Assist Christin with Legal Costs for Child Custody


I am Christin, a single mother who has managed to escape her physically, emotionally and financially abusive marriage of 15 years. My life plus the life and mental health of my two children faced constant uncertainty and terror. I summoned all my courage and left my (now ex) husband, who happens to be a police officer. Even though I fled my marriage the cycle of abuse has not ended.

It has shifted into Post Separation Abuse, a form of abuse that is talked about less but affects millions of people worldwide. While I silently suffered the cheating, gaslighting, and other forms of manipulation, when I saw the neglect and control toward my two ADHD daughters, I realized I needed to leave in order to provide the best life for my two minors.

In the months that followed, I have been in constant legal battles over the custody of my children. His new partner, who is also a police officer in Frankfurt stalked me on the internet and probably still does.

My first girl's school has been putting me under pressure for many months as she needs to be accompanied at school because she can hardly cope on her own(ADHD can affect a student's ability to focus, pay attention, listen, or put effort into schoolwork. ADHD also can make a student fidgety, restless, talk too much, or disrupt the class).

However, I can only apply for a companion with a new diagnosis, which will take a very long time, If I manage to convince a psychiatrist. They would rather put her into a clinic than give her a break from a school system that traumatizes her further. Also, our professor is very busy and hard to reach in any way. So she's off school for the moment while we get a grip on the situation.

Towards the end of August, I was summoned by the criminal law department. It turned out that my daughter was being blackmailed, threatened and coerced by an online pedophile into sharing videos and pictures of herself and her sister with him. She also passed on our address!

This issue is now being held against me by my ex-husband, although it probably wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t blackmailed me financially while his police girlfriend was terrorizing me.

I also am getting a lawyer on this case.

I already talked to child protection services where my kids also told the truth about their father beating them on a regular, and did so again the last time I convinced my first daughter to visit him. A court date hasn’t been announced yet, until then I am prepping with the lawyers and child protection associations, as well as an association for school constitutional issues like these.

I am the only sense of reliable security, safety and love that my children have ever known. To protect them and myself from the neverending turmoil and fear, I have used up all my savings and sold everything I possibly could.

I have nowhere else to pull money from. My biggest fear is if something were to happen to me, my children would be handed back to him by the courts. Adversity can be suffocating and bad things can point you downhill to a life of bad breaks.

I need to make sure they stay with me and be able to provide a sense of normalcy for them. Strong moms raise strong, well-rounded kids. Strong mothers are all-rounders themselves, and therefore they make sure that they nurture their kids to grow into good human beings. And that's exactly what I plan to do, but then, I am physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted, the stress and anxiety from our present condition are burning me out.

Legal matters have drained me financially too. If I can raise at least $5,000, then I will be on my way to sever the ties with him once and for all so that I and my two little ones can finally be free! Our lawyer is an expert on school attendance issues and will be working with another equally experienced lawyer, the following up will be done by a constitutional law attorney. I’ve planned this thing through 100% but I really need help covering the bills.

This is why I’ve created a GoFundMe. I’m here to fight for my two kids and I am asking everyone that I know(or don't know on a personal level but understands how traumatizing this is) to contribute to help fund legal fees to finally put this cycle of abuse to rest. Any amount- big or small, will go towards my legal fees and ensure that I can provide myself, and the two girls, with a safe future- free of abuse and trauma.

I truly dislike asking for help because I know that we all have mountains of ups and downs in life. But I would do anything for these girls, even the hardest, scariest thing. Above all, I will fight for their happiness as well as mine. I want them to look back and see that I had the fortitude to imagine a new life for the three of us.

Thank you so much for your support, help and prayers, and may God bless you!


Christin Kaiser

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