Mother's Kidney Transplant

Hello, everyone, 
I am starting this campaign on behalf of my beloved mother; Miss Eleanor Pritchard. My mother has lived through a multitude of serious illnesses. At 8 years old, my mother suffered 2 strokes within a week of each other. Her situation was so critical that the doctor told my grandmother that she should seek help from a priest, because a miracle was the only thing that could save her life. At 9 years old, my mother was diagnosed with strep throat, and while most times strep throat doesn't lead to any complications, in my mom's case she developed the disease "streptococcal glomerulonephritis." The disease has progressed to the point of complete and total kidney failure. The purpose of the kidneys is to filter out what nutrients our bodies don't need, which then later get urinated out. Since my mom's kidney's don't work, she has no way of filtering her blood. Currently my mom has a catheter in her jugular vein, which is used in her dialysis treatments (dialysis filters her blood for her).   While she did have a kidney transplant back in 2007, the average life span for a transplant kidney is only about 10 years, and her's stopped working about a year ago. The other tragic part about this is my mom is only 36 years old!! While she does get some form of health insurance through her work, it doesn't cover the full costs of her prescriptions and treatments. That is why I am starting this campaign in order to raise money for the costs of her transplant, prescription medicines, and costs of living. She has been living with this disease my entire life, and it shakes every inch of my being to see such a magnificent, loving, and persevering woman endure so much pain. My mother is truly the most inspirational person in my life. She is the embodiment of perserverance, and has raised me to be the man I am today. Every time I'm in any sort of stressful situation, I just think about my mother and all the pain she's been through, and I find the strength to persevere. I'm absolutely nothing without her. Any donation is deeply appreciated.
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    • 56 mos
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    • $50 
    • 57 mos
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    • 57 mos
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