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Salamun Alaikum everyone,

Brother Mohammad Abere has been diagnosed with colon cancer, the same as his family members were before they died. He had been sick for a while and just today got his diagnosis. His surgery to remove it will be soon. Please keep him in your Du'as. He is the caretaker of a family of orphans and widows, and he is the one who has raised them all on the path of Ahlulbayt (a). May Allah SWT cure him fully by the sake of the one who gives inspiration to Brother Mohammad, Imam Ali (a), the father of Orphans. Insha'Allah let us pray that the surgery and treatment goes well and the one who a family of orphans and widows is waiting for returns to them alive and healthy.

May Allah SWT bless you all


Salamun Alaikum. Brother Mohammad is now in Nairobi. He was again diagnosed and the conclusion was the same as before, kidney disease and appendicitis. 

Unfortunately the fees are more costly than they should be due to a country wide strike on hospitals by medical staff. He will have to go to a private clinic for the treatment and it will cost $2k.
The medical personnel aren't being treated fairly and are being left to die as Dr. Stephen Mogusu did after contracting covid. Despite working for 5 months without pay, he received no help until his unfortunate death.

Because of this, the hospitals aren't available for their public treatment. I pray all these issues are solved as soon as possible.


Thank you all again, sincerely from the bottom of my heart. The family sends their thanks and prayers for everyone that supports them. May Allah SWT bless you all.

I wanted to give everyone an update on what has been transpiring with the family since the burial of their beloved mother/grandmother. The family has been recovering from the grief of their loss.

They've built a fence around the grave of their mom to prevent any animals from grazing over it. I have added pictures to the drive as well as some videos with the children thanking all the donors for their support during their most troubling of times. Unfortunately, there was an incident where Aunty Sarah's goat, which itself was a mother, was poisoned a couple of weeks ago. They concluded that it was the doing of the village's church out of spite. 

Originally, the family was being supported by the church. Ever since brother Mohammad taught them about Islam and they reverted, the Church has antagonized them. From the support they have been receiving from Mo'mineen world wide Brother Mohammad was able to purchase a water tank which the village uses and some of the fellow villagers have embraced Islam after seeing the principles of Islam put into practice. May Allah SWT bless you all.

When Aunty Sarah passed, the Church was waiting for the family to come begging to them in order that they may force them to convert back to Christianity in return for paying for the retrieval and burial of Aunty Sarah's body. They were completely astonished by the support you all gave when they saw Brother Mohammad retrieving and burying his mother's body. They saw this as a victory of Islam and out of antagonim, because of their closed-mindedness, they may have poisoned the goat that belonged to Aunty Sarah. They have been doing other such taunts, but I don't know the details. The goat has been buried, but it has left behind an orphan of its own. 

Since then, some more challenges have arisen. Since they are new to the field of agriculture, they're being given much less value for their crops than the market value because of their desperation. I dont know exactly what has become of the crops, but Brother Mohammad has reserved it for supporting the family.

One more turn of events that you should all know about is that Brother Mohammad has been experiencing pain in his abdomen for a few weeks now. This was present even during the time when we raised support for his mother, but he didn't want to burden us more so he kept it to himself. He's lately been vomiting whatever he takes in and experiencing diarrhea. He recently went and got diagnosed with appendicitis and was going to go through a surgery that totalled $3,000, but it turned out after some investigation, that it was a scam and that the doctors were taking advantage of Brother Mohammad. The pain is on the left side of his abdomen below the naval and as the appendix is on the right side, it's unlikely to be an appendix related issue. Unfortunately, he has a family history of colon cancer, with his brother Hussein having died from it in the beginning of this year and it's a concern for his actual diagnosis.

Alhumdolillah he was able to avoid the unnecessary troubles, but he is still in extreme pain. He's been taking herbal medicine but it hasn't been helping. I have requested him to go to Nairobi for proper treatment as soon as possible, but even getting there will be an arduous journey.

What brother Mohammad needs right now is your prayers. Please keep him in your prayers and ask Allah SWT that he recovers to full health as the sole father figure of 15 orphans, rather his whole household. We must prepare for the worst and pray for the best. Insha'Allah he is cured by the sake of the Father of Orphans, Imam Ali (a). I would request for everyone to try and ask others to make Du'as as well due to how dire this can potentially be. Brother Mohammad has been relying on Allah and would not have told me about his condition if it wasn't so severe.

Jazakum Allah


Inna Lillahe Wa Inna Ilaihe Raji'oon

Salamun Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

It is with great remorse that I relay the news that Brother Mohammad Abere's Mother has passed away. The orphans have lost their grandmother. May Allah SWT bless her with the highest levels of paradise and grant her family and friends Sabr. The family is grieving now. It is heart breaking to know that Brother Mohammad has lost his mother.

I apologise for not getting this information out sooner, as there have been deaths over here as well.

Brother Mohammad has requested that everyone prays for his mother's soul. I formally request a surah Fateha and Surah Ikhlas 3x for the departed soul.

The time of death was a few hours after the last update. She was taken abruptly for surgery and passed after the surgery was successful.

What adds insult to this loss for Brother Mohammad and his family is that the hospital in not returning the body of their beloved until the hospital bill is paid off. I was mistaken yesterday that the surgery and medications were paid off. He paid 15,000 Ksh out of 200,000 Ksh or ~$150, which he received from recent donations, out of ~$1,900. There's still a few of $1,750 remaining.

The hospital people are heartless and inconsiderate of Brother Mohammad's situation. He raised the issue but they told him that other patients need the services and drugs my late mother used. He's been confused and unsure of what to do ever since.

Alhumdolillah it is harvesting season, but until now, the family has been getting supported by the kind donors. At times when donations were not available, Brother Mohammad and the children would work manual labor jobs, which didn't give them much to go by. All the hard work of the donors and the patience needed until the harvest will unfortunately end up being for naught if he ends up using the profit from the harvest all on the bill. He will be back at square one, with nothing on hand to support his family until many months down the line after another harvest season.

This is a trial for us as much as it is for him and his family, but they are experiencing it practically. I pray that we can gain as much support as possible to get this family through this final push. Insha'Allah we can raise enough funds for the Brother to retrieve his mother's body and to bury it in an Islamic manner. Allah SWT is giving us an opportunity to be able to contribute to this noble cause. Let us take advantage of it and help support Brother Mohammad in his most trying of times.

Every little amount is appreciated. May Allah SWT grant us Taufeeq to do justice to them.

Please remember her in your prayers. Her name is Pricillah Nyaboke Sarah Abere (Sarah is her Islamic name)

Also, I have updated the drive with some videos of Aunty Sarah Abere when she was in the hospital as well as with her death certificate.

Jazakum Allah Khayran


the photo from left to right are:
1.Samuel Gichaba(Hussein)
2.Jared Morebu(Salim)
3.Wyclif Nyaunga(Hassan)
4.Jefferson Ogwoka(Ismail)
5. Brother Charles Abere (Mohammad Abere)
6.Kodeck Mokaya(Ayub)
7.Brian Omwega(Musa)
8.Eric Ogwoka(Ibrahim)
9.Gibon Ogori (Ali)
They are all orphans of Richard, the late eldest brother of Brother Mohammad,e for the brother himself and Ibrahim, who is the orphan or Brother Mohammad's late cousin. He has a sister named Kerubo. Both are under the brother's care.

The rest of the orphans (including Kerubo) are: 
Michael Magati(Kassim)
Onesmus Osoro Bosire(Abdullah)
Moffat Achoka Bosire(Bilal)
Rehema Kwamboka(Rahma)
Christine Kerubo
Emily Gitebi
Norah Bonareri
These are the family orphans including those in Mombasa and the two girls who usually don't feature in photographs with boys.

Brother Mohammad's own daughter is named Mariam.

In total there are 15 orphans and the Brother's own daughter.

Salamun Alaikum everyone and Ramadan Mubarak!

My name is Meesum Zaidi (a student from NYC) and I'm hosting this GoFundMe page for my dear friend Mohammad Abere (aka Charles Abere) from Kisii, Kenya. I met the brother online via Facebook in August of 2019 and since then he's shown me how sincere he is. Unfortunately he's been afflicted with poverty all while being the sole man in the house of 9 orphans (8 boys and 1 girl) of his late brother Richard who died in 2008, his mother and his own daughter. Brother Mohammad also has to take care of 4 other orphans and widow of his other late brother, Hussein (aka Denis) who died of cancer on January 28 of this year. Currently, this orphaned family including the elder brother's daughter are in Mombasa and are without support, unfortunately. Brother Mohammad can't even provide meals for the family with him let alone send support to the other family.

Brother Mohammad Abere used to be a science teacher in Nairobi and also partook in Islamic education there. Eventually his school was closed down because he couldn't afford the rent arrears and he was out of job starting November 2019. He continuously tried to find a job in Nairobi but couldn't do so. He tried to reopen his small school, but he had no aid to do it. After facing the demise of his older brother, Hussein, he continued to try to find work to support the now orphaned children and widow.

To no avail he sought aid and of what little I could gather from friends and family I did what I could in my limited capacity as a student in debt. He tried to go to the Islamic centers in Nairobi such as the Jaffery Islamic Center but he was turned away due to security reasons because no one knew him and the situation in Kenya is dire for them. He was able to go to a smaller center and make friends there and even found a teacher, but since the virus outbreak he wasn't able to engage in studying with the teacher.

I met him through Facebook as he was curious about the path of Ahlulbayt (a). Unfortunately he was being deterred by the language used in the post we met under, but after I provided some clarification, he kept an open mind and on his own Alhumdolillah he accepted the path of Ahlulbayt (a) on November 12, 2019 after accepting Islam in 2006 and originally being Christian. His village is majority Christian and the church provided for his family with food while Brother Mohammad himself was in Nairobi, but ever since he spread the message of Islam to his mother and orphans, the church stopped their aid. The people of his village unfortunately don't follow the principles of Christianity and support the poor without bias as they should. There's a lot of discrimination faced by him because of his conversion and he's faced even more struggles because of his poverty when his family was ill and he couldn't afford care for his late brother.

He ended up being kicked out by his landlord in Nairobi in the beginning of April 2020 and moved back in with his family and resolved to start husbandry for a living with the small land that his family has. Unfortunately, the crops he's planted haven't sprouted yet so there's no food from that yet either. He's growing tea leaves and bananas which take months to grow. If he gets money he is planning on buying a bigger piece of land so that he can grow sugarcane, vegetables and more tea leaves to be able to provide for his family. Him and the older children are hard at work on the land daily.

He shies away from asking and when he does, it's heartbreaking to know I can't do anything to help him. This page will surely be of great help and all the assistance will be greatly appreciated.  All the proceeds will go to him. May Allah SWT reward you all for reading this and considering your support.

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