposit amount: $ 500

Prize # 6 I am helping because I believe in the project!
50% discount for a night's lodging + sauna session / hot tub + putting the name on donors' boards.
Deposit amount: $ 1000

Prize # 7 SILVER Sponsor
Free night’s lodging in the Mountain Village for two people
Deposit amount: $ 2500

Prize # 8 GOLD sponsor
Weekend stay in the Mountain Village for two people + putting the name on the list of donors
Deposit amount: $ 5000

Prize # 9 STRATEGIC sponsor
Weekly stay in the Mountain Village for two people + sauna  session / hot tub + putting names on the board of donors
Deposit amount: $ 15,000

Thank You for your time! And Thank You for likes, shares & donations in making this life idea into a reality!

One of the basic missionary assumptions of the Mountain Village is #digitalminimalism. 10% of the price of each accommodation will be allocated to the foundation. This organization helps young people that are addicted to electronics by teaching them how to use the network responsibly.

Mountain Village will be a magical place where you will visit and instantly fall in love.
Mountain Village New York! We will wait there for you!

Above you can see the finished projects and admire the regional architecture of this place. Look at the Mountain Village with our eyes ...

Stay tuned for updates!!!

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Ela Baran 
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