Mindy Irick, John 15:13

Hello friends. I, along with others, desired to have an opportunity to support our friend Mindy Irick. I am copying her story in her own words below and this go fund me page is simply a place to financially support Mindy and Cody. This is a need that we can help with. There are times in life, because of circumstances we cannot control, that we are limited in ways that we can show tangible support. This is not one of those times. Perhaps the amount is more than we can do individually but together this is certainly a need that can be met. Please do not see this as the only support you can offer; prayer is always first, money doesn't replace that; and friendship is second, money doesn't replace that. Thank you for doing both of those first. Mindy, we love you, and this is a simple way that we get to participate in loving you as Christ does. He was our example of how to love you best. This is not a display of us, but rather Him in us. He Loves You far more than we ever could. This need will be met, in Jesus name. (Mindy's story below)
"This is a BLOG post....its long. You don't have to read it. But I wanted to share in detail what I struggle with on a daily bases. I was born with congenital hearing loss. It was not detected until I was in K5. I went to public schools and they did hearing test back then. I began speech therapy for 30 mins a day 5 days a week, all the way up till I was through 5th grade. During that process I learn to read lips. Became very good at reading lips. My mom got me hearing aids, bu...t I was young and too embarrassed to wear them for fear of being made fun of. So I would always sit in the front row of class so I could hear the teachers. God gave me loud friends, meaning they talked loud. HA! I have managed over the years with reading peoples lips to make due in conversations. My ENT told me there was a good chance I could go deaf as I age. Well I am 45 now and my hearing has gotten really bad. I can't hear most people talking to me face to face anymore. And it is getting harder to read lips. Because of my hearing getting worse, I spend less time in social events. And don't hang out with friends as much. I hate asking my friends to always speak up. I can always tell when someone feels uncomfortable when I ask them to speak up. I hate making someone feel uncomfortable because of me. I can't even hear my husband or children come in the back door if I am in the back part of the house. It isn't until they walk in my room and scare the crap out of me because I had no idea they were home. My husband whistles when he comes in the door. I can hear high pitch sounds and I can feel base sounds.And because I can't hear, I scare easily and become very anxious in public settings. I am very much a social person and I LOVE people. We are working on getting hearing aids. But they are not cheap and insurance does not cover them. A little back story to where I am today. I promise I want to hear everything you say to me. God has been so good to me! I live a very rich and full life. I don't share my story for pity or sadness for me. I share my story so others can see they aren't alone in their life with struggles. Just remember, EVERYONE has a story. Love all my family and friends that always love me and support me! You know who you are. <3


*Note: I included the amount as $2100 because there is a 2.9 percent processing fee that is taken out of contributions and if the hearing aids cost $2000, I want to make sure that entire amount is covered. *
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