Money for Clash's medical expenses

Most people that know me know how inseperable me and Clash are and he's also became very close with Chris too. He's our baby and this was really rough.
Before everyone reads this, heres whats been happening with us lately and what ive been going through with Clash. He is doing great and will most likely be okay and live years. 
On June 23rd, I took Clash into the vet to get xrays to get a consultation with a dog chiropractor since he has neck problems. After she looked at the xrays she told me she had bad news. She said theres a very likely possibility he has cancer and there are masses in his chest or lungs that is causing fluid in his chest and its built up so much that she couldnt hear his heartbeat.
So im devastated and make an appointment with a cancer specialist but have to wait 4 days. I have always been scared of him getting cancer because goldens are prone to get cancer.
So she says she needs to drain the fluid in his chest. Two days before i took him in to get it drained, he wasnt feeling good and was breathing really heavy. She called me after she drained it and said we need to talk when you come in. She then tells me that it doesnt look good and that he only has 1 to 2 weeks to live. 
So we were devastated and heartbroken. I felt like i was living a nightmare for a whole week. I felt like i was grieving his death before it even happened. It was awful.
Then i go to the cancer specialist and she does a lot of tests and it ends up costing me 1,500. She then calls me and says im not finding any masses at all but some of the tests came back as positive for cancer.
She then did a cat scan which was very expensive as a last test and she calls me and tells me she doesnt think its cancer and she thinks its a heart issue which can be treated with medication.
So we take him to the cardiologist to get to the bottom of the problem of all the fluid in the chest. She tells us he has hemorrhagic pericardititis which is a disease common with golden retrievers which causes the fluid in the chest. The cause is thought to be either an immune mediated disorder or precancerous disease. But she said that it can be maintained with two medications that he will have to take for the rest of his life. He wont be able to excersize as much but he will probably live years.
They cant totally rule out cancer just yet. He might need to get another test done to make sure he doesnt have cancer which will probably be another thousand dollars. So in the end, he is most likely going to be fine but i have spent all of my money and I am totally out of money. I barely have enough money for rent. If that fluid fills back up in his chest, itll be 400 more dollars most likely. I dont have any money left and have already spent 3,500 dollars on his medical bills. I maxed out my care credit cards, other cards, used all of our wedding fund, all of my savings and i dont have a good enough credit score to take out a loan or get a credit card. Anyway if anyone could help even a little bit, it would help. Thanks for reading about his story.  I am just so happy we have more time with him and he is going to be okay. :)
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