Being ill most of the beginning of her pregnancy, Jacquelyn was rushed to the hospital. At 25 1/2 weeks she was diagnosed with a severe case of Preeclampsia.
With this diesease, the only option is to stay pregnant as long as she can to give her baby a fighting chance at survival but staying pregnant put her own life at risk.
You see the cure for Preeclampsia is to stop the pregnancy. Unfortunatly Jacquelyn's body was not able to endure the pregnancy and her life was in jepordy. At 26 weeks Maryjane blessed this world, very small weighing only 1lb 8oz.  Her lungs were not devoloped and she was placed on a ventilator.
Unfortunatly the oxygen that kept her alive also damaged new lung growth this condition is called Bronchopulmonary dysplasia, the only cure for this disease is time and growth of new lung.
As time past Maryjane was faced with many obstacles, some life threatening,  her condition was not improving, through research we  found a hospital that specializes in her condition, Nationwide Children's hospital in Columbus Ohio. At 5 months Maryjane was air ambulance from Michigan to Ohio.
Jacquelyn had taken a leave of absence from her career as a music teacher and resides in Ohio to be with Maryjane leaving her son and husband in Michigan,
Her family travels to Ohio when possible to spend time as a family.
Jacquelyn recently fond out that her teaching position could no longer be held and has been posted for replacement, Something she expected through time but still heart breaking.
The care for Maryjane, who is now on a trach ventilator, has no time span, it is day by day, month by month, she is 1 years old now and has been in the hospital for over 365 days,
She will be hosptalized for up to another year or more.
Even through the support of family and friends and the humbleness of Jacquelyn, the finaicial burden is overwhelming.
This fundraiser is for support for Maryjane and her family to help with the many challenges and finiancial burdens they will endure for months to come, to help with living and travel expenses for her family, and to assist in the loss of income.
Thank you for your genorous and gracious hearts to all who support my family,
please take the time to see Maryjane on facebook...
Miracle Maryjane



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