Modernization Party

Dont be a party be a patriot.

Why do we have an electoral college when we have the internet?

Why are we limited to a two party system?

Why do we only get two candidates when we could have hundreds without political quid pro quo? 

  I am starting the modern party, what If I said that in 10 years from now most bodies of government could be dissolved and decisions can be made by citizens from a smart phone or library or voting station for every measure in a monthly interval or what the population decides.

  My vision is to have a candidate who can run on either party ticket or our own. The idea is we are not a political party in a sense. We aim to add amendments to the constitution that would allow for an open and honest president who has no prior commitments. 

  Citizens can vote via a double biometric check (eyes and fingerprints) from a secure connection using their smartphone and a secure partitioned app on their phone with notifications of their vote, or use any library or voting center. No more recounts just strong public transparency. 

  I would like to see this achieved by an artificially intellect non biased electoral program. 

Candidates would be analyzed for honesty in their answers. An AI system can be created to analyze the zeitgeist and the most important issues to americans  and assign a value to determine the questions for the analyzation process. 

A citizen can take a survey about what they want to see happening in the government and match them to a candidate in the candidate pool as a recommendation for voting. 

Each candidate must agree for a thorough data analysis and a thorough check as well as providing financial statements and  buisness interests as well as data gathering into their general public standing.

The AI would recommend the top 10 front runners in rank based off of the president elects percentage of matching with the general population to allow citizens to know where their vote may count the most. 

I would like to eliminate campaign fund raising and to allocate travel expenses for top round candidates for their speaking engagements ect.
This obviously would be funded by the immense cost savings by completing an overhaul that could replace entire bodies of government.  

A small Congress  as in 7 members and Senate will  follow the same suit for sensitive non public decisions. These will be elected the same way and do not represent a state, they represent the whole of america. 

I want to see americans to actually have a say without districts just as a whole to any measure. I want to see the actual best candidate who is actually participating because he believes in democracy, true democracy. 

I want to see the political fighting to stop, no more government shut downs.

We have the technology for this right now and can buy every american a smartphone with dual biometric checks before voting online securely. 

The department of treasury can also be exceptionally reduced by using an AI recommendation and appointed decision makers to either accept the recommendation or vote on a different solution.  

I think we can improve so many things using materials at hand and agreeing on any measures that should be taken to improve the system.

   For those of you afraid of an "AI Uprising" it will not be connected to the internet directly it would be fed information through an intermediary and housed in multiple locations in nuclear and EMP proof bunkers. 

   The military spending can be also cut dramatically by analyzing foreign risk, deterrent, on going programs and as for citizens votes regarding allotment of funds and the analysis will provide a basis of expected expenditures and hope to see less spent on standing military and allocate it towards equipment, drones and protecting the lives of our soldiers.

  All of these arguments and political issues can be resolved by patriotism and the understanding that we can't have a perfect government but we can get much closer to not being democrats or Republicans, just Americans with personal views.
  To have a more perfect system in place where people who vote regardless of their district still counts.
  This is what we want, if you believe in this as a cause to have a truly free America please contribute share or post. We are trying to become recognized as an actual ballet party, or to choose a party to run under and enact this overhaul during the first administration. 

By Americans using metrics on their character, beliefs, empathy, readiness to defend if needed, intelligence factors with a quite extensive observation and a large candidate pool, we get a president that is actually concerned with America not their constituency.

Ant American can also write amendments and measures and with enough backing introduce it to the monthly vote. An instance would be is a citizen who's gained enough signatures would be able to Visas with RFID technology and require them to have a smart phone and that acts as their visa and instead of a wall that costs more since the majority of illegal immigration happens through legal port entry and out-staying visas. With enough support it will be voted on in a national monthly vote. 
  In American history we've always flourished most by large infrastructure projects, I want a system that we can choose what industry subsidies to allow, and what programs we think we need such as a high speed rail system connecting all borders. These are just some personal ideas but it shouldn't be up to me, it shouldn't be up to corporate sponsorship and superpacs and backdoor arrangements. 
Over time and hard work a system can make a determination based off of facts and social feelings and thoughts to prioritize and select a voting timeline based off of criteria. It could also allow citizens to auto vote by filling out a comprehensive survey or following keywords like "pharmaceutical" for alerts on that measure.
   I am asking for 10 thousand dollars to get the ball rolling and try to become nationally recognized political group and guarantee a clear ledger of expenditures and progress updates. 

It's a Country for the People,  by the People. Let's use what we have labored for and accomplish the visions of our founding fathers.

Please Sign, Post, Donate or communicate fears or questions regarding this. 

Richard Rule 
Founding Member


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Richard Rule 
Oklahoma City, OK
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